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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Naomi" Banners

So, Dawn Zhang was the second person to ask for banners, this time to promote her story "Naomi" which is now available to read on WEbook.com. Go check it out if you get the chance. Any of the banners below will connect you to the page.

Originally, Dawn had this very pretty and dark picture of a girl holding a rose (It's currently the main cover for her book) but the image was unfortunately too small and I wasn't able to turn in into a banner without the image pixilating. However, I told her not to worry because I could replicate the same feel wtih different pictures. All three banners have at least three to five pictures that I layered on top of eachother in order to get the full effect. Then, I inserted the text which is the name of the story, "Naomi," and a poem Dawn really wanted on it as well. Enjoy!


  1. Very lovely. I like the purple one.

    Btw, the word in this context should be "complement" not "compliment." The former being something that accentuates another, the latter being praise of someone.

  2. Thanks.

    I always want to fight that "complement" vs. "compliment" thing. I think and arguement can be made that one object may "compliment" another. It donesn't have to be in words, but a gesture of respect or praise.

  3. Perhaps that's true and may not necessarily be important in an informal setting such as this, but so long as you're aware of the difference and can make it in a formal document, then you're square.

  4. Thank you so so much Aubrie. I love them. They are so so beautiful and pretty! How can I ever thank you! You are so sweet and thank you for patiently putting up with all the confusion I put you through! <3 Thank you so much sweetie. These are beautiful!! Love them! :) <3

  5. Dawn...You're very welcome. I was happy to do them.

    Matt...Ecstatic was the nature of the day. :)

  6. I like it when people are excited. It makes the day happier. :)


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