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Saturday, January 1, 2011

WYE?'s Bookmark Break Challenge 2011

Many people begin their year with new resolutions, a dedication that they make to themselves to improve something in their lives. Well, this year, I am making a resolution to give my bookmarks a break because even they deserve a vacation from saving my spot!

Here's what I plan to do...
  • Finish all the books I have currently started. (Those poor bookmarks are trapped!)
  • Read as many books as I possibly can this year. (The faster I read, the less time those bookmarks have to spend in captivity!)
  • Keep an ongoing list of all the books I have completed in 2011 on my sidebar. (Just so I can catalogue the brave efforts of each and every bookmark I use.)
  • Tell as many people as I can while sharing my two new, beautiful buttons. (We must save all the bookmarks that we can. This is slavery and it must be stopped!)
And everyone can do the same! Just pull out all those books you have started or are gathering dust on your shelf, brush them off, crack them open, and start reading. Keep a list of the books you complete on your blog! Every single book you FINISH in 2011 (January 1st-December 31st) will count!

Now, here is where the challenge comes in...If you can complete more books than I do in the year 2011, I will feature your blog on WYE?! AND post your button on my sidebar for an entire year!

Here's all you have to do to enter...
  1. LEAVE A COMMENT that says you are entering the challenge so I know who is interested.
  2. BEGIN A LIST on your blog sidebar entitled "Bookmark Break Book List 2011" and start cataloguing all the books you FINISH in 2011 (Note: ANY book you finish in 2011 is eligible, meaning that you didn't have to have started the book in 2011. You may have a book that has ONE page left to read and if you finish reading that one page in 2011 it counts! Books that you are rereading or reading for a class also count! Poetry book, graphic novel, nonfiction books, etc. also count. The only thing so far that won't count is a magazine. Also, the book must be 100 pages or more to be eligible.) This list is vital to the competition. It is where I will count how many books you have read at the end of the year. PS. If you wish to post this list somewhere else or keep track of it in a journal or something, just shoot me a comment and let me know what works for you and we will see what we can do.
  3. OPTIONAL: Please, help me try and promote this challenge. Either post about it on your own blog, keep updates on your blog, grab one of my lovely buttons, tweet and retweet about it, add it to facebook, or simply tell people about it. I would really appreciate it. Of course, this is not required of the competition.
These buttons are up for grabs:
<a href="http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/"><img border="0" src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5087/5310328669_7d95f655e4.jpg"width="200" height="200"></a>

<a href="http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/"><img border="0" src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5125/5310919008_7622a2b3d2.jpg"width="200" height="200"></a>

Thank you! and remember...SAVE THE BOOKMARKS!


  1. MMM? I'm not really a fast reader but I am tempted. Gonna keep it in mind. First book included would Dracula - it's a big book mind you (well I can't see it as it's on my kindle - but I've been reading it for ages and am only a third through it!)

    I have been trying to make a button for three weeks!! I've made one, but now I need to got its code and to enable the code to show beneath it as you have here. I would be VERY revealed and grateful if you could tell me? I tried to follow instructions of various other blogs I tracked down on a google search but no banana's. Just frustration and wasted time and effort!

    Happy new year btw! ;) X

  2. Been trying to put this button on my sidebar but its not working? You might want to check them out Aubrie. X

  3. Hey Shah! Let me see if I can help you here. Let's start with getting my button on your sidebar! (Which I totally appreciate!!!) First off, if you are putting my button on your sidebar then you don't use the code. The code is used for embedding the button in a post.

    A) To put it on the sidebar, you need to...
    1. right click on my button and save it to your computer.
    2. Enter "design" on your blog and get the "picture" gadget.
    3. Add a title and caption is you wish. In the link section, copy and paste this link into it...http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/2011/01/wyes-bookmark-break-challenge-2011.html
    4.Finally, grab the image of my button from your computer and press Save! Then my button should show up on your sidebar with the link attatched.

    B) Next, how to put my link in your post!
    1. Copy the code below one of my buttons.
    2. Enter "design" on your blog.
    3. Click on the "settings" tab.
    4. Click on the "formatting" tab.
    5. scroll down and paste the code in the "post template" dialogue box and save. Then, the button will appear when you got to make a new post.
    PS> Don't forget to go back to that "post template" box and delete the code when you are done, or else my button will appear in all your new posts and no one has to do that!

