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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Discussion Topic: Let's Start a Revolution! New Followers! Better Followers!

There's been a lot of talk going around about this and now I think it's time to do something about it!

Let me just say that I adore new followers (I think most bloggers do and we all secretly compete to have more followers than any of our friends…Don’t lie!) I also love followers who comment. However, there is one thing that I personally love more: followers that comment and express their thoughts in relation to the blog that I wrote that day!!!

Are you the best kind of follower? Are you tired of the "following you, follow me back" comment? Then, here's a special gift just for you. The "follow me if you dare" button designed by Your's Truely! Post it on your blog, declaring your independence from the not-so-good followers. (I know! I have been a button fool!)
<a href="http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/2011/01/discussion-topic-lets-start-revolution.html"><img border="0" src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5208/5328572429_86d18d5b32_m.jpg"width="200" height="200"></a>

Why spend the time, writing out your precious words, only to have them ignored? Why discuss the things you love, only to have no one reply? Why try to inspire people, when no one cares to listen? These questions just don’t make sense, because there is no reason “why?” Blogging is about sharing your words, passions, and inspirations, and having people discuss them with you. If this wasn’t true, and the above questions were legitimate, no one would blog (or at least they wouldn’t be blogging for very long).


Why follow someone if you’re not going to read what they are writing? Why comment if you’re not going to tell people something about you, discuss a topic, or add your ideas? Why become a follower that just says you are following (way to state the obvious), and then expect someone to put in more effort than you did? Once again, these questions don’t make sense. So, why do some people still comment “following you, follow back” without any other considerations? The comment is empty, emotionless, thoughtless.

At first, the comments didn’t bother me. At least people WERE commenting, correct? However, then I met some truly wonderful people that showed me what it meant to be a good follower. They returned on a regular basis, at least once a week. (Sometimes, almost every day. :)) They left comments of support, comments of interest, comments of love, and all the time, allowing me to learn more and more about them.

The more I was exposed to the “best kind” of follower, the more I was annoyed and frustrated by the “not-so-good kind” of follower.

So, if you are reading this Miss/Mister Not-So-Good-Follower, please rethink how you are presenting yourself. For all I know, you are a person full of thoughts, opinions, and love. Start proving it! (PS. I will remain patient, calm, and kind while you figure it out, but that doesn’t mean I’m not seething inside.)

Now, in honor of Miss/Mister Best Kind of Follower, here is a list of people who comment and mean it! In alphabetical order:

Rose Work’s Jewelry
Sarah the Writer
Sofia’s Ideas

And I know there are so many more! These are all very special people who make blogging so enjoyable. Thank you! And, if you are ever graced by their presence, thank your lucky stars that they have guided them to you!


  1. I'm flattered. I only have five followers, but my blog isn't anything special and I don't really try to get subscribers. I've commented once or twice on a few other blogs (actually adding to the convos), but I'm guilty of not being completely loyal and reading every post. There's just something about this particular blog that snags my attention every day. Even if my comments aren't always relevant, I make an effort to post a meaningful one.

  2. Hey - I totally get this - been out a lot today so sorry I've been less than supportive with regards your question on my blog and getting your buttons! The codes/method to use I'll have to send via email as comments boxes don't allow HTML code !?

    Shah. X

  3. AubrieAnne, I just knew you had this on your heart and mind. I think this post has been brewing for a while, and it was only a matter of time. :)

    I'm glad to be considered one of your relevant contributors. Thank you for the recognition, darling! :)

  4. Okay, I can't find your email address anywhere here so let me know it and I'll send your the easipeesi code! X

  5. I big time ♥ you!! I wonder who made you start this revolution, hmm? (=

    I think I shall grab the button and DARE some idiot to follow me and post that garbage...again.

  6. Hi AubrieAnne,

    Thank you for thinking of me as a good kind of follower. You know you're the best over at my place. And I think you encourage others to be better.

    Have a great day!


  7. I like genuine comments too. Because of the blog hops that I've participated in, I have made some good bloggy friends. You have to sort through all of the "follows" but you will eventually find some gems.

    I go through the posts of the blogs that I am following and only read and comment on real writing not reviews and giveaways. (That's how I found your post.)

