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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Many thanks to the darling Grace over at Loving Life for this wonderful award. Versatile is a great thing to be!!!

1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2.  Answer 10 questions
3.  Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
4.  Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award 

1.  Why did you create this blog?
I started a blog because I LOVE writing and books so much that it annoys the people I love and they need some sort of reprieve from it every now and then. This blog allows me to explode with geekyness and share everything I want to say about my obsessions. Of course, now that blogging has become an obsession. My love ones now hear anything and everything about it as well. I’m not sure if that was a good thing for them. Lol.

2.  What kind of blogs do you follow?
I love any and all books about blogs. I also enjoy the inspirational ones that talk about love, happiness, and finding magic in every day. 

3.  Favorite makeup brand?
My mom’s brand. She makes her own makeup with pure minerals, shea butter, essential oils, and whatever else she can cook up in the kitchen. She is a hair, makeup, and skin care extraordinaire!

4. Favorite clothing brand?
TJ MAXX! Can that be considered a brand! I don’t mind digging for the clothes I like, especially for a great price!!! Plus, I change my style all the time. That’s versatility for ya!

Your indispensable makeup product?
Eye liner! I won’t leave the house without it! Everything else I just slap on or forget about.

6. Favorite color?
Hmmm? This changes a lot too. Right now it is black! As my mom says “Black will be my favorite color until they invent something darker!” lol.

7. Favorite Perfume?
I’ve actually have a few perfumes I buy a stock of! I like Nollie from PacSun, Juicy Couture, and Origin’s Citrus Ginger. My favorite is the Nollie though. It is also the cheapest. :)

8.  Favorite film?
This I can surprisingly answer! You would think it would be so hard with my rather healthy DVD collection, but my favorite is “Serenity.”

9.  What country would you like to visit and why?
The two countries I want to visit the most are Ireland and Greece. Ireland because my grandmother is Irish and I have always wanted to write a book that takes place in Ireland so I need to go and do “research.” Greece, because it is right on the sea which I have never seen and because I LOVE their food!

10.  Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?
The mascara, because I usually never wear it anyway. Although, I probably should because my eyelashes are light and short!

Now, as for the 7 bloggers that I would like to award this wonderful compliment…
(I’m going to try and pick new people, but also people that I know are versatile themselves.)

I’ll be contacting you all right now!

PS. I will be returning to my regular writing/book blogging in the morning. lol. I actually have some already written. These wonderful awards and giveaways have just been to tempting and lovely. Anyway, look forward to a post on Then vs. Than, a book review on The Vampire Diaries, and the history of cops coming soon!


  1. So does this mean I need to answer questions about my make-up choices?

  2. Matt...LOL! I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT AND LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF. (clearing my throat). lol, YES, you must!

    No, I'm just kidding. How about you replace #3 with "What is your favorite kind of food and why?" and you replace #5 with "What one personal item do you find indespensable?" and #7 with "What is your favorite cologne?" and #10 with "Would you rather leave the house without your wallet or your shirt?"

    How does that work for you? Of course, I reserve you the right to rephrase these questions as you see fit :)

  3. It would be rather amusing if I were to answer the original questions with pseudo-serious responses and plug my favorite perfume brand (Kylie Minogue's "Showtime").

    I'll work those substitute queries and maybe put up a double-post for tomorrow. I wanna make sure I don't fall behind on the journals and fall out of the habit. Or do you think 1 post for the day would be sufficient? You're essentially my only real follower, so your opinion weighs heavily, haha.

  4. Yay! thanks for accepting the award. :) We're all so happy that you created this blog. Even if writing isn't my forte there's really some awesome stuff that i learn everyday from you. plus i love the polls you run! that is way cool that you're mom makes her own make up. i wish i could do that. i'm sure it's cheaper and better for your skin. Greece and Ireland would be awesome places to visit that have never even crossed my mind. well talk to you later. i'm going to sleep now. good night! :)

  5. Rootin tootin well done Aubrie! Those awards are snowing down on you, and well deserved too!

    I've been to Ireland - Dublin in fact for my 30th. My bessis took me. We loved it. But too much Guinness and stew made our return home medical requirement! My hubs and I will visit Cork next. My granddad was an Irish Gypsy and my nan Cornish, my mum and dad were from the Black Country of England. I'm a good mix ;) I'm gonna check out the sites of those recipients now!! X

  6. I'll try doing the questionaire - I especially love the question that says "What country would you like to visit and why?"
    Congratulations on receiving "The Versatile Blogger Award" You deserve it, I mean this blog is just amazing and you honestly are one of the best bloggers of all time.

    Best wishes

  7. Wow, Aubrie. You would not believe what I've just been through.

    Curious about the origin of the award and about why beauty products were the focus of the questions, I undertook a journey across the blogosphere that led to many a dark and glitter-button filled place. Both horrified and paralyzed with fear, but determined to see "how far the rabbit-hole went" I pushed on and I almost lost my faith in humanity before I got to the page of a self-proclaimed "noob blogger" who ironically and thankfully neglected to hyper-link the name of the blogger who tagged her and thusly brought my harrowing trek to an end.

