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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Dialogue...Between my Roommate and her Fiance (Scene 2)

I don't know about you guys but I find this stuff hilarious!

The Scene: (3 weeks ago) My roommate spends $30 on a container of wildflower seeds and fertilizer. She plants them the next day in the field in front of the house. (Present day) Me, my roommate, and my roommate's sister are in the kitchen baking cookies. My roommate's fiance walks in the door, having just finished mowing the lawn.

The Dialogue:

Honey, I mowed the lawn and made it bigger!
What do you mean?
I mowed down front.
How far?
Past the tree line!
You jerk! You mowed down all my wild flowers!
Looks outside. I don't see any wildflowers.
That's becuase he just mowed them all down.
Sister and I continue to laugh until we cry while roommate and fiance fight in the background.

End Scene:

Oh! The beauty of living with an almost married couple. Just too funny! If only roommate #2 was around more to enjoy it as much as I do. There are always tons of people at the house with roommates family, roommate's fiance's family, other roommate, and friends. Anyone else have a crazy living situation? Love it? Hate it?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Dialogue...Between my Roommate and her Fiance!

The Scene: Me, my roommate, her fiance, my roommates sister, and two of our good friends are all sitting in the kitchen discussing the expensive things we want.

The Dialogue:

I want a new coat, but the one I like is $125.
Friend 1 (Female):
My boyfriend just bought me a new purse. It's leather!
I like it!
I want a new dress for my cousins wedding, but the one I like is $225.
Friend 1:
I told myself that if I can make that in one night at the resturaunt then I can have it.
Friend 2 (Male):
I want an American Eagle credit card.
What's the percent on that?
Friend 2:
Why don't you get one that actually makes you points.
Yeah, why don't you just use the Amazon card?
You're giving me permission to use your Amazon credit card?
Honey, we're getting married. It's our credit card.

End Scene!

Just another random conversation in the house.
For all you engaged/married couples out there, wouldn't you just love to hear this?

Friday, May 25, 2012

You Can't Go Wrong...

You can't go wrong...when you take pictures of
cute dogs and cute babies!!!

All the pics of puppies are of Rupert! (Or Roo, as I like to call him.) He is my roommates new baby. And then the babies, starting at the top right is my cousin August, bottom right is my cousin D'Etta, and middle left is my cousin Wyatt. They all say hello!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Dialogue...Between Me and my Roommate.

The Scene: My roommate and I are sitting quietly in front of the television eating fruitsnacks.

The Dialogue:

I need you to give me a book.
For what? To read?
(gives me semi-dirty look)
Are you reading for fun?
I only have books you read for fun.
Well, I get bored at work and I can't watch movies. I tried and it was too bright outside to see the screen.
Gotcha. Well, I have lots of books.

End Scene.

Ah, I just love the circumstances that empower people to pick up a book? Anyone else have a similar experience?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tagged by Sarah

Tagged by Sarah @ My Own Little Corner!

1. Photo of me
2.10 randoms
3. Q&A
4. Tag!

1. Smile!

St. Patrick's Day, Chicago. The river was just dyed GREEN!

2. Randomness

I don't know how I will be able to come up with 10 more random facts about myself, might have to be REALLY random, but here goes nothing...

1. I eat tacos at least once a week when I live on my own. It's just the easiest and yummiest thing to make. I made tacos last night!
2. The last few trips to the grocery store has ended with me just buying 3-5 diferent kinds of drinks. Last trip I bought Squirt, Starbucks Mochas, and Orange Pellegrino!
3. I see a lot of movies in the theaters, probably about 3 a month or almost once a week.
4. Most of the movies I buy I have never seen before. I just like getting them and watching them at my own convenience. It's a no pressure kind of a lifestyle. lol.
5. I've only hated one person in my entire life (I will not name this person). However, that has faded and I really just don't care about them anymore.
6. My nextdoor neighbor's kid will only eat the blue fruit snacks. So we share a bag. He gets the blue ones and I get all the rest. :) Pretty sure I'm almost sick of fruit snacks.
7. I say the word participate or participant very slowly, because if I don't it comes out all wrong. I can say it perfectly in my head, but it usually comes out of my mouth wrong.
8. In first grade I always messed up my "C"s and "S"s.
9. In second grade, I missed the day we learned how to write a "B" in cursive. So, I just made up my own way of writing it. To this day, I still don't write it correctly.
10. I was in the school spelling bee twice and I still know the two words I failed to spell. They were "cannonball" and "technology." I've never forgotten since.

Ha! I like to see the route my mind takes. It starts with food and then moves to words! lol.