    A little tip: Your blog is kinda hard to read. The dark photo background with the white text is hard on the eyes. :)




  8. Matt...See, but the fact is that, even though you weren't invested in following that blog for the rest of your life, you still left meaningful comments and probably made a part of that person's day. I feel some people are just like "well, I'm never returning, so why try?" You try because you're kind and you know how to present yourself.

    Shah...No problemo and thanks for being here today. It's kind of a moment. lol. Thanks for figuring that stuff out for me. I posted my email address on your blog, in the comments of today's post, along with a thoughtful comment on your post. I thought it was great! Very interesting topic.

    Sofia...YES, it has been a brewing! I just couldn't find a good way to let it out. I didn't want to stop and have to tell every single individual person with a "following you, follow me" message why I was a little ticked becuase like I mentioned, you never know who they really are. They could be great people. Finally, last night, I figured it out and this seemed like the best route. Thanks for your support. You really have been a wonderful contributer and I am going to make it my mission to start returning more.

    Proundmom...lol. You have certainly been an inspiration!!! It wasn't until i saw you fighting back that I realized I wasn't the only person getting annoyed. Your stance has made mine all the stronger and I adore you for that! Definately dare them to follow you now! I will be doing the exact same!

    Selena...Thank you, my dear. I feel like you have been here from the beginning and I love that about you!

    Janet...You are ever so WELCOME to this site. you're like a birght star! Yes, you are the second person to point that out so maybe it is getting time to think about a redesign. It's gonna be a pain in the butt, but I will look into it. And you can bet your lucky starts i'll be dropping by your blog today :)

  9. Sorry for the typos guys! My typing fails to keep up with my head and passions sometimes.

  10. I, too, struggle with the desire to accumulate followers--it's high school all over again (Look at me; I have more friends!)! But (as in high school) quantity isn't as good as quality. I would rather have 20 followers who are interested in what I have to say than 100 followers who ignore me...which is probably self-centered of me, but I'm okay with that. :)

    I often have to remind myself that I decided to blog for my own interests (I love to write, it's more convenient than a diary, etc.) and not to issue edicts down to my followers. Sometimes that helps when I realize I only have 20 followers when I'm looking at another blog with 1000+ followers.

    And I agree with Janet (above)--the white text on black background is KILLER on the eyes!

  11. Natalie...The first step is being able to admit that it is so. lol. Yeah, it is a lot like high schoool. And, I agree, I'd rather have a few dedicated followers than a ton of not-so-good followers.

    And so it is settled, I will be planning a redesign immediately. I don't want anyone's eyes in pain! Although, if I win Lindsay's redesign, I won't have to worry about it!

  12. Oh, you echo my thoughts about followers! I went on a rant before Christmas and thought it would lose me followers (didn't care if it did!) but it didn't...there are a lot of people who agree! Also, love the button:)

  13. I love this! You've really hit the nail on the head. It's like the facebook frenzy of accumulating friends. People have "friended" me (what a horrible word) that barely spoke to me when we were teenagers. I'm the other kind of follower that lurks in the background reading your carefully crafted words, you might see a comment occasionally but know I am reading and appreciating whether I comment or not. And I think I've been reading for a while without following you, another trait of the lurker-follower!

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  15. Thanks for including my name on the rolls of the faithful ;-)

    P.s. I like the black background with white text. That's the way I usually read stuff on my eReader. It leaves the words seared into my very eyeballs for eternity, which is cool.

  16. I'm referring to Olah Momma, not Patrick. We posted at the same time, heheh.

  17. Poekitten...Ha! I'll ahve to go back and read that rant. Since I am a fellow ranter, I'm pretty good at keeping up with other people. lol. Thanks for sharing!

    Matt...LOL! You saw that too? Wasn't hard to spot was it? I just should have figured. Irony always finds the perfect time to pop up.

    Olah Momma...That's very sweet of you, but I'm not a mommy. I also don't do giveaways, or add bussiness links, or crafts (unless you include poetry or art), and I don't cook. (A quick look at my blog could tell you that.) I do, however have some interesting musings. If you read today's post you'll see a bit of that. Thank you for the offer and for following, I do appreciate that.

    Patrick...No problem. It is well deserved. Also, glad to know there is one person who like my original design. I am going to play around with it a bit though. Especially if I don't win the blog design giveaway I entered. (The first giveaway I have ever entered!)