    C) Finally, here is how to make the code.
    1. Design a button (that's the fun part)
    2. upload it onto a website such as photobucket or flickr.
    3. After you have uploaded right click on the picture, go to "properties" and copy the "url link."
    4. Paste that link into a word document.
    5. Also paste this template into the word document...

    6. Replace "link to your site here" in the template with the link to your site.
    7. Replace "url of your photo here" with the url you copied and pasted from photobucket or flickr and voila!!! You now have a code that you can enter into your post!
    PS. Use the steps in C to get your own button to show up on your post, but to give everyone the code, just copy and paste the code into the "new post" dialogue box where you normally write your post.

    Ok! I know that was a lot and I probably do things a little differently. There might be an easier way so i encourage anyone who knows an easier way to do this to jump in and tell us. Until then, if you have absolutely ANY questions or you get stuck somewhere, just let me know :)

  4. I'd kill just to START a book lol. With three active kids and one that is more active than most (and getting in to trouble all the time lol), it really is hard to find any time to SIT QUIETLY and read a book. I can barely make it through the news paper.

    Good luck with your goals and I will be on the lookout for how you are doing. (=

  5. You're killing me here! I've actually read everything I own, some more than once, and I'd be busy all year posting books since I usually finish them in one sitting! Hmmm.....I might give it a try, not for the award or anything, but just cuz I roll like that! I'll definitely pop your button though, they're cute!

    Happy New Year hon! Cant' wait to see what books you're reading!

  6. There's no way I'll read more books than you, so I'll concede now. However, I will stitch your buttons into my Facebook.

  7. As some of the previous commenters have mentioned, there is no way I'll be able to read as many books as you will this year, I am sure of it . :-)
    Though I'll give it a try and post about the contest in my blog! :-)

    -The Creative Muslimah

    p.s. Cute buttons!! :D Make a button for your blog too!

  8. oh by the way, I was wondering if there was any page limit? Say the book is really short, like.... 10-15 pages, does that count too? I'm thinking of this huge stack of short stories and information books I've got lying on my desk in my room. :-)
    And do they have to be in English? :O

  9. This sounds like it could be fun:) Count me in! I just got a Kindle and am loving it though I still love reading a REAL book. Does rereading a book count?

  10. Proudmom...I completely understand. Definately keep track of the progress. I hope to recap about once a month and check in on everyone who is participating. It should be fun!

    Donna...YEAH! Go for it! It will be a blast. Also, thanks for grabbing my button. I appreaciate it a ton!

    Matt...I don't know. With school I slow done, but I do have to read for school too. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Well, if you find your self reading a ton, feel free to jump in. Just let me know.

    Creative Muslimah...Definately give it a try! I should make a button fro my blog too. I'll find a great picture and work on one.

    Also, the books do not have to be in English, but I would like it if the books were at least over 100 pages. I'll add that to the description so others will know as well. Thanks for bringing it up. :)

  11. Poekitten...Sorry I missed ya for a sec there. Glad to see that you are IN! YEAH! And, yes, rereading a book does count. I love to reread books so I couldn't count them out. :) Looking forward to this competition now!

  12. Oh my! I have to admit that my bookmarks aren't going to com out of hiding anytime soon. I currently have three books I'm working on and it'll probably take me awhile to finish them up. Sadly reading is last on my to-do list.

  13. well here's to reading books....since i totally sucks at that...can i count reading blogs...lol! j/k this sounds like a great project...wishing you all a happy new year! now get those heads in those pages!! xoxo

  14. visiting from FTLOB Comment Love

    hi. I love reading, but it engulfs me very being and I become a neglectful mom & wife. sad, but I have to limit my reading so no one calls the cops on me for making my kids get their own meals & my husband wash his own clothes...

    bookmarks. I can never find one. I may not own any I guess. that would explain my inability to find one. I use Grocery Receipts or Post Its (folded onto their own sticky strip), or other scraps of paper, cloth, yarn, etc.

  15. I may join in....how many books do you usually read a year? I need to get an idea of what I am up against!!

  16. Oh lordy, Aubrie! I'm not even going to try to beat you. Maybe if I was still that 14 y.o. speed-reader who could take down 400 page novels in a single night, maybe then I could give you a run for your money. But these days I often circle books like a buzzard does roadkill in the middle of an 8-lane highway; certain of being blindsided and not getting a chance to finish it's meal. And it certainly doesn't help either that most of the books I have interest in reading and/or rereading these days are in the 1000+ page count category. I must hate myself.

