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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The BEST 3 Minutes in the Theaters in 2011!

My cousin was selling those magazine subscriptions to raise money for his class and I felt like supporting him so I signed up for one the only magazines that I really dive into and read almost everything. Entertainment Weekly!!! For some of you who may feel the same about the magazine as I do, you might have noticed that they named off their top 10 lists of EVERYTHING--Books, Movies, TV, Music, etc. And, on a random page, they noted that the new Hunger Games trailor was the best 3 minutes in theaters! I laughed because, partly, it was so clever, and the other part, because it was so true! (Note: My mom had just seen the trailor for the first time (having not read the books) when we went to go see Sherlock Holmes 2 and she thought it was clever too!)

I'm wildly excited for the movies. I read ALL THREE books in a matter of 4 DAYS! LOVED THEM! Really, a very VERY clever plot. I was nto surprised when I heard they were being turned into movies. I had no idea who they were going to choose to play all the characters, but I am pleased with who they came up with. They're going to blog Twilight out of the water!!!

So, have you seen the trailor?
Was it the best 3 minutes in the theaters for 2011?
If not, what was?
Have you read the books?
Looking forward to the movie?
Other thoughts?


  1. Sorry for not being around lately - I've been a tad post at blogging lately. I visit on average ten blogs a day, leaving comments all pertaining to the post and involving myself in conversations and sharing them. I try to vary them so I visit many over a week. But only a handful bother to respond. Over the past few months I've made various excuses for them and well, this past few weeks Ive been busy setting up another blog, fixing pictures, so I let blogging slip a little. I'm a bit gutted in general actually. None of this refers to you of course. :D You have always been a superb blogging buddy :D

    I've popped by previous posts I've missed to make up for my laxity. :D

    Regarding this post, I've not seen the trailer or read the books. I have been tempted but some YA is too young for me (40 next yr = groan) to identify with. Perhaps you can tell me - is it 16-17+ or younger? I've heard such great things about it, but this is a drawback for me.

    Thanks for stopping by and ditto re Happy All-Things-Festive and have a bonze 2012!! X

  2. Shah...This one is definitely for the older YA. I can't exactly remember how old the characters are. My best guess is 16, but they all come off as 20 year olds because of how they live and how fast they have had to grow up. The book contains several adult themes that some of the younger audience might not completely understand, like sacrifice and survival. There is romance, action, death, etc. Really great for all audiences, much like twilight and harry potter, but darker than the both I think. More like the later Harry Potters.

    I definitely would recommend you picking up the first book at least. I don't think you will be disappointed!

  3. Will be looking out for Christmas offers on this - Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Aubrie Anne. :D X

  4. Shah...Sounds like a good plan. I had the best Christmas, except for this cold I picked up, and am looking forward to a slow and relaxing New Years. I hope your Christmas went well and that you are excited for New Years as well. :)


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