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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Freelance Editor's Ink!

Some of you may have already noticed, but I recently built a new page for my blog called Freelance Editor's Ink! That is actually my new freelance editing business that I am running on the side of everything else!

I've been thinking about doing this for a really long time and now is my best chance! So, if you know anyone that needs a great editor or proofreader for both fiction and nonfiction, send them my way! My business cards are in the mail!!!

Here's the deal...

Freelance Editor:

Aubrie Parth

About Me:

I am a Freelance Editor and a Production Assistant/Proofreader for Knorr Marketing in Traverse City, Michigan. I graduated from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in English with concentrated studies in both creative writing and grammar and two minors in art and history. I enjoy writing myself, but I truly love helping other writer’s words look their best.

For years, I have been a writer/editor for online writing communities, volunteering my efforts for young aspiring novelist and poets. I have also turned toward aiding student published works, such as the 1098 fiction collective magazine at Central Michigan University.

Now, I am currently aiding in editing for Malcolm J. Croan, an independent publisher and writer of Right Hand Up To God. The current piece will be Malcolm’s second novel, and it is children’s literature. I have also done ghost writing and proofreading for the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce and currently proofread for Knorr Marketing.

I enjoy working from home, all while contributing to maintaining the English language and molding better writers!


* I suggest changes using “Track Changes” in Microsoft Word.

· Proofreading:

o Your document is reviewed for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and typographical errors.

· Copy Editing:

o Your document is reviewed for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and typographical errors. It is edited for style and structure, which includes suggestions for word choice, verb tense, sentence and paragraph structure, and sentence clarity.


· Fiction: (Novels/ Books/ Short stories/ Poetry/ Et Cetera)

o Proofreading

§ 100 words or less- $5

§ Every additional word (after 100 words) is an extra .01 cent

o Editing

§ 100 words or less- $7

§ Every additional word (after 100 words) is an extra .015 cent

· Non-Fiction: (Magazine Articles/ Newspaper Articles/ Textbooks/ Memoirs/ Biographies/ Autobiographies/ Research papers/ School papers/ Et Cetera)

o Proofreading

§ 100 words or less- $7

§ Every additional word (after 100 words) is an extra .01 cent

o Editing

§ 100 words or less- $10

§ Every additional word (after 100 words) is an extra .015 cent

Contacting Me:

Submission Guidelines:

Manuscript MUST meet the following guidelines!

· Typed

· Saved as a Word .docx file

· Emailed as an attachment


By using Freelance Editor’s Ink’s services, you (the customer) are agreeing that you understand and are bound to the following terms of service:

The customer is responsible for the content of any submitted document. Freelance Editor’s Ink is not liable for copyright infringements or the intellectual property rights of any document submitted by the customer.

The customer is responsible for either accepting or rejecting the suggested changes to the document, and making those changes in his or her original document. The customer is also responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the proofread or edited document. Freelance Editor’s Ink does not include fact-checking.
Freelance Editor’s Ink does not guarantee the results of any proofread or edited document. The customer agrees to refrain from any legal action against Freelance Editor’s Ink due to any loss or damages, financial or otherwise, resulting from the customer’s use of Freelance Editor’s Ink.
Freelance Editor’s Ink is not obligated to refund the price of any service performed. If the customer is not satisfied upon receipt of the proofread or copy edited document, he or she must let Freelance Editor’s Ink know within seven (7) days, and every effort will be made to correct the situation. If Freelance Editor’s Ink does not receive notice of such dissatisfaction within this period of time, the project will be considered completed in a manner acceptable to the customer.
The customer is responsible for adding the Freelance Editor’s Ink email address to his or her address book. Proofread and copy edited documents are returned to the customer via email, and the customer is responsible for checking his or her email for correspondence concerning an order. Freelance Editor’s Ink is not responsible for any difficulties due to disruption of the Internet or email services.

Freelance Editor’s Ink reserves the right to refuse service at its discretion and/or terminate services at any time.

These terms of service may be amended at any time without notice.

Privacy Policy: Protecting your privacy is very important, and Freelance Editor’s Ink will make every effort to ensure that your work remains completely private and confidential.*
*Similar policies have been used by other reputable editing services.
I'm really looking forward to getting started with this!
See ya!


  1. I've been thinking about getting into editing, as well. It's the one thing in which I flourish during workshops. Not to take any business from you, of course.

    1. Of course not. I underdtand and you're allowed to do anything you want. I haven't gotten any bites yet, of course I have to filter out so much spam that who knows what I've missed, but I figured I would put it out there.

    2. If you come upon any good fiction writing jobs or maybe an editing job that you for some reason can't take, would you mind tipping me off?

    3. Sure thing, if I ever get really rolling with this. Like I mentioned, right now I haven't had any bites, but I imagine I will have to do more than simply post an ad on cr****list.

    4. if you google "writing jobs" or "editing jobs," you will find a site with ads posted. Like this one:
      Incidentally, I was looking up freelance stuff just a day before you posted this entry.
      And thanks for agreeing to tip me off! :) I've also found some nice writing contests that don't have entry fees, but do have great payoffs!

    5. Sounds good. I'll check it out!

  2. So good you're doing this Aubrie :) You're gonna be great, and it's not as if you haven't had the practice! :)

    1. Thank you. Yes, practice is good and I enjoy it so much. I can't wait to see some of your stuff!


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