  17. I am a new GFC follower from Frugality is Free hop. I was looking for your twitter link but cant find it =)
    Here is the link to my blog if your interested in coupons and giveaways.

  18. P.s. Congrats on breaking 100 followers! You're not gonna have much time for all that reading soon if you keep responding to the massive waves of comments coming in! Maybe I'll just start making a bunch of anonymous comments and questions that require you to give long explanations/answers and then I'll have a chance of beating you. :-P

  19. Hey lady - I've put the button of the sidebar (bottom of it though as its huge! and wouldn't fit with the others ;) Still can't sort my button though I thinks its coz I don't use those picture sites. I didn't even try yesterday, and barely had chance to do anything today. Thanks for going to the trouble to post the 'how to' for me. I'll try again. Hope you're enjoying your day? Shah. X

  20. This is a FABULOUS, tempting challenge! The over-the-top book lover in me is beyond intrigued. And the tired mom in me? Is totally and completely green with envy! Way to go, lady, I'm excited to follow your journey and pick up some good book recommendations along the way! I just cracked open (Yes, a *real* book. Shocking, I know.) "Fall of Giants." That should keep me busy for a 'lil bit! :)

  21. What a great idea. I will admit that I would have no problem reading and completing a book, my problem would be remembering to keep track of them on my sidebar or anywhere for that matter. I really need to work on being a less dysfunctional unorganized hot mess.

  22. Okay - well id did it and found a code which made it so easy! I posted it here (minus my details - no self advertising - but it wouldn't let me post HTML? Get in touch if you need it Aubries readers. Shah XX

  23. Following from Say Hi Sunday:) Love your blog and I hope to see you around ThreeBoys sometime soon.
    Happy New Year:)

  24. CarliAlice...I understand, I know people are busy, but you have all year if you decide that you want to jump in. Just let me know, any time :) Plus, it's just about ahving fun with books.

    Vic...Thank you. It's been fun to set up and yes, get those heads in the pages and just have fun reading! Thanks for your spirit :)

    Kimberly...Children definately come FIRST! But if you find some spare time to yourself, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a book!

    Kyria...I'm not sure how many I read in a year. It changes depending on how tough my classes are that year. I would day that last year (guessing here) I read 16 books for pleasure and 10 for school. I had a pretty lazy year though. I didn't have much else to do. Anyway, I will being keeping track on my sidebar so you can see where I am att at all times. Don't let anything discourage you and just have fun with it!

    Patrick...lol. I didn't realize that I was so intimidating. I promise to take it easy on everyone!!! I like the image of a person circling a book like a buzzard. That's how I am with Anna Karenina right now. I want to get into it, but it's hard. I can't read it in the middle of a room full of screaming people like I can some books. I need silence! Anyway thanks for the congratulations on the 100 followers it's been a blast so far and looking forward to more.

    Liz...Yeah, sorry about that. I accidently posted my blog link where the twitter links go. (I have a twitter account, but I never use it. i haven't found the need yet.) I warned the blog owner, but maybe they haven't fixed it yet, if they can. I got it right the second time. Anyway, thanks for following along here. I'm here all the time so it's nice. I'll come and check out your blog as well. Thanks for the link!

    Shah...Thanks a lot. It's probably big because I started with a very large template. If you want to make it smaller you just have to go to the image of it that you have saved on your computer, open it in microsoft picture viewer (?) or some program like that and scale it down or reduce the size and then repost it on the sidebar. I don't mind if it is smaller at all. I certainly don't want to monopolize your blog space :( I'm glad you got the code figure out too! Good job!

    Galit...I love it!!! Yes, it would be hard to juggle the fanatic and the green monster at the same time. I know how that feels. But, HAVE FUN! and enjoy the competition if you decide to join at any time. I would be happy to have you

    Ms. Batman...Well, if there is an easier way for you personally to keep track, just let me know! I would really love having you!!!

