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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What DOESN'T my iphone DO!??!

Don't get me wrong! I am NOT a Mac person. NEVER was the biggest fan. I just don't lik ehow I can't disect their products to make repairs myself, upgrade, mess around with. I don't like how I have to go to them for everything and pay for their extra packages so I can be treated like GOLD instead of DIRT! I don't like how I pay a guaranteed $50+ just because an Apple is stamped somewhere on the product, etc!
However, my freakin' iphone does EVERYTHING! and I kind of like it. :)
Recently, I got a few Christmas presents for my iphone. (Really for me, but it felt more like I was getting it for my iphone.) What are these gifts, you ask? (What? You didn't ask? TOO BAD!)

1. A cube thingy that that plugs into my headphone jack and swipes credit cards!!!! HECK YEAH! The charges are incredibly reasonable! No monthly payments, simply a percentage taken off the top of every swipe. I think 2.75 or something like that. That's less than what Etsy takes. So, now I can accept credit cards when selling my jewelry and can send a reciept wirelessly to the customer's email address.
2. Camera lenses that magnetically attatch to my phone's camera!!! NO WAY! This was too cool when I saw it. Of course, it would have taken a small fortune to buy just one in the Apple Store (The most disgusting place on Earth! I'll explain later.) However, it cost much less to get 3 lenses with 4 different purposes, plus a tripod and small jawstring carrying case, when I purchased them on Amazon. This has been great for the photography I have to do of my jewelry, but now I want to try some landscape photography as well. Did you know any camera with at least 6 megapixels will blow up to poster size!!! WHO KNEW?!

3. I haven't bought this one yet, but I'm going to. It's a skin that makes your phone look like an original Nintendo controller! SWEET! You know the ones that you could check across the room and not worry about the batteries falling out or the analog stick breaking (because there were none!) 4 buttons and a directional pad is all you need!

Anyway, totally awesome and so worth it!

Now, why the Apple store is the most disgusting place on Earth!!! My mom and I had to go to the only Apple store within 100 miles in order to change the battery out on my dad's phone before the warranty was up. We made an appointment so that someone would be ready to take care of us. When we got there, to this small hole in the wall, I was disgusted with the amount of people packed into this white and cream room stuffed with tables and counters, all displaying tons of electronics, each with therir own ipad, displaying the different features of said product. There was one whole table with 10 or more of the new iphone 4S. Each with and ipad as well as headphones that you could put on so that when you asked Siri a question, like, "Siri, do you like me? Siri, do you want to come home with me? Siri, why am I so desperate?" you could hear her reply over the muck of voices in that place. There were dozens of workers in red shirts, also adorned with ipads that they were tapping away on. None of the workers actually talked to eachother.

Anyway, soon after the guy at the door checked us in with his ipad, another ipad clad young man stopped by to confirm our appointment and take comments about why we were there. We told him what we said before, that we just needed the battery replaced. He skipped off to get the technician. In the meantime, I noted to Mom how nuts it was that all these people were here playing with the toys left out on the tables. I suggested to my mom, "Let's just stand here and look bored and maybe they will want to get us out of here sooner."

Eventually, the technician arrived, this time with a Mac Notebook. He plugged my Dad's phone into his computer and the computer was able to tell us everything the phone had done, every dropped call, every crashed app, etc. Found out it did need a new battery. Mom politely asked, "Are you a genius?" In which he humorously replied that he needed a few more months training in order to beome a genius. Ha!

Anyway, we got out of there with a new phone to replace Dad's old one because it would have been too complicated to remove the other's battery etc, etc. That's where the getting treated like gold pays in. We also walked out with one of the cube card readers, in which I gasped, "Dangit! They got us! That's why they make you wait so long! They know you'll be forced to buy SOMETHING!" Granted, we get our $10 back in a rebate. :)

So, like I mentioned, as we left the store, I whispered, "That store is the most disgusting place on Earth," as every passerbys' eyes were drawn to the snowy white decor, including small impressionable young children that need nothing more than an iphone to play with...NOT!