  18. Ooooops! Sorry, Maine Mommy, I'm jumping my own gun!

    MaineMommy...Thank you, and you have hit it on the nail as well. Facebook was a lot like that for me as well when I first joined. All these people from high school asked me to be friends and then we never even talked.

    lol. I do a bit of lurking every now and then. Sometimes I just don't know what to say at the time so I might come back later and just give myself the break. I really appreciate all your efforts though and your comments are always fabulous when I get them! Thanks!

  19. I wonder how many blogs incorporate bots to make comments for them?

  20. Matt...Hopefully not the majority or else we may be overrun.

  21. AubrieAnne: You sound like a damn writer! I might start following back even more. And yes, I will grab your button for my blog.

  22. JJ...Is it finally starting to show? Lol. I would love nothing more than to be considered a writer everyday. :) and I do hope to see you around here whenever you can! Also thanks for grabbing my button! I'll be around your blog as well!

  23. I hate those kinds of comments! I always feel pressured to follow them back even if I don't want to and then I briefly feel a little bad when I don't. Not exactly the feeling I want to have when reading a comment.

  24. @Sarah.. I can't feel bad. I know that sounds harsh. But when people come and write an obvious copy/paste "followed/follow me back!" comment, without saying a single word about the ACTUAL post it's self that they are "commenting" on, it makes it greatly difficult to feel bad about not doing as they are *demanding*.

    As for the redesign, AubrieAnne.. That would be great! I've kept mum, but it would help to at least maybe change the color scheme. I have a REALLY hard time seeing it as it is. I make do, but with having only one really good, "working" eye reading, it would help to maybe do the orange on black, maroon on light gray or any other way where the text color "stands out" in a readable way.

  25. Sarah...I felt that way at first too. Like they were doing me a favor by following. Then, I relized that those people don't generally come back, so I suddenly did not feel guilty at all.

    Proudmom...I'm definatley going for it. I just entered a blog design giveaway. The giveaway ends on the 12. So, if I win, YEAH! Things will be changed. If I don't, I'll shut down for a bit and do my best :)

  26. Oh wow! I love this post! I love your blog! Yes, I'm a new follower & hope to be a good one!!

  27. Just LOVE your "Follow me if you can" button! So creative. Beautiful blog as well. I completely agree with your post. There is nothing more discouraging than leaving someone a nice long comment about their topic and to have them come by with nothing more than "following back". I am with the revolt! By the way, I am following from Frugal Friday. I would like to invite you to come to my place in cyber world at www.adoctorandanurse.com whenever you like. See ya there, Jana

  28. Shell...I have an Aunt Shell so you jumped right out at me! Welcome and thank you. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of you. You already are a good follower just by taking the time to read and care! Do you have a blog of your own?

    Jana...Welcome to you too! I'm very happy you like my button and my blog. Yes, putting so much effort into something on to have others pass it over and use it merely as a conduit for their own purposes is hard. I am happy that you took the time to read and then join. I look forward to having you around and I accept your invitation. I will be by soon!

  29. hi i am your newest follower
    have a great friday!
    please follow back:)
    From Cristin To Mommy

  30. Does the last comment not kind of underscore or even undermine what THIS post is speaking of?

    To me, even asking for a follow back, while MAY have good intention, looks almost "forceful" if you will...I don't even see where the person even commented on the ACTUAL post about the topic.

    So this just shows an upfront EXAMPLE in regards to what NOT to do when wanting new followers to join your site.

  31. Wow, I'm a little nervous to comment now. Since Google won't allow me to follow any more blogs, I'm not following yours. However, I am adding your blog to my Google Reader and I will TRY to make valuable comments. Should I swear to do so on a Bible? Or will you just take my word for it??

    Glad to have found you via the Hop!

  32. Your complaint is a common one. I've always thought it was standard to actually *check out* the blogs when blog hopping.. not just mindless commenting!
    Ah, well.. I guess not everyone has read the Rules of Internet Etiquette.. lol. Congrats on your blog makeover, also!

    I'm stopping by from the WordsinSync hop.. I hope you'll stop by my blog (and check out some of the great posts from this week!)

  33. From Cristin to Mommy...Thank you for following, but I wish you would share your ideas on the topic.

    proudmom...I completely agree. Why follow if you won't even read the post, but expect me or anyone else to come and read yours? It may not be their intention to shove us off to the side, but that is how it appears. I'm very happy you share my same frustrations. Two is such a better number than one and obviously we are not entirely alone.