    Sarah @ threeboys...Thanks for following! Isn't that a fun blog hop? I will certainly be stopping by :)

  25. hey again, just letting you know that I've got too many things on my sidebar, and so I'm going to add a stand-alone page on my blog called "Bookmark break challenge 2011" where I'll be keeping track of all the books :-)

    -The Creative Muslimah

  26. Creative Muslimah...That sounds just fine. Thanks for letting me know!

  27. I'm totally in. But I also have a 2-kids-under-3 handicap, so we'll see how many books I can finish. Most of my book-reading sessions are now cut short by my quickly-closing eyelids at the end of the day. :)

    I think I'll also create a stand-alone page to keep track of my book list.
    Looking forward to it!


  28. Alissa...YEAH! Just do the best you can. That's all anyone expects. I'll add you to the list on my sidebar so that others know you are competing. Also, it's totally cool that you make a new page for your book list. Thanks for letting me know!

  29. Is it too late to join? I just found your blog, and I want to link up for this challenge. I'm SUPER excited about this challenge--I LOVE reading, so maybe I'll give someone a run for his/her money! :)

    I started a "Books to Read" page on my blog at the end of last year, and I'll probably pull a lot of my picks from that list, but I'll make a separate list on my sidebar to keep the two lists apart.

    So happy I found your blog!!

  30. Natalie...Nope it is not too late, I am taking competitiors all year as long as they know what books they have already read in 2011 and can add them to the list!

    So, WELCOME! I will add you to the competitors list on my sidebar and come and check out your blog, follow it, and make sure everything is in order.

    Thanks for joining!

  31. Thanks for checking out my book list! That's the great thing about books-there is something out there for everyone! I'll have to look around your reviews and find a couple to add to my list. Excited for your challenge.

  32. Michelle...Thank you. It was fun checking everything out that you had on your blog. I love books and I love to read about people who love them too. Yes, feel free to roam around. Let me know if you can't find anything. Also, would you like to join the challenge? You're free to have time to think about it. I'll be taking competitors all year as long as they know what books they have read in the mean time. Looking forward to seeing more from you on your blog and mine :)

  33. Okay, you're totally ON! I keep a list of books read throughout the year on the very bottom of my blog. I'll write a post about the challenge and put one of your buttons on my sidebar - hopefully, that will get even more people interested. Good luck - you're going to need it :)

  34. Susan...I love a challenge! and am more than happy to have you on board. Blow me out of the water if you have to!

    This sounds amazing! Thanks for already having a list and for making a post AND for adding my button! I'm very grateful!

    I'm going to add you to the competitor's list right now!

  35. If I join, can I put it under the page on my sidebar entitled Additional Pages: 2011 Reading Challenges? I'd like to so my sidebar doesn't get crazy with stuff (well, crazier since it's pretty crowed now!).

    Let me know!


  36. Selena...Yes, that is perfectly fine. I am very happy to have you!

  37. Ok, great! I started off the year doing some good reading, but I suspect I may slack off as my semester progresses. But so far I have 8. I snagged a button to put with in the reading challenges area of the blog. I also added it to my reading challenges page in the sidebar. And I'll blog about it later or tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

    Have a great one!


  38. Selena...That's how I am. I will have burst of reading like a fanatic and then slow down completely and then back to reading a ton. It's a real rollarcoaster. I will add you to the list on the side. It looks like with 8 books that you will be taking the lead!!!

  39. I am in! My goal is 50 books this year, which is hard for me with two small kids, so far I am 1.5 down :) I read "The Room" and I am (finally) reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".. I have put it down so many times but I am determined to get thru it!

  40. Michele...YES! I am adding you to the competitor's list on the sidebar right away! I have not read either of those, but I have heard of them and my roommate really enjoyed the entire "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series.

  41. Great challenge and thanks for sharing it on NOBH! I wish I could take on the challenge, but I read way too many blogs vs. books so I don't think I would be a good competitor :)Happy reading!

  42. Tracy...I would love to have you anyway. There is absolutely nothing to lose. Let me know if you change your mind anytime within the year. :)

  43. I really would love to join this AubrieAnne! I adore books and I love to read. Not only am I doing this for the benefit of my reading skills, but to have some fun while I am at it. I'm adding the button!

  44. I've added it AubrieAnne! Thank you

  45. dtwilight...Excellent!!! and thanks for adding the button. I will add you to the competitor's list!

  46. Okay I know it took me forever, but I decided to join afterall!!! I put it as a page on my blog. You can find it here.


    I am looking forward to the competition!

  47. Fabulous! I will add you to the competitor's list!

  48. Hi AubrieAnne,
    Moana and I have read three books each now.


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