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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Friday, December 30, 2011

"Thor" Movie Review

This review is long overdue so I better write it now! I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the movie. I've seen quite a few Norse lore movies and they have all been pretty dark and dirty (nothing really wrong with that), with big, hulking men, weilding big, hulking swords, on big, hulking horse (again, nothing really wrong with that.) Nevertheless, this Thor is based off a comic, which usually means light hearted and a bit corny!
In short, Thor thinks he is ready to be king and defies his father by going off to the ice world to prevent them from ever attacking the kingdom again. Thor's father finds this foolish and banishes Thor to Earth until he can learn to be a good and honorable man. Thor meets a scientist, fascinated with the bridge between worlds. Thor believes he will not make it back home and his brother, Loki, is determined to be king instead. But with the help from Thor's warriors and the scientist, Thor recovers his hammer and saves Earth and his own world.

Suffice to say, it was on the corny side, much more than I expected it to be, but some of the effects were great, especially the big fight on the ice peoples' planet (sorry, but I do not know the official name.) I like the robustness of the characters. You can especially see it when Thor or his friends are on Earth. They have such BIG personalities compared to the humans.

Natalie Portman has not been a favorite of mine in just about anything I have seen her in. I think she tends to play the same character, a bit mopey. (Granted, I have not seen Black Swan, but I imagine her to be a bit mopey in that too.) She didn't strike any extra points for me in this movie. I tended to be more entertained by Kat Dennings (now starring in the show 2 Broke Girls. Love it!) who plays Portman's assistant and is wildly known for her fantastically dry humor!

I like Chris Hemsworth. He is a very bold and handsome Thor (very tall, which is always a plus!) and I look forward to seeing him in Snow White and the Huntsman. If only someone would stick a real woman next to him and not a non-communicative little stick like Natalie Portman or Kristen Stewart! Oh well.

Looking forward to The Avengers where all these comic heroes will collide. And did I even mention that JOSS WHEDON is directing!!! Let me say it again, JOSS WHEDON IS DIRECTING THE AVENGERS! Thank goodness someone had some common sense to hire him. He is BY FAR! the most ingenious man when it comes to movies and television!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birthdays, Burritos, Calories, Bridesmaids, and Tea!!!

YESTERDAY WAS MY 24th BIRTHDAY!!! Last year, I wrote up a whole thing on my birthday, but this year the birthday was much more relaxed. Plus, I had to work so that threw a bit of a damper on the day. Nonetheless, a lot happened and it was an all around good day.

Also, I had a burrito from Qdoba for lunch! YUM! However, I have been watching my calorie count for the last month, and intend to continue to do so so that I will look good in my bridesmaid dress that I have the wear in August. I am alloted at a very reasonable 2,005 calories per day, and I keep track of my calories using the "Lose it!" App. VERY COOL! So, I really, REALLY wanted a burrito, but I knew it would be a lot of calories. With everything on it, the burrito stands right around 1,500 calores (not including queso cheese, which is delicious. :( So, I improvised and got pinto beans instead of black (-100 calories), no cheese (-220), no guacamole (-100), and tore off about 1/3 of the tortilla (-80). It turned my burrito into a 1,000 calorie burrito and it still tasted fabulous. I had the lime cilantro rice, pinto beads, shredded beef, pico de gallo salsa, lettuce, and sour cream!

Nevertheless, I still went over my calorie count because the parents got pizza and made cheese cake for my birthday, but heck, it was my birthday :).

The bridesmaids dresses arrived yesterday as well and I got to try mine on in the correct size for the first time. The other girls were having a few troubles with their dresses, all the straps were too long, and the busts did not fit, but mine fit perfectly! YEAH!

Finally, the whole day was topped off with a good cup of tea. I've recently become obsessed with tea. I love Twining's Black Tea, particularly the Blackcurrent Breeze flavor. It has caffeine though. Recently, I discovered Mighty Leaf. I got the Herbal Infusion Variety Pack. The little packages are beautiful, like little silk pouches and all the ingredients are real leaves, citrus, flowers, etc. A really nice combo of things. I'm drinking at least 2 cups a day not and I don't even crave pop like I used too!!!

