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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I need more books like I need a million holes in my head!!!

Yes, I bought MORE books. This time I limited myself to two books before walking into the store...Well, I found two outside the store and two inside...That's okay, right?
Anyway, I thought I would add to my previous list of books I own but have not read featured here, here, and here.
This is what I bought:

Evanovich- One for the Money
Richardson- Labyrinth
Clare- Clockwork Angel
Holder & Viguie- Crusade

Anyone else read any of these? If so, what did you think? If not, do you want to read any of them?I know the Evanovich novel is being turned into a movie! Do you plan on seeing it?

PS: I did see Breaking Dawn today. I hope to have my review up some time tomorrow. If not, then definitely on Monday. NOTE: There is a stinger at the end of the movie. So, if you see it, stay through the credits.
PPS: Did anyone know that there was a stinger at the end of Percy Jackson and the Lightning theif?


  1. I can't read your review of the Breaking Dawn till I've seen it - So know that now regarding my absence. :D

    I haven't seen or heard of your book selections - sorry ;(

    I haven't paid for a book for ages, let alone walked into a shop to buy one. I read free on my kindle for reviews or as beta reader or whatever. It's amazing how many peeps want readers. (PS: next year I'm going to need beta-readers. I have quite a few lined up, but I'd like you in my second round? Fancy it. Don't feel obliged because I asked :D I know you're busy. Also, I don't expect you to edit it for me. That would be RUDE!! I'd like your opinion on it as a story/characters etc. Sure you know).
    Second round won't be till around March/April (ish)btw.

    Hope the new job is fabulous :D


  2. That Labyrinth novel isn't affiliated with the film, is it?

  3. I know the feeling of not needing another book, yet wanting them all. I never should have read 'Howl's Moving Castle;' now I want its two sequels. My library's semi-annual book sale is coming up, and there's always the possibility I'll walk out with an "impossible-to-resist" stack.

    I saw Breaking Dawn yesterday, too. Yes, I did stay for the Volturi scene.

    -Erin O. @ Pagan Spirits

  4. Shah...probably a good call. In my review I will try not to give anything away, but you never know what can ruin something for someone and I wouldn't want to do that for you.

    I would LOVE to be a BETA READER for you. What an absolute honor. Thank you! Just keep me posted.

    Matt...No, it doesn't have anything to do with the movie, although I probably wouldn't mind to read a book that was affiliated with it.

    Erin...Oh Boy! I didn't know Howl's Moving Castle had a book! Oh No! Now, I want it too!!! lol

  5. Well, if you like graphic novels, there is an official sequel to the movie in comic form.
    Did I mention that I met the couple who made and designed the puppets for the film? Their son was the baby in the film.

  6. Matt...I am not opposed to graphic novels, but I have never read one either. Although, I really enjoyed Labryinth so the sequel could be interesting. I have so much else I want to read first though.

  7. Since you like Victorian-era literature, I would recommend the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series. Tons of obscure and obvious literary references.

  8. I loved One for the money, but Katheryn Heigl is NOT how I pictured Stephanie. Not even with brown hair. She's just too... vanilla.

    If you read Clare's Mortal Instrument series, or historical fantasy/steampunk-lite, you'll probably like Clockwork Angel.

    PS, Matt, you met the Frouds? Very cool! Love that Labyrinth graphic novel.

  9. Matt...I enjoyed the movie for what it is so i bet I would like the graphic novel all the more.

    Tere...I can't wait to read it!!! Contemplating seeing the movie first or reading the book first?!?!?! I used to think book first 100%, but lately it's almost been better to see the movie first. Allows me to appreciate both for what they are.

    I have read the first book fo Mortal Instruments and I have 2 and 3. Figured since I enjoyed the first, I would probably like the rest.

  10. I LOVE Janet Evanovich,s Plum Series. I'm looking forward to the movie. I watched the trailer, and have the feeling it will be just a hoot. I can't wait.

    Nice bookish finds!

  11. Magaly Guerrero...That's good to hear that fans are excited. I'm pretty excited too. I'm going to go with a friend that has read all of them. Then, I'm going to read the books myself. :)


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