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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Bookmark Break Challenge 2012

Last year, I made a resolution to myself to SAVE THE BOOKMARKS!!! I wanted to read and FINISH as many books as I possibly could in the year of 2011. Now, I want to do the same in 2012 and push myself to read more than I did last year!
I just know my poor bookmarks are suffocating! There are too many books on my shelf that have been left unread, a veritable prison, trapping my bookmarks! Don't they deserve a Holiday too?
And everyone can do the same! Just pull out all those books you have started or that are gathering dust on your shelf, brush them off, crack them open, and start reading. Keep a list of the books you complete on your blog! Every single book you FINISH in 2012 (January 1st-December 31st) will count!
Challenge Rules! (Please read on. It's not that bad!)
  1. LEAVE A COMMENT that says you are entering the challenge so I know who is interested. (See? Easy!)
  2. BEGIN A LIST on a new page of your blog or your blog sidebar entitled "Bookmark Break Book List 2012" and start cataloguing all the books you FINISH in 2012.
  3. OPTIONAL: Please, help me try and promote this challenge. Either post about it on your own blog, keep updates on your blog, grab my lovely button, tweet and retweet about it, add it to facebook, or simply tell people about it. I would really appreciate it. Of course, this is not required of the competition.
Challenge Guidelines! (Again, not that bad!)
  1. ANY book you finish in 2012 is eligible, meaning that you didn't have to have started the book in 2012. You may have a book that has one page left to read and if you finish reading that one page in 2012 it counts!
  2. Books that you are rereading or reading for class count!
  3. Poetry Books, Graphic Novels, Plays, Collections of Short Stories, Nonfiction Books, etc. also count!
  4. Magazines and Comic Books DO NOT count!
  5. The Book/Collection/ect MUST be 100 PAGES OR MORE to be eligible!
  6. Post all books read in 2012 on your list so that I may keep track of your progress throughout the year! (NOTE: If you do not wish to post your list somewhere on your blog and prefer to keep track in a journal or on another website, please let me know so that we can work out the kinks.)
  7. Complete your list by January 1st, 2013 at 12:00 am! I don't care if the world comes to an end! What is on your list at Midnight is your final count!
Now for the fun stuff! PRIZES!!! Anyone and Everyone that reads more books than I do in the year of 2013 will get their blog button posted on my sidebar for the ENTIRE year of 2013! Plus, regardless of winner or not, you will receive a special participants or WINNER button, made by ME! AND...Well, you might just have to wait a bit to find out! (Meaning, I am torn between a couple different ideas, but I will figure it out! Just want to think of something extra special this year!)

The real button with the coding is located at the bottom of this page!
This is the competitor's list thus far! If your name is not already on the list and you would like to participate for the year of 2012, please let me know in the comments below. EVERYONE and ANYONE is invited! Even if you did not participate in 2011, you are MORE than welcome to join in this year! NOW is the best time to join! Nevertheless, you can join ANY TIME this year, just get your book list up and let me know!

