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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day Three of Art Week: Doodles

Today's method is Doodles!

I mostly doodle when I'm in class and it's a lecture day. Believe it or not, doodling really helps me concentrate and I don't get bored. :) However, these doodles were not done during a lecture. There was more of a point to them. Plus, I don't have any of the doodles I did during lectures in digital form.

This doodle is what you would call Gestures. This was always one of our warm ups for my art classes. Basically, one of the students would stand in the middle of the class, strike a pose, and hold it for anywhere from thirty seconds to four minutes. All of these were held for only two minutes. In that time we had to get the basic outline and then add as much detail as possible. it sounds simple, but the time goes by so fast.
Other similar exercises involved never taking your pencil off the piece of paper, looking at an object for only a brief moment and then drawing it without looking at it again, or trying to draw something blindly without looking at your paper.

These two girls are from a phase I went through where I wanted to be a fashion designer. So, I was looking at fashion designer sketches and they all looked so effortless and beautiful. I wanted to be able to draw like that as well. Suffice to say, although I feel that these girls turned out pretty, they don't look effortless, or loose, but I have never been loose with my drawing. I like control. That's probably why I draw mostly with pencil and not oil paints. These girls were doodled with crayon. :)


  1. I used to find those exercises where you never took the pencil off the page or looked at the page very stressful... but also quite useful in developing and refining spacial reasoning. And sometimes the results would be surprisingly good, as the one in the middle right is. The tilt of the head is extremely expressive, the folds in the shirt, and everything is well proportioned, always the hardest part for me when drawing blind.

    Wax crayon? Really?

    The green dress is actually a really good design. Is the dark green part a full skirt, or is it a folded fabric facade in front of the light green parts... if it was the latter it seems like it would really give the impression of a slim waist and leg-line if the transition in the waist was properly designed and the rest of the skirt could be made to look like a train of sorts.

  2. Are you at all skilled in sewing and knitting?

  3. Patrick...Thanks. I like the middle right gesture as well. And on the dress, the dark green part is a full fitting skirt and the light green in the back is an attatched train.

    Matt...My sewing and knitting skills are very limited. I can only sew in straight lines. I've made purses, curtains, and pillows, but never clothing. And I have only knit scarves and hats before.

  4. You've knit hats? What sorts of hats? c:

    My mother made me a pillow by folding one in half and stitching a sheet of fabric over it. Now I can't use any other pillow.

  5. Just like a ski hat. Just enough to cover your ears in the winter. Sometimes I made a little flower or bow out of yarn as a little added detail. Just really basic stuff.

  6. Did you use yarn or some other fabric?

  7. I just remembered that I don't have any winter headwear. I brave it like a fool.

  8. I don't usually wear hats either, even in the winter. But I have long hair so it's not that big of a deal. My ears stay pretty warm.

  9. Now I'm jealous. My hair grows the wrong way. I've seen you wear scarves, at least.

  10. Yes, I love scarves and I have more of them now than ever and in so many different colors!!!


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