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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7 More of the Best-Worst Movies (Part 1)

Well, I'm back with more of those terrible movies that you can't help but love and force all your friends to love, if only you could convince them to watch the movies in the first place. They are the kinds of movies that look like they could be awesome, and even though the critics discarded them as nothing more than Hollywood's step child of a distant niece of your late uncle who nobody ever really talked to or even considered a part of the family in the first place, they are still AWESOME in their own little way!

To see the original 7 best-worst moves ever, please visit this link... The 7 Best-Worst Movies! Otherwise, read on for the continuation!

8) Into the Blue (2005) Starring: Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, and Scott Caan. Not only is this a great movie for oogling gorgeous people, with perfect abs in bathing suits, but it also has a half way decent plot line. You have a plane crash, some treasure hunting, skee-doo shenanigans, cocaine dealing, shark attacks, bad cops, high speed boat chases, car chases, gun shots, axe fighting, and underwater getaways where people can hold their breath for over four minutes. Seem like a lot? Well, it works somehow!
9) Stay Alive (2006) Starring: Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong, Frankie Muniz, and Sophia Bush. Like I mentioned before, I’m not one for horror flicks, especially the ones that depend merely on gallons of fake blood, slamming doors, high pitched noises, things that pop out at convenient moments of tension, and a guy who knows how to slam on a keyboard and call it a soundtrack! Of course, you can’t get rid of all of that stuff or else you wouldn’t really have a horror movie. I guess what I am saying is that Stay Alive uses some of this stuff, but sparingly. Also, what a concept! We play games where we kill zombies, fight in wars, and jump off ledges; anything and everything we would never do in life, but we do it in the game because we know we are safe. But what if we weren’t? What if playing the game and staying alive meant your very own life? If you die in the game, you die in real life. Would you still play?

10) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) Starring: Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson. DO NOT LAUGH AT ME! I am sharing with you my deepest, darkest secrets and that is no laughing matter. I LOVE this movie. I have ever since I was a very young girl, playing power rangers with my very best friend from childhood! I was the pink ranger, my friend was the purple ranger (a ranger we had to make up because no one wanted to be the yellow ranger), and then if her little sister was playing with us, we made her be the yellow ranger (she minded, but she wanted to play with us so much that she went with it. What a TROOPER!) Anyway, this movie is based off the first American season on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (the best season) and I used to rent it every time my parents and I went to the video store. Later (probably about 10 years later) I found the movie on DVD and I HAD to HAVE it! So, I bought it and I still really enjoy turning it on from time to time. It also came along with the second movie about the Power Rangers Turbo which is a fun movie too. I also never realized how hot the original red ranger (Jason) was. Lol.

Ok, now I am going to cut this short and share something sooooo embarrassing with you guys! Again, NO LAUGHING! Okay, you can laugh, but I don’t care because my friends and I had a blast doing this, but I’ll totally smack you if you diss this!

It is a Power Rangers Spoof that my best friends and I filmed about 3 summers ago. We were really into doing stuff like this at the time and had a free afternoon :) Perhaps, if you all behave very nicely and tell me how much you enjoyed this little video, I will be kind enough to share the others with you one day. WE WILL SEE!

PS. I'm the one in the green.


Okay, I assume you guys have been good and did not make fun of me too much. So, here's one more video that you are allowed to laugh at! In fact, laugh until your head falls off!


PS. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for PART 2 where I finish off the list of the Best-Worst movies of all time! Also, please share your thoughts with me! Do you agree with my list of the Best-Worst movies? Are there any that you would add? How hard did you really laugh at my videos? Will you be returning to Who's Your Editor? after witnessing such insanity? Can you ever take me seriously again?

Until next time, crazy people!


  1. Oh my....Paul Walker. Pretty sure any movie with him in it can't be bad just cuz well, he's IN it. Hold on, gotta go grab my bib.....

    Okay, I'm back. I haven't seen the other two, yes, I know, I know, I'm taking your clip instead. Funny stuff! And I promise I was laughing WITH you not (ahem) AT you. Yep. Can't wait for the rest of the movies, we seem to like a lot of the same stuffies :) As for taking you seriously? Ummm..... tee hee

  2. Of course I will visit again and I don't think you're a insane - you did what you loved and no one can judge you for that. I did let out a few giggles, but it wasn't at you. I did laugh at the bloopers a lot. The person dressed in the robot suit must have had it hard - The whole video she had to wear something on her head - I know I wouldn't last a minute.
    Good actors, that performed a good show.

  3. Yay I loved your movie and no i wasn't laughing *thanks god Aubrie can't look at her* XD but no seriously it was awesome and yay I love this post. I watched a little bit of Into The Blue and slept. I guess I'll have to watch it again.

  4. Never saw these movies. They don't sound the kind I'd go see though either. And perhaps I'm a bit old for them? Your vids were top not humourous entertainment! And hey, don't slate the insane! I know that realm pretty well remember! ;) XX

  5. PS I really quite liked Prince of Persia! And I love psychologicla horrors. Well, I like most horrors - but not SAW-type movies - way too heavy on the gore and light on the plot. It's like hot curry made with powders instead of all the lovely fresh ingrediants that really make it tasty (see Dawns fab recent posts). You want a kick, but you want it to come with real flavour. I know what I mean. ;)

  6. Thanks for following me I'm now doin the same! That little clip was quite amusing lol. I was a Power rangers fan as well and my brother and I use to pretend to be them and play. (I was always the pink ranger haha)


  7. Hehe I secretly loved 'Into the Blue'. Wow, you surprised me by adding 'Power Rangers'. I've never watched that and I doubt I will. Hehe

  8. Wow, that was a nice front flip. The movie was definitely surprisingly good, compared to the production quality of the show. I was a fan back in the day and even watched through Zeo. Now they have a new one called Samurai or something.