Competitor's List:
My Book List:
  1. Haiku for the Single Girl (Poetry/Humor)
  2. The Web of Titan (YA/Sci-Fi/Space/Post-Apocalyptic)
  3. The Hunger Games (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  4. One for the Money (Fiction/Comedy)
  5. Catching Fire (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  6. Outside In (YA/Dystopian)
  7. Uglies (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  8. Touch of Power (Fantasy)
  9. The Secret Garden (English Classical Literature) *Kindle
  10. Incarceron (YA/Futuristic Fantasy)
  11. Prisoner of Time (YA/Romance)
  12. Two for the Dough (Fiction/Comedy)
  13. True Belonging (Non-Fiction/Pyschology)
  14. City of Ashes (YA/Modern Fantasy)
  15. Mockingjay (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  16. Red Riding Hood (YA/Fantasy)
  17. The Secret Circle: The Initiation (YA/Modern Fantasy)
  18. Outlaws of Sherwood (YA/Historical Fiction)
  19. The Secret Circle: The Captive Part I (YA/Modern Fantasy)
  20. Game of Thrones (Fantasy) *2nd Read
  21. Midnighters: The Secret Hour (YA/Modern Fantasy)
  22. Geek Wisdom (Non-Fiction/Humor)
  23. Sisters Red (YA/Modern Fantasy)
  24. Anna Karenina (Russian Classical Literature) *2nd Read
  25. The Host (YA/Science Fiction) *2nd Read
  26. Midnighters: Touching Darkness (YA/Modern Fantasy)
  27. Outlander (Literature/Historical Fantasy) *2nd Read
  28. Beauty (YA/Fantasy)
  29. The Scorch Trials (YA/Post Apocalyptic)
  30. The Death Cure (YA/Post Apocalyptic)
  31. Divergent (YA/Dystopian)
  32. Match (YA/Dystopian)
  33. The Pledge (YA/Dystopian)
  34. Three to Get Deadly (Fiction/Comedy)
  35. The Four Agreements (Non-Fiction/Pyschology)
  36. Insurgent (YA/Dystopian)
Currently Reading:
PS. I now realize that I went a little BOLD crazy! Forgive me, but I am excited!


  1. I'm totally in! I already posted the button on my blog. Thanks!

  2. Definitely in! Can't wait for this year!

  3. I'm in! Want to really read a ton of books this year!

  4. I'll pop up the number of books I read on this link by your button: http://wordsinsync.blogspot.com/p/blogs-hops.html :)

  5. Mrs. Facehead and Shah...Yeah! 2 more competitors! I will get both your names up and link up to your lists once they have been made. Shah? Are you using goodreads or shelfari, or keeping it somewhere on your blog. Anyway should be fine, just not sure if goodreads or shelfari will seperate your reads into years so I can differentiate which ones were read in 2012 from those that were read in 2011.

  6. What a coincidence! My New Years resolution is to read more books! :-P

  7. Patrick...Sounds great to me. I will add you to the competitor's list and link up to you book link!

  8. I am going to have a page on my blog for this. http://soldierswifecrazylife.com The page is...



  9. I am in once again. I need to clean up my bookmark break page, but will let you know once I get it edited! PS I like your new blog look!

  10. Julie...Thank you! You're all linked up.

    Kyria...Excellent! Sounds good to me.

  11. Count me in as well!

    1. Carrie Ann, I have no link to find you at and your profile is private so I can't get a hold of you. If you see this please leave a link to your blog and or your book list in the comments and I will get you set up. Or you can email me at WhosYourEditor@aol.com if you wish to remain private. Thank you.

  12. If it is not too late to join may I? I am with Mommies Point of View http://www.MommiesPointofView.blogspot.com
    Thanks, Glenda

  13. Carrie Ann...AWESOME! I'll add you to the list. Do you have a booklist anywhere on your blog yet? I'll check in with you.

    Glenda...Wonderful! It is definitely not too late. I accept participants (sp) all year! I'll add you!

  14. I'm in. Here is my link to where my book posts will show up - I will blog about every book I finish as part of a challenge to myself.


    Off to add your button to my sidebar to link back here..

  15. Cheney...Great! I'm adding you right now!

  16. Aubrie, I've noticed that no one's avatar is showing. Is that related to the blog re-design?

  17. Matt...I'm not sure. I know you can set that option up or not, but I had it set to show before and did not change it. I'll check it out, though. Perhaps something got switched when I was playing around.

  18. I now have a reply option too which is awesome!!!

  19. I think I posted in the wrong place, lol. I found out about your BookMark Challenge through Sierra. I posted my book list on my blog at http://tegansmusings.blogspot.com. So far I'm at zero, but I'll get there! :)
    Thank you for hosting this - it's a great idea! :)

    1. Tegan...No problem! I wil get you all set up on the list today. :)

  20. http://serenitysmusings.blogspot.com/p/iread-bookmark-break-book-list-2012.html

    I am in!
    Started the page and I will be adding the list of books I have read.