What are your thoughts?
In love with, disgusted by, or some combination of both when it comes to Mac?


  1. Howdy do. Been following you for awhile now and this is my first plunge into your comments section. I'm so nervous. :-p

    Now, to your entry. I find that because of the absolutely outrageous pricing plans on most cell phones,and me finding the cheapest cell phone plan on the market that lets me do everything I need to do without having to give up a major organ, I'm pretty sure that I'll never own an IPhone.

    And, like you, I will probably never own a MAC. I find Apple's trade practices repugnant. Alternatives are always better, and it's always bothered me that Apple's products have had such a grip on the market. Mind you, the products are good, but I don't appreciate the strangehold that the company has on everything from music players to computers. And yes, I am a party pooper. /rant

    But if you're happy with your purchases, I'm happy for you! :-) <---- see?

  2. I've never been an Apple person. To me, Apple is a brand name/designer label-type product. And if you have an Apple product, that means you're following the crowd. And I've always been against following the crowd. (what's interesting is that even without "being popular in high school" at stake, doing/getting what everyone else is doing/getting still seems to be the norm). However, when we were up for new phones in October, my youngest brother (an iPod owner who keeps up with technology) told me to get an iPhone. Now, I refuse to get any other phone. My iPhone has replaced both my Zune MP3 player and Kodak EasyShare digital camera, both of which have been giving me problems in the past couple years. I don't really have a reason to hate it.

    Love the gadgets you got! I've heard of the card swiper attachment but I've never seen the camera lens attachments or the skin that covers the ENTIRE phone.

    Aw, I'm sorry you had problems at the store. The couple times that I've been in one, the staff was helpful and iPad-less. Then again, the Apple Store I was in is part of an outdoor mall and is big and open. What's interesting, though, is that there was almost no one in it when I went in on Monday, the day after Christmas. Huh.

    Enjoy your new toys :)

  3. I know I know I know ... iPhones are amazing ... my brain can't even begin to understand the technology - at least I can spell it (I think?)

  4. I hate Mac. It is not user-friendly unless you've been using it for decades.

    Also, I love the new layout! It fits so much better than the flora.

  5. B...Yeah! I love that you are joining in on the conversation!!! I completely get what you are saying with the outrageous charges and the stronghold Mac has. Yuck! Thanks for chiming in.

    Sarah...I am 100% with you on being so against Mac and then loving the iphone! I too had a zune which i loved, but it all but forgotten pretty much.

    Shauna...You spelled it perfectly. :)

    Matt...When I was going for my graphic design major I knew a Mac like the back of my hand. I knew the command keys and could run the whole computer with only the keyboard. (Doesn't mean I liked it, with it's constant crashing and spinning wheel of death that could mean you restarting about half of your project.) But I spent one year away from a Mac and was clueless all over again.

  6. Totally wading into this conversation to get my butt beat, but I love my Mac (computer, not iPhone--I haven't jumped on the iPhone bandwagon yet). I got my Macbook my senior year in college (a whopping six and half years ago) and the only thing that I've ever had to do was change the battery when it died completely last year. The three PC laptops I've ever had failed utterly and horribly within their first two years of life (and when I say "failed," I mean utter melt-down, like when the computer tech assign to you starts laughing because the damage is so absurd. Mind you that none of these failures were caused by water, dropping, etc. They simply crashed one day and never woke back up). While Mac computers may cost more in the short term, they really do hold up in a way that my PCs didn't...so, in the long term, I've saved money ($800 for a refurbished Mac rather than buying a new $300 laptop every two years like I did in high school/ college). The Macbook has seen me through my senior year of college, law school, grad school and post-grad jobs. :)

    Just my two cents. Either way, I'm happy that you're happy with your new phone!

  7. Natalie...Not going to beat your butt. It's always good to hear the other side. I've heard similar stores before.


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