So, that was yesterday! Hoe was everyone elses' yesterdays?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Look!

And, again, I am playing with my blog design. For those of you who saw the pink poppies that I had before, let me know if you like this design better. This is certainly more subdued, a bit more sophisticated, and WAY purple! (as opposed to pink like last time.) Note: I have not changed the colors of the side buttons yet. They won't have the pink/salmon border, but a purple or grey border.

If you missed the pink poppies, NEVER FEAR! Your opinion is just as valuable. Just let me know what you think of this particular, VERY purple design.

The old design kind of looked like this. The same background, but a different title color, more purple, and a semi-transparent background where this is a solid grey. 

Thanks for your inputs!

What DOESN'T my iphone DO!??!

Don't get me wrong! I am NOT a Mac person. NEVER was the biggest fan. I just don't lik ehow I can't disect their products to make repairs myself, upgrade, mess around with. I don't like how I have to go to them for everything and pay for their extra packages so I can be treated like GOLD instead of DIRT! I don't like how I pay a guaranteed $50+ just because an Apple is stamped somewhere on the product, etc!
However, my freakin' iphone does EVERYTHING! and I kind of like it. :)
Recently, I got a few Christmas presents for my iphone. (Really for me, but it felt more like I was getting it for my iphone.) What are these gifts, you ask? (What? You didn't ask? TOO BAD!)

1. A cube thingy that that plugs into my headphone jack and swipes credit cards!!!! HECK YEAH! The charges are incredibly reasonable! No monthly payments, simply a percentage taken off the top of every swipe. I think 2.75 or something like that. That's less than what Etsy takes. So, now I can accept credit cards when selling my jewelry and can send a reciept wirelessly to the customer's email address.
2. Camera lenses that magnetically attatch to my phone's camera!!! NO WAY! This was too cool when I saw it. Of course, it would have taken a small fortune to buy just one in the Apple Store (The most disgusting place on Earth! I'll explain later.) However, it cost much less to get 3 lenses with 4 different purposes, plus a tripod and small jawstring carrying case, when I purchased them on Amazon. This has been great for the photography I have to do of my jewelry, but now I want to try some landscape photography as well. Did you know any camera with at least 6 megapixels will blow up to poster size!!! WHO KNEW?!

3. I haven't bought this one yet, but I'm going to. It's a skin that makes your phone look like an original Nintendo controller! SWEET! You know the ones that you could check across the room and not worry about the batteries falling out or the analog stick breaking (because there were none!) 4 buttons and a directional pad is all you need!

Anyway, totally awesome and so worth it!

Now, why the Apple store is the most disgusting place on Earth!!! My mom and I had to go to the only Apple store within 100 miles in order to change the battery out on my dad's phone before the warranty was up. We made an appointment so that someone would be ready to take care of us. When we got there, to this small hole in the wall, I was disgusted with the amount of people packed into this white and cream room stuffed with tables and counters, all displaying tons of electronics, each with therir own ipad, displaying the different features of said product. There was one whole table with 10 or more of the new iphone 4S. Each with and ipad as well as headphones that you could put on so that when you asked Siri a question, like, "Siri, do you like me? Siri, do you want to come home with me? Siri, why am I so desperate?" you could hear her reply over the muck of voices in that place. There were dozens of workers in red shirts, also adorned with ipads that they were tapping away on. None of the workers actually talked to eachother.

Anyway, soon after the guy at the door checked us in with his ipad, another ipad clad young man stopped by to confirm our appointment and take comments about why we were there. We told him what we said before, that we just needed the battery replaced. He skipped off to get the technician. In the meantime, I noted to Mom how nuts it was that all these people were here playing with the toys left out on the tables. I suggested to my mom, "Let's just stand here and look bored and maybe they will want to get us out of here sooner."