    I only laughed at parts of the video that were supposed to be silly, I swear! I was too enthralled to utter a giggle. I've only one question: can I play, too?

    So is Stay Alive a zombie movie? I have never heard of it.

  9. Now I have that theme song playing in my head like a broken record.

  10. Donna...Yes, love any and all things Paul Walkner! Thanks for laughing with me :) and it is great to have you back.

    dtwilight...Thank you. Yes,she had a bit of a hard time with all those boxes on, but she had a blast too.

    Dawn...Yes, good thing I can't see you!!! lol. No it's cool. Yes, definately see the whole thing of Into the Blue if you get the chance.

    Shah...Yes, I can pick out strange movies sometimes. And you are very right about the curry analongy. I saw Dawn's post and I loved it and I love a good curry with chicken, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, pea pods, and peppers! It's awesome!

    Mommy...That's great. I loved playing power rangers and if I had ever had siblings I bet we would have played too. :) That's one thing that was really great about Power Rangers, it was liked by both boys and girls.

    Hello again vintage...I'm glad someone else enjoyed it as well. Yes, watching Power Rangers now without seeing it and loving it as a kid would be a little awkward.

    Matt...Thank you. My friends and I used to play on the trampoline a lot and we were daring enough to learn how to do lots of different things. It's okay to laugh really. We were having so much fun and know it was silly.

    Stay ALive is not a zombie movie, it's about a video game, that if you play it and die in the game, you die in the same way in real life. It's very interesting.

  11. Aubrie I just adore everything about you! Your movies choices are perfect. I've actually watched the worst movie of all time, really it's listed as worst movie of all time. Manos Los Manos. My Dad made my sister and I watch it along time ago, what torture to sit through the whole thing. BUT, I can say I watched it! I love your videos, be proud of being you - exactly what my post was about yesterday as I shared myself singing, lol! You're so wonderful :)


  12. No wait, I have seen that movie! I remember it being terrible, haha.

    I made a video with friends for a class in high school. We were supposed to make cereal ads. We made 3, two for my class and one for our friend's. The different cereals were Mari-Os, Psych-Os, and Command-Os.

    Mari-Os involved me dressing as Super Mario and coming up the driveway sideways, pretending to be in a video game. Psych-Os was completely ridiculous. Between shots, it would switch to my face, which was covered in shaving cream, with me saying "PSYCH-OOOOOOOOOOOS" in a very gruff voice. There was a particular scene where we were demonstrating how the cereal gives you crazy powers. We wanted to show our friend picking up a car, so we rolled the window down and had him grip the door while another friend and I held his legs up off camera. The fourth party manned the camera and turned it sideways to give the illusion of the car being over his head. On the audio, he says "Wow, look at him pick that car up!"

    Command-Os was mostly forgettable. Alas, we've lost both copies of the recording. Terrible shame.

  13. Kate...Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart! I am going to have to check out that movie just so I can say that too lol.

    Matt...WHAT!? I didn't think it was terrible! It wouldn't be on my best-worst list if that were so!

    Anyway, I think you commercial story is great. I'm happy to know that I am not the only one who has made vids with their friends. It is a bummer you lost them though. I made sure to back all of ours up on my computer.

  14. Maybe, but I'm specifically referring to its CGI and its predictability (which is true for most any horror film).

    We made it on VHS and had two copies for editing purposes. We think one might have been recorded over by someone's parents and one may still be in the possession of one of us.

  15. OH My I don't think I have seen ANY of those......

  16. Matt...you can't let stuff like that bug you! CGI-SMEEGIEYE! It can be annoying though when a movie relies real heavily on it, but I feel this one wasn't so bad. Plus video games are known for their crap graphics. I will give you the predictable plot but at least it had a plot. Plus, it did surprise me in the end when they didn't kill everyone off.

    Kim...definitely pick a few up if you get a chance.

  17. Pink Ranger: Into the Blue reminds me of 1 Million BC, with hot cave people like Raquel Welch.

    Stay Alive. I could probably battle a zombie or two. Sounds like a good weekend.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Do they also serve dark beer at your school?

  18. I guess my expectations are set pretty high. But I was easily able to predict the Muniz thing.

  19. Also, I don't like CG if it's obviously cg or if it looks "sub-par." Pixar films are the only cg movies I tolerate, with the exception of something from Japan, like Advent Children.

    Basically, I hate any cg film by Dreamworks (no offense if you like them).

  20. Stopping by from today’s blog hop and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.



  21. JJ...You make me laugh. I bet you could take on a zombie or two as well!

    Matt...I'm going to agree to disagree on this one. I do love the CGI in movies such as the Pixar films and Advent Children (Cloud is my anime love!), but I also really enjoyed the work in Lord of the Rings and even Avatar had its moments (When the 3D wasn't making my head split open!!!)

    Tawna...Welcome! Feel free to look around and join in on any of the conversations. :) It's much appreciated!

  22. I said when it wasn't good (in addition to when it is obvious and I listed only fully-cg movies, excluding partial films). Those particular movies you mentioned have good cg.

  23. That was one of the better episodes of MMPR I've seen. I too shamelessly watched the show, staying home from school to watch it most times. Poor Billy.

  24. Also, your video is hilarious because it is so accurate to the source material.

  25. Matt...Ooooh! I missed that before. I get what you are saying now.

    Atypical Scott...Why thank you! Yes, it was an excellent excuse for skipping school!


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