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Sunday, November 6, 2011

If you haven't noticed...There is a poor poll at the bottom of my page.

If you haven't noticed there is a poor, pathetic poll at the bottom of my page that has just been sitting there dormant for about five months now. Initially, I didn't get a lot of replies and then, when the poll closed, I never got around to making the pie chart and posting about it. So, I've reopened it until December 1, 2011. Why keep gilding the lily? Well, part of the reason is NaNoWriMo. With that going on, it's basically taking up all my posting and a lot of my spare time (which is fine with me because I love it.) But, also because I have faith that this poll will fill a little more and that pie chart will look a little prettier in December. Plus, it will give me time to think of a better poll next time around. I'd definitely like to continue doing them. So, anyway, this is the poll...
If you could be a part of a fantasy race,
which one would you be?

If you haven't already, head to the very bottom of this blog and vote! Results will go up in December.


  1. Hello! I'm visiting you back from Comment Love on FTLOB! I'm horrible about knowing the benefits of each fantasy race so I asked my husband and he said an Elf for sure, so I voted accordingly! Haha! It's interesting that there are so many fairy lovers, I would think vampires would win for sure considering how popular they are right now! :D

  2. I guess I voted on it, but I don't remember what I selected, haha. I think honestly, I'd want to be an immortal. Is that a race?

  3. I chose vampire. Although I didn't know what a few of the others were :D. And I'd want to be a beautiful reasonably good vampire, not a rotting deranged blood-thirsty one. I like reading about them, but don't want to be one. Who would? :D X

  4. Jamie Lane...That's hilarious that you asked you husband and I think he chose very wisely! I too was surprised that vampire weren't winning.

    Matt...Yeah, this poll was up a long time ago and I'm pretty sure you told me what you voted for then. I just wanted to re open, get a few more votes, and then finally put up the results.

    I don't think immortal is a race unto its own. Certain races are immortal though. Vampires, Elves, werewolves (to an extent in most tales). Fun stuff.

    Shah...lol. Yes, I think we would all want to be the sexy good vampire and not to psycho one.


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