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Friday, November 5, 2010

How to Write a Nicholas Sparks Movie

As soon as I found this I had to share it with all of you. I think anyone who has ever read a Nicholas Sparks book or seen a movie adaptation of one of his books can appreciate this in the best of light.

Honestly, the thing that struck me most about Nicholas Sparks’ books and movies was the inevitable tragedy that always appears late in the show, drenching its readers and audience in tears. But for some reason, I overlooked the most obvious likenesses of all the book/movie posters. My jaw dropped before I was rolling with laughter.

Whoever put this together was obviously a fan. (As I’ll mention later in the blog: the best spoofs are always created by fanatics.) This was just brilliant in my eyes.

What was your first reaction after viewing this breakdown of Nicholas Sparks’ work?

PS. Not all my blog entries will have to do with Nicholas Sparks. I just finished one of his books and then all this stuff on him is popping up. Anyway, be looking for other stuff as well. :)


  1. Hey, whatever works. I bawled at The Notebook.

    What'd you think of The Time Traveler's Wife? Or have you not read or seen either?

  2. I have not read it, but I have seen the movie. I cried, but I was disturbed at the same time (and very little disturbs be honestly). I didn't like the whole idea of "cheating" on your lover with your lover's younger self, or constantly losing your lover on the days like your wedding, when you're having a fight, or having a baby. It felt more miserable than anything else.

    Don't get me wrong! I'm all for the paranormal romances, but usually they add something that seems worth the hardship. I didn't see that in the movie at least. Like I said, I can't speak for the book because it's not my cup of tea as far as I know. :)

    I do feel the producers of the movie had to have been channeling Nicholas Sparks though because, besides the paranormal stuff, it reads just like this diagram if you think about it.

  3. I was actually quite disappointed with things. Although I did like the irony of the ending. I had a hard time connecting with the characters because so much was going on and as a result, my reaction to the ultimate tragedy suffered.

    But I basically saw it as a movie adaptation of a cancelled show called "Journeyman." It wasn't, but the elements are very similar.

  4. I remember when Journeyman came out. I was going to watch it and then all the sudden it was gone.

  5. You can blame the Writer's Strike. It didn't get the ratings it might have otherwise. It also had an inconvenient time slot (11pm).

    "Chuck" came on just before it and I am so disgruntled that it is still going.

  6. That dang writer's strike. I mean, I understand why they did that, but it ruin "Heroes" as well.

    I also don't like "Chuck." Not because I've actually watched it and found it to be uninteresting, but because other shows, such as the reinterpretation of "10 Things I Hate About You" on ABC Family, were really hurting for viewers and ended up cancelled because people couldn't tear their eyes off of "Chuck" and find something more interesting. (But, like I said, I've never seen it.)

  7. Chuck sucks, flat out. It is very stale and not very amusing.

    "Heroes" was the only show I watched religiously. After a point, it became an obligation to see what became of the characters. I'm disappointed at its cancellation, but I had predicted it would only last 5 seasons. Thankfully, there are plans for some kind of follow-up to give the series a final tie-up of loose ends and a proper send-off.

  8. Never saw "Chuck". I am hard-core "Bones" and "House" and will so very badly miss "Rescue Me" after this summer. sigh.

    "The Notebook" irritated me and I have no idea why. None. Just a personality flaw I guess. I didn't cry. I was just irritate. "Time Traveler's Wife" - UGH! What can I say?! I think that I had no business watching it because it has to do with time travel. I did like it. But it made me uncomfortable. Aubrie - maybe it was the aspect of him being with the younger version of his lover. I am not sure. I watched it twice, but felt the same way each time. Very weird movie. Did you see "Premonition"? Also good - kind of a head-scratcher. Had to watch that three times.

  9. Matt, that's good to hear. I'd like to see everything wrapped up nicely with all the characters.

    Daisy, I really like "Bones," mostly because I love Booth. How many times have I mentioned how much I enjoy all things in Joss Whedon's world on this blog? The fact that he played Angel on "Buffy" and "Angel" for 8 years will make me love him forever! Lol.

    Also, uncomfortable is the right word to use for how I felt watching "Time Traveller's Wife."

    I have seen "Premonition" and I liked it because of the way it really made your mind work. The ending was satisfying.


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