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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Books for Walls Project!

 Hey, everyone! I thought I would pop on by and write you a quite blurb on this blog I stumbled across (or perhaps stumbled across me.) While I was working at the restaurant, I met a wonderful woman and her two daughters. They wanted to interview me about my home being THE most beautiful place in America. These ladies were so kind and we really hit it off without any trouble. I also found out that they have a passion for reading and books (just like me) and that they are running their own website (in kind of a blog format.) I want you all to go and check them out!!! They have some really great stuff going on and some very interesting discussions that you all might find interesting! Here's the link...just click below.

Books for Walls Project!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Catch Up!

Hey there fellow bloggers and bloggettes!  What's been going on with all of you? I'll give you the quick lowdown on me! I know I've been gone quite a bit.

The beginning of the year was a bit rough. Christmas was long and I got the flu. My family experienced some personal tragedy,. but things are better now, everyone is doing really well. I graduated from college (TWICE!!!) So, I now have my Bachelor's degree in English/Creative writing with two minors in art and history. I also picked up an Associate's in general studies (who knew?) when I was finishing up some final classes at my community college. I started looking for a new job, didn't find one, went back to my old waitressing job, got bored and stressed at the same time (not a good combo). And now, I am volunteering at my local chamber of commerce (they let me write and edit anything and everything! (Yipee!)) and I just got an internship with TAHRA, a local human resource association (they too allow me to edit and write whatever I want! (Double Yipee!))

I've been reading a lot! I started Maria V. Snyder's (one of my favorite authors) second trilogy! The books are "Storm Glass," "Sea Glass," and "Spy Glass." I am loving them and recommend them to everyone. (However, you should read the first trilogy "Poison Study," "Magic Study," and "Fire Study" first. I also read her first young adult book, "Inside Out," and am waiting for "Outside In" to come in the mail. I've also tried reading more of "The Vampire Diaries" even though the show is still way better than the books (Go figure!) I also started the Immortal Instruments trilogy. That was pretty good. And I am looking forward to starting "Incarceron" which is being turned into a movie, starring Taylor Lautner (Did I ever mention that my aunt is dating his uncle?!?!?)

Sadly, I have done next to nothing with my writing :(. I've got plans though. lol.)

Anyway, that's me catching up! What have you been doing?

Monday, September 19, 2011

WYE? Bookmark Break Challenge (9 Month Update!)

Can you guys believe that it has already been 9 MONTHS!!!??? This year is flying by so much faster than I ever expected it to. It's both nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. Well, here's the update!
This button is up for grabs:


Thank you! and remember...SAVE THE BOOKMARKS!

Susan has got the rest of the competition shaking in there totally awesome shoes! She's already read 115 books! Then, if you were to take the number of books I have read and subtract them from Susan's you will almost get the number of books out second and third place contenders have read. Poekitten is at 79 and rose is at 70. They are closely followed by Shah and Kyria whose numbers rank in the 40s and Natalie who is at 39. In the lower and mid 30s are Me at 35 and Selena at 30. Only Michele is in the 20s at 25 and only A Woman's Right to Shoes is in the teens at 15. Holding steady towards the end are The Creative Muslimah at 8, dtwilight at 7, Mrs. Facehead (a new addition) at 6, Patrick at 5, Moana at 4, and Alissa at 3.

Looking forward to next time!

If anyone is reading anything great, please (as always) SHARE!!!