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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bookmark Break Challenge (4 Month Update!)

Another month and another fabulous update!!! Of course, I haven't been doing anything this month, apparently. I think I read one book. :( However, many of you are kicking this competition into gear! So, way to go!

Check out the standings thus far...

Competitor's List:
Ruthie, Casper, and Susan are really pulling ahead and leading this compeition. They are the superstars thus far! Poe is in a class all her own, backing up the top competitor's and leading the group behind her. Natalie, Corina, Shah, Julie, and Sierra are loving those twenties. I hope to be well seated in this group by next month! That's my goal at least! Kyria, Lynette, Eden, Simply, and myself are still in the teens, a very consistent group, knocking out almost a book a week. :) Ib, Shan, Kea, Tegan, Andi, and Cheney are also a consistent group, adding about two or three books a month. Lesley, The Creative Muslimah, and Mrs. Facehead are supertroopers who have dedicated themselves to tracking their reading no matter the amount. Great job! I always love to see what you guys are taking the time to read. And Patrick and Glenda I hope to see some action from soon!

Here's what I've read so far...

My Book List:
  1. Haiku for the Single Girl (Poetry/Comedy)
  2. The Web of Titan (YA/Sci-Fi/Space/Post-Apocalyptic)
  3. The Hunger Games (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  4. One for the Money (Fiction/Comedy)
  5. Catching Fire (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  6. Outside In (YA/Dystopian)
  7. Uglies (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  8. Touch of Power (Fantasy)
  9. The Secret Garden (Classical Literature) *Kindle
  10. Incarceron (YA/Futuristic Fantasy)
  11. Prisoner of Time (YA/Romance)
  12. Two for the Dough (Fiction/Comedy)
  13. True Belonging (Non-Fiction/Pyschology)
  14. City of Ashes (YA/Modern Fantasy)
  15. Mockingjay (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  16. Red Riding Hood (YA/Fantasy)
Please feel free to chat with me about any of my reads. The only new book I read this month was Red Riding Hood. I really enjoyed the movie and wanted to compare the two. What a blast! The book starts out completely different, almost earlier in time than the movie, and then about a 3rd through the book, it almost reads word for word.

Currently Reading:
I'm slowly getting over this rereading thing. lol. I think it's slowing me down. I still love to reread, but I don't think I should have started this many. I think I'll keep them on my list, but move onto something new soon!


  1. Wow!! That looks like a great list of contenders. Lots to catch up. I will have to start re reading some more to catch up.

    1. I feel I need to catch up too. lol. I read 100 pages of a new book last nigt. :) Aiming for another hundred tonight!

    2. Wow! Good luck with the super reading.

      I have even started going through my brothers collection of Non fiction books while I wait for some more fiction books.

  2. Dang it, Ruthie, slow down! I'm never going to catch up at this rate :(

    Good job reading, everybody. I feel like I'm slowing down, but I still seem to be reading constantly. Weird.

    1. Yes, definitely an odd feeling! That's how I felt last month when I whipped off a ton of books at the end and then realized a bunch of other people had whipped off twice as many! lol.

  3. Ruthie is kicking some tail! Great job everyone!

  4. Wow - there are some super readers here. Still, I'm pleased with my count so far. I've had house guests (yummy pics if up today if you're interested) and so I'm lagging behind and stuck reading 3/4 (one for pleasure, although I'm not really enjoying it, and the others for review. One of which is great so far). I'm also behind on my editing as a result. So wanted to get my book to beta readers by the start of May. Bleh. Back to work!! :) X

    1. You've been doing great! You're the one I love to keep up with so I have some work to do! Good luck with your editing!


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