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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poll #3 Results: Do you believe paper books will become obsolete?

Another day and another poll down! Let me start by saying that this has been our most popular posts with the most votes a WYE? poll has EVER had. Thank you so much for that. Your contributions really help make this blog worthwhile (sniff-sniff).

Well, shall we move on to discussing the results?

Let’s start with the option that received the least amount of votes for once. “I don’t know,” one of the worst responses in all of history received ZERO votes. So, good for all of you. You have real OPINIONS and I appreciate that you are willing to share them.

Next, 5% of you believe that paper books will become obsolete in the next 50+ years, a probable assumption, especially with the recent success of ebooks and ereaders, and the production companies’ love for electronic publishing, which not only saves everyone money, removes the hassle of estimating how many copies to print then pulping the ones that don’t sell, but it also saves TREES!

11% of you are bold and believe that not only will paper books become obsolete, but they will become so in the next 10 years! (SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!) What will take their place then? ebooks and ereaders? or do you believe something different, possibly better is coming?

A good fourth of you (26%) are adamant that paper books aren’t going anywhere, that they are classics and people will always demand the real thing over an electronic version. With all my heart, I hope you are right!

Finally, the majority of us (including myself) are hopeless romantics who believe most indefinitely in heroics and man’s ability to overcome any obstacle. We believe that paper books will never become obsolete because we will save them! We will shield them from the tech junkies, the pyros, and the illiterates! Good to know that I will not only have an army to destroy 3D movies, but one to help save paper books if it ever comes to it too!

Well, that’s it for that poll. Now, onto the next poll, “Why do you blog?” You can find it and VOTE on it in the usual place, but for those of you who are new, scroll all the way to the bottom of this blog. You can’t miss it!

Until next time my lovely voters!


  1. Oh how sad the day I can't flip through the pages of my favorite book!

  2. Michelle...I completely agree. What will become of the world when we can no longer hold anything real in our hands?

  3. Why shield from illiterates? Seems counter-productive. :P

  4. Matt...Sorry, I didn't mean illiterates as in the actual definaition of people who can't read, but the slang for someone who has the means, but does not accept it. I should have made that clearer.

    PS to EVERYONE...Don't forget to VOTE on the new poll! I don't have any votes yet and it's depressing!!!

  5. Interesting, I'd never heard that slang.

    And that poll has so many viable choices!

  6. Matt...You know when someone calls someone else and "illiterate b**tard" and it's not because they actaully can't read, but because they are being hateful or ignorant? That's what I was going for.

    Also, I made it so that you guys can choose more than one answer on the poll because I knew it may be hard to choose just one.

  7. I voted in the new poll:) I love actual books to much and I would miss them if we didn't have them anymore. I'm also super surprised at how much I enjoy my Kindle...I didn't expect that!

  8. Poekitten...thanks for voting! and I know how you feel. I would miss them too, but I am sure that if I had a kindle or any other kind of ereader, I would enjoy it too.

  9. Honestly, I haven't really that phrase so much as "ignorant b-tard."

    I am going to choose more options now!

  10. Matt...Yes, I have heard that too. if you google both you'll find a ton of stuff. It's actually kind of funny.

    Yep, choose as many options as apply.

  11. I am not an avid reader but i would be so saddened if there were no more paper books... though, no farenheit 451(i think thats the title) for us!

    saw daniel tosh do a thing where he burnt 1200 books... he lit a kindle on fire... jeez...

  12. That's quirky, it's even on Urban Dictionary. Also, I finally updated my blog! yay

  13. Funny that the results are as is...Seeing as my oldest is at this very moment reading a GENUINE (as in paper-filled) book.

    I refuse flat out to get one of those "Nooks" for myself or my daughter, who is a very advanced, avid reader. And she is only 11!!

    I am all for technology and "saving the trees/environment", but SOME things (books included) should NOT be thrown aside to make room for "technological advances".

  14. Eschelle...that book ended in an uplifting kind of way at least. Although, I don't wish to memorize an entire book. lol.

    And really? He did that? I don't believe in burning any book. It doesn't matter what it is about. That's someone else's words and no one should disregard them in such a way. If you're angry, at least have the decency to rip it up yourself, not leave it victim to fire.

    Matt...Yeah, I went to double check the definition when you mentioned it, just to make sure I wasn't forgetting something. Also, I just checked out your new post.

    Proudmom...I think it's important to give children, especially young ones, a real book. There is something about them being able to track their progress and become inpressed with themselves when they finish a bigger book. You can't do that with an ereader. There is less of a sense of accomplishment (which is so important for kids!!!) So, good for you! Also, it's awesome that your child reads so much at 11! That's just too cool! Think of all the adventures she is having.

    Sarah...That's the spirit!

  15. Interesting results. Thanks for a great post.

  16. I was just told that the name of a character from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn will be changed from "N*****" to "Slave." How do you feel about this?

  17. Matt...i feel like that is still a delicate subject today and that "slave" is much more appropriate for today's society. In the 1800s they threw the N-word around without a second thought. Nowadays, we don't (hopefully). However, there is something to be said about maintaining the integrity of the book.

    I feel that if the book was being turned into a movie, it would be a good change. However, if they are just reprinting the book, I would want it to be the same, just as it was published before.

    However, Huckleberry Finn is read by young children who may not understand the delicacies of the N-word so it may be better for it not to be there. Then again, I am an advocate for families reading together and parents understanding what their children are reading so that they may explain things to their child. Something like this is a perfect example of why a parent needs to discuss the books their children are reading with thier children.

    So, as you can see, there's a lot to be said. lol.

  18. Evidently this book has never been taught in schools because of that very topic. But there's also the issue of whether "slave" is truly synonymous with the N-word.

  19. Matt...I remember being taught Tom Sawyer and then just chatting about Huckleberry Finn a bit, but we only read Tom Sawyer. No, I would say that "slave" is NOT synonymous with the N-word. The N-word carries a very heavy, disrespectful, and degrading connotation with it and will never mean the same thing as the rather simplistic meaning of a slave. Slave feels timid, like a teddy bear, in comparison. However, I feel, that it isn't something we need to kide from our children, but help them to understand, teach them the history.

  20. An argument I've been presented with is that since the N-word refers to all black people, replacing it with "slave" would refer to all black people as slaves.

  21. Matt...That is an excellent point that I did not think of. It could be cementing the misconception that only black people were slaves when that is soooooo far from the truth!

  22. I suppose that's also true, but modern black people are certainly not slaves, either.

  23. Matt...Some are, just not in America. There is still a lot of slavery going on over in Africa. However, again, it's not just black people.


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