    Susan...lol. Please don't feel nervous. We're not that bad :) Just the fact that you even read the post and commented in regards to it speaks volumes! You are more than welcome and we love to hear all opinions. I'll be by to visit you as well.

    Living Hip Today...I thougt so to and have always blogged by that standard. I am happy to see that you do as well. Thank you so much for your contributions. I will be more than happy to come visit you at your blog soon :)

  34. Thank you so much for saying this! Sometimes I will write a heartfelt emotional post about having a really rough day health wise and feeling like a horrible mother and will get comments like, HI CUTE BLOG! FOLLOW ME BACK.

    I don't get it. Honestly, why waste your time on a cookie cutter comment that doesn't even show effort?

  35. What a brilliant post that is long overdue. Thank you so much for linking it to my blog hop. This is just the idea for it and another blog hop I started with two other great ladies here: http://noordinarybloghop.blogspot.com. We were tired to this exact thing while participating in blog hops and decided to start our own. Please link this post up there to. It is too good to not have it plastered everywhere on the blogosphere. Have a wonderful day.

  36. Tahnie...Oh! I know! and not only is that being inconsiderate to you as a writer, but to you as a person to. You can't improve someone's mood by ignoring how they are feeling in the forst place! Thank you so much for your contributions!

    Lynda...Thank you! Oh cool! I was just at that other blog hop and saw that you were hosting so I will stop by again and add this! I hope you have a wonderful day as well :)

  37. Oh Aubrie Anne, I was so excited to see that you had joined the "A Day In Our Life Blog Hop" because it's not just another blog hop...there's a meaning to it!!!!

    And then I get to your meaningful post...and I luv it. You know I used to care so much about how many followers I had, but that was in the beginning, you know like the first few months, when all I wanted to do was the giveaways and stuff like that.

    Now, I hardly ever catch myself looking at how many followers I have. I read ALL my comments and I always follow back when someone asks or if someone leaves a special comment, one that touches me!!

    You can't be more right with this post, girl. I even think that I used to fall into that "follow you, follow me" category, but lately I've become a different kind of blogger. I've been blogging about things that mean something to me, things that are close to my heart!! So when I go to a new blog, I make sure to at least read their first post in full, because I know those things are what matters to them, this is a way for me to get to know them, so to speak.

    Even though, I still tell them that I hope they will follow me back, I always try and say something specific about that post, so that they know I read it!!

    What a wonderful post!! I wish everyone could read it!! I'm going to send many here!!


  38. Hi Aubrie Anne,
    Love this post because it is how I feel about followers too! I admit I am guilty of the follow you, follow me syndrome, but not so much anymore because it is so nice to get to know other followers by really reading their blog posts that they worked so hard on. I have always tried to comment back on every one of my comments on my blog as a way to say "thank you" for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
    Thanks for linking up to our No Ordinary Blog Hop! It's been great to "meet" you and hope to be back soon! :)
    Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"

  39. Oh yes, one more thing...It does bother me to work hours and hours on posts (sometimes it takes me that long to write a meaningful post) and then have a commenter not make any reference to what I posted! I do try to make a specific comment about each post I read because as you mentioned, that is what blogging is all about :)

  40. Pain sux...Thank you and I am right there with you. I have adopted the same policy of reading and replying to ALL my comments and visiting anyone who is new. It's just been great getting to know all of you!!! I feel like I have made some really true friends and all it took was taking the time to read about them and reply. I ask questions, answer them and add to their thoughts. It's awesome! I'm happy that you have found that too!

    Tracy...Welcome and I am glad to hear that you have also found some wonderful people and that you take pride in your comments and conversations and the posts that you write. You are right that sometimes it takes hours of work, but it doesn't feel like work when it is appreciated. Wouldn't you agree? It's fun. It was very nice meeting you!

  41. HI again AubrieAnne,
    Just wanted to let you know that I put your "Let's Start a Revolution" blog hop button on my most recent post and added it to my left sidebar.
    Here is the post if you want to check it out:

  42. Tracy...That's amazing!! Thank you so much! Getting the word out there is honestly 90% of the battle I feel. I really REALLY appreciate this!