Eventually, the technician arrived, this time with a Mac Notebook. He plugged my Dad's phone into his computer and the computer was able to tell us everything the phone had done, every dropped call, every crashed app, etc. Found out it did need a new battery. Mom politely asked, "Are you a genius?" In which he humorously replied that he needed a few more months training in order to beome a genius. Ha!

Anyway, we got out of there with a new phone to replace Dad's old one because it would have been too complicated to remove the other's battery etc, etc. That's where the getting treated like gold pays in. We also walked out with one of the cube card readers, in which I gasped, "Dangit! They got us! That's why they make you wait so long! They know you'll be forced to buy SOMETHING!" Granted, we get our $10 back in a rebate. :)

So, like I mentioned, as we left the store, I whispered, "That store is the most disgusting place on Earth," as every passerbys' eyes were drawn to the snowy white decor, including small impressionable young children that need nothing more than an iphone to play with...NOT!

What are your thoughts?
In love with, disgusted by, or some combination of both when it comes to Mac?

Monday, December 26, 2011


I guess I didn't feel like waiting until after the Holidays to begin this little project. I might still change my mind, but for now, this is what I got! The entire layout has been changed, including removing things that I really didn't need. I love the colors, but I still want to make a new heading and revert some of the old pages to fully match the new design.

So, what do you think? Too pink? lol.

Maybe this will help me forget about winter! It is a very Spring-like design. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

The BEST 3 Minutes in the Theaters in 2011!

My cousin was selling those magazine subscriptions to raise money for his class and I felt like supporting him so I signed up for one the only magazines that I really dive into and read almost everything. Entertainment Weekly!!! For some of you who may feel the same about the magazine as I do, you might have noticed that they named off their top 10 lists of EVERYTHING--Books, Movies, TV, Music, etc. And, on a random page, they noted that the new Hunger Games trailor was the best 3 minutes in theaters! I laughed because, partly, it was so clever, and the other part, because it was so true! (Note: My mom had just seen the trailor for the first time (having not read the books) when we went to go see Sherlock Holmes 2 and she thought it was clever too!)

I'm wildly excited for the movies. I read ALL THREE books in a matter of 4 DAYS! LOVED THEM! Really, a very VERY clever plot. I was nto surprised when I heard they were being turned into movies. I had no idea who they were going to choose to play all the characters, but I am pleased with who they came up with. They're going to blog Twilight out of the water!!!

So, have you seen the trailor?
Was it the best 3 minutes in the theaters for 2011?
If not, what was?
Have you read the books?
Looking forward to the movie?
Other thoughts?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

OH BOY! Do I Really Want to do This AGAIN!!!

Sooooooooo! I was thinking about performing another blog makeover. I'm pretty sure it has been almost EXACTLY one year since the last one!

I just feel like it is time for a change once again. I might even just go to one of the generic templates that Blogger has designed for you. Maybe?

I just know that something has to happen. I am tired of the black and white border mostly (GAWD! That took forever to create!) I still like all my buttons on the side. I could use the same ones, but change up the color. That really wouldn't be too bad.


Any suggestions?!?!
Color ideas?
A template you really like?
A place you go to get your template? (Preferably free.)
So in love with the current thing you just couldn't bear to see it gone?

I'm really open to just about anything.

Let me know!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just Another Update (Still GIVING AWAY my earrings!)

New beaded necklace with six strands.
Made entirely of agate and glass
Hey guys! Just felt like popping by and doing an update of the last few days!

The new job is going really well. We've been busy and I have had lost of editing to do (which you all know I love!!!)