3. Q&A

1. If you didn't have a/kid(s) right now where do you think you'd be?Considering the fact that I don't have children, logic would only suggest that I'd be exactly where I am now. :)

2. What's your most annoying trait?
Me? Annoying? Okay, but only sometimes. I tend to get very loud when I am excited!

3. Ryan Gosling or Taye Diggs?
Ryan Gosling, at least from Crazy, Stupid Love and NOT The Notebook! I like my brooders, but not that kind of brooding.

4. When are you at your best?
Probably when hanging out with family or friends. They're really the same thing.
5. What is the answer to the universe?
Besides 42? If there is one thing I have learned in my ife so far it is that you are the one and ONLY thing in this entire universe that you can control. So, don't try to control anything else because it is futile. Simply try your best, do your best, and be your best. That's all anyone can expect.

6. What do you geek out for?
The list honestly goes on and on. I am a geek especially for books and movies and some precious tv shows. That's for sure. But I also freak over some foods. I get all geeky when I make plans with friends and family. Really anything that makes me happy. I freaked over a new set of sheets the other day because they were so comfy!!!

7. GLEE or Criminal Minds?
GLEE! I don't always catch every episode, but I keep up!

8. What is your superpower?
Hmmm...I know superpowers I would like to have, but ones I already possess? I tend to remember a lot of random facts. I do well in trivia because I can get a lot of the odd questions that my teammates cannot. I'm also a good multitasker and communicater, but now this is just sounding like my resume. lol!

9. If you could LIVE anywhere, where would it be?
That's a tough one! There are plenty of places I would like to visit, but I don't know if I would like living there. I hoestly love where I live and have been trying very hard to make a living here. It will happen eventually. I guess if I were braver, I would like to live somewhere in europe. Maybe Greece.

10. Favorite Blog?
I read a lot of different blogs, even if I don't always keep up. I love all my Bookmark Break Bloggers! They've been real troopers during my year and a half of competitions. I also love Shah at Wordsinsync, as most of you know, and Sarah at My Own Little Corner and I have hit it off from the beginning! Other than that, Donna from Write Now Write Later, JJ from the Disconnected Writer, Patrick from The Divergent Life, my Bloggerholics Anonymous, and so many more!

4. Tag, you’re it!

I'm gonna pull a Sarah here and say you are ALL TAGGED!! Go for it and tell me a bit more about yourself. If you feel so inclined, leave me a link to your post so I can read it!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Shenanigans at the Office!

Looky What I Made!!!!

Loving the amount of inspiration I can find on my office desk!

Monday, May 21, 2012

I've Been Tagged in The Lucky 7 Meme!

I Was Tagged With The Lucky 7 Meme! by Shah from Wordsinsync!

How exciting! I love when things like this come around, especially if it has anything to do with my reading or writing. Read more to find out what this is all about...

Right, so what do I have to do now?

The Lucky 7 Meme rules are....
  1. Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript.
  2. Go to line 7.
  3. Copy down the next seven lines (sentences??) as they are – no cheating.
  4. Tag 7 other authors.

These are the 7 lines that follow the 7th line on my 77th page of Strangers in the Dark!

“Please do.” His casualties and mannerisms always threw me off guard.

“So,” I managed to say, “what brings you to this rooftop?”

“You, of course,” he answered so quickly.

I blushed, a bit flattered, but mostly afraid of his intentions. However, since I was determined to figure the man out, I pressed on without the slightest air of uncertainty.

“I see, and how is it that you always know where I am?”

The 7 People I Tagged...
  1. Aimee @ Seeking the Write Life
  2. Donna @ Write now Write Later
  3. JJ @ The Disconnected Writer
  4. Sarah @ My Own Little Corner
  5. Dawn @ Aurora's Page
  6. and 7. I'm not sure who else is a writer, besides Shah, of course, so if you write, feel free to jump in here. Leave me a comment about your post and I will come and check it out. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Review #12: "Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin

Let me first say that this book has a fabulous concept. The summary on the back of the book is thrilling and entangling! Sadly, that's really where the fun ended for me.
Sorry guys, but not so into it. The only character I remotely liked at the end was Jon and Martin really didn't give him much to do. I used to love Renly until I realized absolutely nothing was going to be done with his character…what a complete shame. Tyrion was funny, but not one I can easily relate to. I already knew Eddard's fate so I tried not to get attached. All the girls are flipping annoying, except for Arya, but again, nothing done with her storyline. Every time her plot got interesting, Martin dropped her to move onto other more boring characters and forgot about her until ten chapters later, and, by then, it feels like he just forgot to write something in her point of view in such a long time that he might as well stick something in there so his audience doesn’t completely forget about her existence.
I’m not even going to get started with the sex scenes. If it isn’t rape or incest, I don’t know what to call it.
My greatest pet peeves are really these two things though. 1) Are these characters forbidden to talk to each other? The book is written in several points of view. 8, I think. And, I know these characters are technically scattered across this country, but for the sake of the story, can’t they cross paths once in a long while. I wanted them to interact and talk with one another, but apparently that may never happen. 2) Isn’t this categorized as fantasy? Besides the idea of the Direwolves, some little dragons in the last few lines, and some supposed array of beasts that live beyond the wall, I’m not seeing much.
Strongly considering not touching the second book. It’s feeling more like torture than entertainment at this point.

I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. Also, I know there are several out there who probably feel the complete opposite. Tell me about it!

I have also seen some of the HBO series and do intend to continue watching here and there, if not for the sake of seeing how it differs from the book. I've had a lot of luck lately with books I didn't like turning into shows I love. Anyway, feel free to chat with me about the show too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Ultimate Result...

The Ultimate Result...of Boredom in the Office.

I'd like to thank my brain for constantly running and finding something creative to do even at the slowest of times. I'd also like to thank instagram for making my photography look far superior than it actually is. I thank the office supplies that posed as models and my desk lamp for providing the dramatic lighting. Finally, I thank my readers for humoring me with yet another random post.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Note to Others #1

Note to Others...This is a legit piece of cyber advice! Get it straight!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Movie Madness Challenge

Another day and another challenge. I'm not thinking of doing something as structured as my Bookmark Break Challenge, but I am curious about the number of movies I watch in a year. Of course, we are quite a ways into the year, but better to start now than later. I am going to create a page on my blog that keeps track of the number of movies I watch, new and old, but especially the ones I see in theaters.

Would anyone like to join me?

I'm not thinking about challenging anyone to see if they can watch more movies, or see more movies in theaters, especially since that involves spending money, but more a challenge to just keep track. Could be kind of fun!

Well, I'm off to create my page. Please let me know if you are going to keep track too. Then, I will add a link to your list somewhere on my page!

Happy movie watching!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bookmark Break Challenge (4 Month Update!)

Another month and another fabulous update!!! Of course, I haven't been doing anything this month, apparently. I think I read one book. :( However, many of you are kicking this competition into gear! So, way to go!

Check out the standings thus far...

Competitor's List:
Ruthie, Casper, and Susan are really pulling ahead and leading this compeition. They are the superstars thus far! Poe is in a class all her own, backing up the top competitor's and leading the group behind her. Natalie, Corina, Shah, Julie, and Sierra are loving those twenties. I hope to be well seated in this group by next month! That's my goal at least! Kyria, Lynette, Eden, Simply, and myself are still in the teens, a very consistent group, knocking out almost a book a week. :) Ib, Shan, Kea, Tegan, Andi, and Cheney are also a consistent group, adding about two or three books a month. Lesley, The Creative Muslimah, and Mrs. Facehead are supertroopers who have dedicated themselves to tracking their reading no matter the amount. Great job! I always love to see what you guys are taking the time to read. And Patrick and Glenda I hope to see some action from soon!

Here's what I've read so far...

My Book List:
  1. Haiku for the Single Girl (Poetry/Comedy)
  2. The Web of Titan (YA/Sci-Fi/Space/Post-Apocalyptic)
  3. The Hunger Games (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  4. One for the Money (Fiction/Comedy)
  5. Catching Fire (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  6. Outside In (YA/Dystopian)
  7. Uglies (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  8. Touch of Power (Fantasy)
  9. The Secret Garden (Classical Literature) *Kindle
  10. Incarceron (YA/Futuristic Fantasy)
  11. Prisoner of Time (YA/Romance)
  12. Two for the Dough (Fiction/Comedy)
  13. True Belonging (Non-Fiction/Pyschology)
  14. City of Ashes (YA/Modern Fantasy)
  15. Mockingjay (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  16. Red Riding Hood (YA/Fantasy)
Please feel free to chat with me about any of my reads. The only new book I read this month was Red Riding Hood. I really enjoyed the movie and wanted to compare the two. What a blast! The book starts out completely different, almost earlier in time than the movie, and then about a 3rd through the book, it almost reads word for word.

Currently Reading:
I'm slowly getting over this rereading thing. lol. I think it's slowing me down. I still love to reread, but I don't think I should have started this many. I think I'll keep them on my list, but move onto something new soon!