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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day Two of Art Week: Photography

Today is day two of my little art week and the method I am featuring is Photography!

I've always enjoyed taking pictures, but the one thing I like taking pictures of the most is the beach. Where I live, you have to travel twenty minutes east or south to get to water, but you only have to drive a mile or two north or west to reach water. So, there's lots of shoreline all around me.

This photo was taken about three winters ago. It is a picture of the ice caves that form every year between December and February. Each year they look different. This day my friends and I were lucky to find a sunny day in which we could go out and explore.

This is a picture of the same beach. Except this picture was taken in late summer and it's a view of the northern coastline instead of the southern coastline. My friends and I went to the beach to watch a storm roll in, but we didn't stay for long because the wind was whipping the sand everywhere. We all had to go home to get the sand out of our hair.

I couldn't find many of my photos. They're all in photographic form instead of digital. So, I found a picture of my bunny! This is Sir Orin Phil Jefferson Gazebo the First (My best friends named him) but I just call him Orin or Ori. He's a Blue Otter miniature lop. He's extremely curious and has a temper to boot.

Here's another picture of Ori. I really couldn't get him to stay still. He doesn't like it when you just stand there without petting him and he would not stop nudging the camera.


  1. D'awww, lagomorphs are just adorable. I am so jealous of your locale. The closest I got to something like that was my trip to Hawaii. I also like to take landscape photos, when the opportunity arises. In fact, my friend and I spent my last day on O'ahu waiting for the sun to set over the ocean so I could get the perfect photo. This was the result:


  2. Thank you. I think the lagomorphs (rabbits) are pretty dang adorable as well. They're basically one of the only pets I've ever cared to own. I love them.

    I think I've seen those Hawaii pictures before. They're very pretty. Too bad the clouds were sitting right on the horizon for that sunset picture though. It's always cool when you can capture the sun dipping below the water line.

  3. I suppose that's true, but the cloudscape makes it just as marvelous, imo.

  4. Love these! The scenes are incredible, I have to drive an hour and a half to get to that kinda scenery! I'm jealous!

    and OMG OMG OMG the bunny rabbit!

    He's A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

    Kitty just got a miniature ummm, Oliver? something dwarf lop. She named him Arpeggio, but we all call him bunny butt!

  5. The ice caves are cool! I would have cropped out the shadow in the bottom left, as it draws my eye so strongly that it's hard for me to focus on the much more interesting parts.

    Beach photo is awesome. Composition is really good, the textures and colors are varied and and engaging. There's a lot fun action going on here with the wind so evident in the great blurs throughout. It feels like the photo is alive. I'd crop out a bit of the left, and a bit of the bottom so that the sand runs up to the edge there.The rocks are distracting when they don't end in-frame and also the Sun shining on the wet sand on the left detracts from the great, dramatically brooding gloom of the rest of the photo.

  6. Thank you for the advice. One of the photographers I met said that he considers composition every time before he snaps a photo. He's a purest and does not crop. However, I do not think like this. I look at old photos and can't believe that I cut something off, added way too much sky, or allowed a shadow or a hand to appear in my landscapes. Therefore, croping is my thing. lol.


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