    Thank you.

  21. AH! I am so behind my goal! I want to hit 200 hundred, and at this rate I'll be lucky to crack 50! Stupid quantum physics book. But, that one has been picked up a zillion times so I am REALLY happy I did it!

    1. Just keep at it! WoW! Quantum physics does sound like a commitment!

  22. I so very much would love to be involved in this challenge (especially since I can fit it nicely in with my 50/50/Me and Telling Tales challenges).

    Not feeling quite up to a real post today, but I do have a list of some of the books I'm doing for those challenges up on my blogs at the moment... only finished one in January, but am in the middle of eleven others... Mmmm, yeah, I really need to save those book marks; though I do excuse myself on about four of them, because they are short story collections I read with my son at bedtime.

    Anyway...please count me in.

    1. Awesome! I will get you all set up right now. DO you have a list up somewhere on your blog yet?

    2. I'm so sorry for making you wait, Aubrie Anne, but yes, I do have a list posted now--17 books all between 1/4 and 3/4 done. I'm hunting around the shelves for a few others I know are out there (my husband likes to "clean" things on me sometimes). Here's the link: http://edenmabee.wordpress.com/bookmarks-break-reading-challenge/

      I am so glad I found this challenge. It will be so nice to get these off the mental list.

    3. No problem! I appreciate you getting back to me. Now, I can get you all set up! :)

  23. Looking forward to the next update.
    I have borrowed a couple of good books this week.

    I am also trying to read online but can't seem to find a site that has something (not before 1900)other than the classic. Do you know any?

    When I run out of books I might have to re read the classics online.:)

    1. I've really only found the classics online as well. If you get a kindle or something like that, though, there are hundreds of free books. Not all of them are good, but entertaining enough. Plus, you get all the classics again.

      I think the classics are so readily available because of the rights to them. With the authors being gone and what not, no one person or publisher really owns them.

  24. I thought I'd try it out again this year :) Though I'm already waaaaaaay behind. I'm too stressed out! Gaaah!! But I'm going to participate again, and at least see if I can beat last years amount, tihih. Thanks for taking the initiative for this great contest!

  25. Hi, I'd like to try out, but my blog is on private, so I sent you an email with a list of books...


    1. Thanks for joining! I got your email and I will set you up on the competitor's list. Since I won't be able to keep track of your progress, I will have to depend on you sending my updated emails. I will try and remember to remind you each month when I putting my update posts together or just keep me updated at your leisure. Thanks!!!

    2. Wow CS!!! 41 books and counting. Thats Amazing. :D!!!

  26. Ah! Still playing....I'm moving my blog, about 1/2 through the process...moving into sidebar/plugins now...I'll be up and rolling again soon and will stop in to update you then. Thanks for checking.

    1. Awesome! I got you're email and you're all back and set up!

  27. I know it's already the end of March 2012, but I only just tripped over this site & would love to participate --- obviously not in it to win it, as it's a bit late for that, but to get into the habits of (a) finishing books (I have a stack of incomplete reads, lined up my stairs), & (b) recording what I read regularly. I plan to post a book list to my blog this evening, & with your permission I'll add the button / badge / logo thing as well. What a great idea you have here! Thanks for sharing with everyone! :)

    1. Sounds great! Just so you know, even though you aren't starting until now, you can still post all the books you have read this year on your list. :) Welcome aboard!

  28. I just found this site so, even though it's September, I do keep a list of everything I read on Shelfari. My list is on my sidebar so I've put your button above it! I'm sure I won't win but it's fun to take part!

    1. Excellent! I'll add you to the competitor's list!

    2. Thanks! This is great motivation to get through my pile of books - especially since I keep adding to it!

  29. I'm up to 46 but my name doesn't seem to be updating.


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