    Minus yourself and Grace (who appears to have a very nice blog), every other person out of the 20+ blogs whose posts I raced through to find the next award link was a true blue, fully accessorized, "OMG *giggle* Shut-the-front-door-and-get-the-frick-out, gurlfrreeend!!!!" beauty products blogger. I swear my screen now smells like a scratch and sniff ad. I've always wondered what Internet Hades looked like, and now I know:

    It's pink, and it glitters.

    So, while I am truly very grateful and extremely humbled that you would choose me for an award - especially one with the term "versatile," which would ordinarily be one that I would quite happy to identify myself with: sadly, I have to decline both the award and give up hope of ever using the word "versatile" again.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my bloggity heart for thinking of me. It is truly the thought that counts. We are no longer friends.

    "Still Shuddering and Likely Sleepless In C-Town"

    P.s. Just kidding, I can easily forgive the scars I now bear on my eyeballs and also having my twenties ruined - if you can forgive my snubbing the award! So hopefully we're still friends ;-)

  8. I came by to thank you for your lovely comment you left on my last post and hurray I find I am congratulating and high-fiving you! Well done you really deserve this award. Black is my favourite colour too...got a wardrobe full of it and still buy black if I go shopping.
    Warm wishes

  9. AHHHH! I AM SO EXCITED!! This is my first ever bloggie award! THANK YOU! :)

  10. Just looking around and had to stop to congratulate you on your award. They are fun and the best part is passing it on. Very deserving!

  11. Matt...Ha! That would be funny. I think you could break it up and still only do 1 post a day. I don't usually like giving two a day (like today) because then I feel like people don't have time to read and comment on both sometimes.

    Grace...Thanks for giving it to me! lol. I am happy you like the blog and especially the polls. They've been fun to run and always give me something to talk about. I fear I will run out of topics one day!

    Yeah, my mom's pretty dang cool and she does all this research and my skin has never looked better. She got me through the achnes years without blinking an eye! ttyl!

    Shah...lol. As if I need more snow! The snow last night froze the gas lines in my car and now I am virtually immobile until it warms a bit. (The sun came out today so I imagine it will be fine.) Also, I didn't know you have such a diverse and rich heritage! That's awesome! My dad is 100% German and then my mom is a complete mut with a bit of French, Irish, Scottish, and Lebonese.

    dtwilight...Thank you very much and I look forward to your answers! Let me know when you get it up! The questions about where you want to visit is one of my favorites as well!

    Patrick...Ha! I never thought of tracing it's origins but that's a good idea. I have stumbled across the shut-the-front-door girls. I knew many of them in highschool and college as well. I'm happy they have found something they love, but sometimes it is good to take a break and some of them don't. I respectfully accept your decline. :)

    Facing50...HA! That's how I am too. Black and grey is almost my enite wardrobe, however I find myself wearing a hot pink shirt at the moment. :) But same thing, I go to a store and am more attracted to the blacks and grey every time.

    Natalie...YEAH! I love it when I am able to give people their first award! It's awesome! Let me know if you get a post up. I would love to read your answers!

  12. Ooops! We must have been posting at the same time, Lynda...Thanks for checking things out. i love it when people venture beyond today's post! Also, thank you!

  13. A1. My mum actually had a blog before me and I was inspired to get my own.
    A2. I like artist blogs, writing blogs and blogs with mystique and fantasy.
    A3. I like wearing Napoleon Purdis! You just look so good!
    A4. That's a hard one. Hmmm, Sportsgirl and Urban Angel. Between those two.
    A5. Maybelene Mascara is by a mile away.
    A6. Hard to answer. I'm gonna have to go with indigo for now.
    A7. Twilight by SJP.
    A8. Too easy! Twilight of course. Huge fan!
    A9. Favourite question, Italy and greece.
    A10. The mascara! The blush will just look ridiculous - in my opinion.

  14. You're all welcome to come by my blog and see how "versatile" it is!

  15. I've got my post up... Should be (kind of) interesting. (=

  16. Here's my post! http://vereen-davis.blogspot.com/2011/01/first-ever-blog-award.html

  17. dtwilight...That's really cool that your mom has a blog as well and inspired you! Also, I agree that walking out of the house with half blush would look very strange. Why would you like to visit Greece and Italy? (Two great choices!)

    Matt...Certainly, I'll be by soon.

    Proudmom...I'm heading over right after I finish comments.

    Natalie...Awesome! I'll ceck it out soon!

  18. Congrats pretty lady!! That is very cool, and you sure deserve this award. I cannot believe your mom makes her own makeup, I need to find more information on that! :)


  19. Kate...Thank you very much! Yeah, she's pretty talented. Really, getting the materials is the hardest part. It's really cool. It's kind of like cooking!

  20. Congratulations on your award! Sorry its taking me so long to get here but I've been having computer issues this week!

    Thank you so much for thinking of me, I'm not sure I deserve this, but with love, I accept!

    Conrats to you again! :)

    Um, I'd also like to know more about your mom's makeup line...

  21. Sofia...Thank you. No, it's not a problem. I hate it when my computer goes on the fritz. I am on it so much so without it I feel strange.

    Yeah, I'm thinking about doing a little article on my mom and all her little projects and mad scientist skills. I'll make sure to add lots about the makeup. It's good stuff, like really good!

  22. PS. You deserve it! I think you've been great and I do enjoy your blog!


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