  43. Hi what a great post:) I couldn't agree more with your message and will add your button to my blog:) When I first started I was very into follow me follow you but I have decided to curb it this year and just try to nuture the few good friends I have made on the web and thru the blog. Have a great day and I will be back and hopefully say something meaningful:)

  44. I agree, I get a lot of comments about "found you on so-and-so, but did you read my actual post you are commenting on?????

    So yes, thank you for saying it!

  45. The Adventurer...Thank you for your great comments and fro adding my button! I think the success of this revolution rests mostly in being heard! I am also very happy that you have found the value in a good few friends here. It really is so much more enjoyable!

    Michele...I know!!! I would feel just the slightest bit better if they just said SOMETHING about the post! ACKNOWLEDGE ITS PRESCENSE!!! OR just tell me something interesting about themselves. I LOVE hearing about people and their little idiosyncrasies, you know?

  46. Happy Tuesday! I Stumbled you:) Stop on by sometime.... www.midgetmomma.com

  47. MidgetMomma...Thanks for stumbing by, but what did you think?

  48. I stumbled by here and am so glad I did. You have absolutely spoken the truth that so many people couldn't write so eloquently. I love your topic and am in complete agreement with it all. Everyone should read this! You have inspired me to be a better follower/commenter. Thank you for this amazing insight!
    XO ~ Amy Jo
    amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

  49. I love comments, even if they just say 'hello'; it means that people are visiting. If I want lots of followers? Sure I do. My blog AVALON CAT CARTOONS is only one month old and I'm dreaming about more than one thousand followers before next year, hopefully people that are actually interested in my cartoons and not just because I follow everyone back :-)

  50. I used to get only on-topic comments regarding my books, but now that I've started participating in a few blog hops, most of the comments I get are about a possible follow-me-back :-)

  51. Hi, I am Stumbiling on you from www.madamedeals.com

  52. Hi, Aubrie! Stopping by from Stumble Tumble Tuesday....I stumbled this post, and wanted to let you know that I TOTALLY get you. I write long, in-depth blog posts that really are meant to inform or entertain, etc. Some of them (OK, most, boo) get zero comments. I mean, what the hey. Soooo, yes I get you. I support you!

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  53. AmyJRockstar...Thank you, Amy! I am happy to have written it and am happy to hear that you enjoyed it and found it to be truthful, but also encouraging. :)

    Peruvian Delicacy...Yes, it is great to have people comment and sometimes it feels great to have lots (even thousands) of followers. Sadly though, having a thousand followers does not always mean that you have a thousand people who are interested in your blog or cartoons. That's the point. Some people stop by merely to ask you to follow THEM. They copied and pasted the request, taking no time to even glance at your blog or take interest in you. You could have the best cartoons in the world and they may never know or care to check back. Hopefully, that is not the case for you. I wish you all the success in the world. Just take care in how you follow and comment, because YOU are the only follower you can control or personally present.

    Vanessa Morgan...Agreed, and it is the on topic or post specific that are usually the best because they promote further discussion and and allow others to understand your point of view, getting to know you better.

    I would agree that when I joined the blog hops was when I got the most "following you/follow back" comments, but I also found some really amazing people at the same time. So, we can deal with the bad to find the good, but it doesn't mean we have to promote it.

    Amee...Thanks for stumbling by. What did you think? I'd like to hear more from you.

  54. Keenly Kristin...That's heartbreaking. It really is. I get so excited in the morning because I know I get to look at my blog and read comments, and on the days that there aren't any comments my heart just drops! Some people write for themselves, but a blog is not like that. It is meant to be shared and read and commented on!

  55. AubrieAnne, this is a post worth the reading – and commenting on. As a writer, I spend a great deal of time on each post. Therefore I appreciate thoughtful responses to the post itself, not another “Following from the blog hop. Hope you’ll return the love.” This just reveals the character of the person who commented, some of which I know didn’t even read the post.
    The time you spent writing this merits a comment worthy of your labor. Thank you for so eloquently expressing what I’ve felt for a while now. I, too, cringe over some of the comments on my blog. Yes, I appreciate followers – we all do – but thoughtful comments are icing on the cake.