Another beaded necklace with six
strands. Made entirely of tiger's
eye and glass beads. Lays beautifully!
Been working very very hard on my Etsy store. There is a whole slew of new pictures for you all to see. They're all scattered around! Here is the link to my store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AubrieAnne?ref=si_shop And remember that I am still holding a giveaway for a pair of my sparkling earrings. You can read the review and enter here: http://sweeptight.com/2011/12/aubrie-anne-jewelry.html

Single strand beaded necklace with
stone wire-wrapped pendant! There are
5 new necklaces like this!
I haven't seen a lot of movies lately, but I do have some reviews soon to come, like Thor!

Another single strand beaded necklace
with sterling silver wire-wrapping!
Reading too has been show. Still reading "Spyglass" by Maria V. Snyder (my current favorite author!) I did just recently read Haiku for the Single Girl by Beth Griffenhagen (http://www.amazon.com/Haiku-Single-Girl-Beth-Griffenhagen/dp/0143120018/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1323876589&sr=8-1) It was hilarious and so easy to relate to as a single person. I think even the happily married and dating for years person could still enjoy it, remembering the days!

Barettes like this are hard to find
so I started making my own! Only
one up so far though.
Other than that, not much else (not a lot of time for much else!)

See ya around. Let me know what you have been up to!
So many new sterling silver earrings!
Adding more all the time!

Friday, December 9, 2011

FIVE Exciting things going on! (1 Giveaway, 2 Features, and 1 Blog Hop)

First, hopefully you all know about my feature and giveaway on Sweep Tight! If not, click on this link...

Also, I am being featured on Glamorous Without the Guilt! Visit here...


Glamorous Without the Guilt is also the one hosting the great blog hop above. JOIN IN ON ALL THE FUN! And possibly win a free pair of my earrings! Yippie! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

I'm Giving Away A Pair of My Earrings!!!!

Yes, that's right, I am giving away a pair of my earrings! I thought it would be great with the upcoming Holiday season!!! Sweep Tight has been kind enough to review a pair of my earrings and my Etsy store. PLUS, they were nice enough to host the giveaway!!!

Please, visit the following link to learn more and find out how you can enter the giveaway!


PS. The little giveaway widget that they use might take a while to load. Just refresh the page or wait a sec and it should show up. Of course, you know me and my computer. It's been a bit fritzy with the loading! :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poll #8 Results: If you could be a part of a fantasy race, which one would you be?

I know it took me forever to finish this up, but I am pleased with the amount of votes we got! Here's what the chart ended up looking like...
YEAH! I went for the multi-colored this time around.

So, kind of an odd question, but I thought it was appropriate with all this love going around for the supernatural and what not. I looked up a few different lists online. I wanted a good variety but not too many things that people would not know.

Anyway, here were the results. (Sorry, I didn't add all the little labels to the pie chart like a usally do, and some of the names got cut off because I was in a rush,) but here's them all layed out...
Werewolf...1 (I was surprised by this. I thought more people would have voted.)
Vampire...7 (No surprise there! Lots of people like Vampires!)
Elf...3 (YEAH Legolas!
Goblin...0 (No one wants to be so ucky!)
Dwarf...0 (Kind of figured on this one as well. Although, I love Willow, and the short professor from Harry Potter. That might even be the same actor for both. I know he had a couple roles in Harry Potter.)
Demon...1 (This was pretty general, but I thought I would enter it anyway. I mean, I think some would consider a Vampire to be a demon, maybe even a Banshee or Goblin.)
Ghost...5 (This surprised me. If I were a ghost, I don't think I'd like it. I don't think ghosts can really do much but freak people out, maybe, if they are talented anough, they can send cryptic messages. That could be cool, but frustrating if the people you are sending it to don't get it!)
Brownie...1 (This was one that I don't think many people knew what they were. If you've ever seen the movie Willow, they are the very little people that cause a lot of mischeif. I think I would really like to be one in another life! lol. They're hilarious!)
Fairy...7 (I would also like to be a fairy, but a normal sized one that could hide her wings. They're also very beautiful usually.)
Banshee...1 (This is an older race, I think. Perhaps Irish or Norse (someone can jump in here. I don't have my old fact sheet near me.) I just know they scream!)
Centaur...1 (I think centaurs are totally cool. I don't know if I would want to be one, but they are very very cool.)
Minotaur...0 (I wouldn't choose this fate either.)
Zombie...1 (In reality, I wouldn't really want to be one, but I think they are the most interesting  characters. It's like an instant plot handed to you on a silver platter.)
Other...0 (Yeah, I couldn't think of any others either, so this works.)

So, there you have it! This poll is finally over with. I will think of a really good one for next time. Perhaps one that goes along with a lively discussion!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bookmark Break Final Month Update!!!

This little message goes out to all the lovely people who have yet to join the Bookmark Break Challenge! THERE IS STILL TIME!!! Very little time, but time nonetheless! All you need is a list of all the books you have finished this year. (NOTE: You didn't have to start it this year, just finish it.) Then, you need to put that list somewhere on your blog where it can be updated with any other books you finish before midnight on December 31st! IF, by the end of the year, you have read more books than me, there are prizes to be had!!! For full details, visit the Bookmark Break Challenge 2011 page on the left hand sidebar. (It's the button with the two children reading under a tree.) Or, click here for a direct link.

NOW, for those of you who are participating and have been participating since January 1st, KNOW THIS!!! You only have until Midnight on December 31st to update your list. Meaning, THE CHALLENGE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT ON DECEMBER 31ST!!!!! I will be by to gather the final information on JANUARY 1ST!!!!

(Due to the time difference between all you grand people and myself.)

SO, I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH!!! Have your lists updated so you can WIN!

P.S. Sorry, I do not have an updated list right now (considering I am writing this all up while I am at work), but I hope to have one up this weekend.

P.S.S. I might be holding back on my list just a bit. So, if you are thinking that you are sitting pretty cushy with being 3 books ahead of me, I'm not saying anything! You may be okay, and you may not. ERGO, read, Read, REad, REAd, READ!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project 231

Recently, a local photographer, by the name of Sarah Armstrong, started Project 231. It's a photographic collection of 231 women in the 231 area code here in Michigan. My mom found the project through Facebook where Sarah was asking for volunteers to get their picture taken. Mom and I were immediately interested, and by the time we were all set up, we were already numbers 170 and 171.

The popularity of the project astounded me and it's still creating quite the buzz. Sarah was on the news last night, announcing that the project will be turned into a book that will be available to order before Christmas!

Here are the shots that were chosen of both me and my mom for Project 231!

For more information, please check out Sarah's facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/#!/Project231), or search "Project 231" on Facebook.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Buying Books Without the Guilt!

Today my mom and I were out shopping for Christmas presents (and for ourselves!). It was a blast. We even went out of towna nd everything so that made it all the more exciting! PLUS, there was this great bargain book shop that I never knew about and they had an entire wall of $1.00 books! So, of course, I scanned through almost them all. Lots of older stuff, and tons that I had never heard of, but that made it more interesting.

I ended up with two books for a whopping $2.12!!!

Here's what I got...

"Countdown" by Michelle Maddox
"The Warrior" by Kinley MacGregor

I know nothing about them, but it looks like they will be fun and quick reads.

Anyone else heard of them? What did you think?

Anyone else find some good deals?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jewelry for the Holidays!!!

Just getting started with your Holiday gift ideas? Got started early, but still looking for something? Well, I have two new X-Mas inspired pair of earrings now available at my Etsy Store!!!

Intruducing Eggnog Swirls...

Direct link to these earrings: http://www.etsy.com/listing/87327340/sterling-silver-earrings-eggnog-swirls

And Emerald Droplets...

Direct link to these earrings: http://www.etsy.com/listing/87325670/sterling-silver-earring-emerald-droplets?ref=v1_other_2

I wish you a happy shopping experience!!! Remember to buy local and handmade gifts this season!!!

Link to store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AubrieAnne?ref=si_shop