  56. Debra...Thank you so very much for your beautiful and caring comment. I so appreciate it and I love hearing about people who care about their blogs and writing! Indeed, those genuine comments are the icing on the cake, the things that keep us going, boost our confidence just enough. We are right on the same page. :)

  57. I'll be honest, I don't mind if someone leaves there link for me to visit there blog and I'll follow back no doubt. Just don't say "Follow me back" and especially when they didn't take the time to read the long and nice post you wrote.

    When I visit a blog, I read their posts and sometimes if I don't understand the topic I'd wish them goodwill with it or just say that I've been reading a while (and I do read a few posts before following).

    It's nice that you also post this for people to see. I always saw the button but didn't have time to check it out. Now I'm glad I have that time now :)

  58. I'm torn on the idea of blog hops and link ups. While it's great to generate new traffic and potential subscribers, a lot of times it seems to turn into a one time "hey I'm following you, follow me back" kind of deal.

    Honestly, I will only follow a blog if I truly enjoy reading it. I'll delete someone from my Google reader if their spelling and/or grammar is terrible. I also strongly dislike when people truncate their blogs in readers, forcing you to their site.

    It's about the quality of your readers, not the quantity.

    I average less than one comment per post on my blog, but I'd much rather these insightful comments, than a series of "great post!"'s

  59. Kelly-Ann...That's how I feel. Links are very welcomed. In fact, links make it easier for me to find someone's site. I just don't like when the message "following you, follow me" is left without any indication that the person even cares that they stopped by and followed. It feels like a drive by, but a blog by.

    loveleyrambles...Yes, I too have struggled with the blog hop thing, but gave in when I met some truely wonderful bloggers. Finding one fabulous person is worth sifting through some of the not-so-good followers.

  60. Hello, AubrieAnne. I found this post while wandering over to check out the Bookmark Break Challenge. (Still not sure... *g*)

    At any rate, I've just started a book blog (hasn't even been a week!), and I'm noticing this strangeness already. I come from a blogging background where "friending" is common, and people take it very seriously, in a competitive manner. I had no idea that things were like this in the book blogging world. It might be even worse than where I'm from. I just wanted to keep track of my reading and find new books to enjoy. Possibly make a new friend or two along the way. We shall see...

    While I won't be taking a button, I am backing the sentiment. Great post.

    ~ Silsbee

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  64. Silsbee...I felt the same way when I first got into book blogs. I really just thought that people who were interested would follow and I would only have about a dozen followers or so, but come to find that a lot of people blog for money and want more people to come to their blogs to click on their ads. I imagine that it could be great money. I have a few on my blog here, hoping that it may provide some great links for books, but it is not the reason to blog.

    gohost, web hosting india, and website domain name...Thank you. I am happy that you found it informative and inspirational. That's what I was going for ;)

  65. We are kindred spirits, I think. Love your perspective and I look forward to being a "real" follower.

  66. I think this is probably a very belated thank you, but thank you just the same. I think this is part of the reason I started getting overwhelmed before and bolted. :( I tried to be nice and follow people and ended up with a ton of feeds that I had NO interest in whatsoever. Then I felt bad that I didn't read and comment on some of the posts.

    I, like you don't have any interest in giveaways, or shopping blogs, or usually even food blogs. Funny since I'll actually READ almost anything in book form.

    I dunno, it's frustrating at times, but alas, one of my new goals for blogging again. No expectations. I might read and comment, I might read and not, but if I DO comment, it's going to be relevant, not just a word or two to get someone to jump to my blogs. I agree completely, it's insanely frustrating! Have always enjoyed popping in here though, you're always a good read! <3

  67. Donna...No problem Belated thank yous are just as good as any other thank you. :) And you are of coourse very welcome!

    It's all about just leaving valuable comments, not necessarily ALWAYS commenting, just when you do, you make it worth it. :):):):):)

  68. You rock! I don't care about followers if they aren't going to read the blog. But I love having readers, and getting to know them a bit. I removed all the "follow" gadgets because of that. They just invite to "follow you-follow me". If people care about reading my blog they will do so by bookmarking it or subscribing to the RSS feed.
    Someone said she hated when people truncate their posts in the feed... well don't we all want people to visit our site? Why put effort in designing a nice site if people don't visit, if they just read the feed in a reader?

  69. You make some great points!
    I am new to blogging myself. I started a few years ago, but didn't really understand the whole blog thing...then recently after beginning homeschooling I was looking for a creative outlet: aka a blog ;)
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