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Monday, February 6, 2012

Let's All Have Some Fun With SPAM!!

So, I got this brilliant idea in my head about posting my Freelance Editing Information on Cr****list! (I won't even give it the satisfaction of advertising for them on my blog!) And so I went with it. What would it hurt? Well, apparantly it's just a feeding trough for spammers! wanting everything from nannies, babysitters, and housekeepers, to secret shoppers, personal assistants, and travelling salesmen. And, it even goes as far as people asking for your bank account so they can wire you money, in which you keep a certain amount of the sum and wire the rest to another bank account! (Never ever do this by the way! It's ILLEGAL!) RIDICULOUS!!!

Suffice to say, everything has gone to the spam box, but not before I had a bit of fun!

Here's some of the replies I gave.

Two spammers said I won a free iphone and ipad. I promptly responded, Thank you, but I'm not interested. I don't like Apple products, and below it read, Sent from my iphone because I had replied through my phone. Then, on another one, I said, No thank you. I don't like products that have been named after fruit. It freaks me out.

Another spamer asked me to travel around and sell ads about a drink called X Angrey. I replied, Sorry, but I do not believe in drinking anything but water.

A spammer also asked me to watch his children for 2 months out of the year while him and his wife were on business in Europe. I said, Thank you for the offer, but taking care of other peoples' children goes against my religious beliefs.

Often, spammers won't offer you a lot of money to work for them either. Maybe $400 to $300 a week. I like to reply to those that I am very rich and I do not need your money.

Finally, my personal favorite, most spammers cannot spell worth a dang. So, I offer my services as a Freelance Editor!

So, next time you are spammed, have some fun with it. Can't hurt!
Note, some do reply, but mostly they're like "Happy to hear back from you so soon! Here's more about my offer!" Just spam them again!



  1. I hate spammers Aubrie. I really do. I've been getting this woman who 'accidentally' sent me a reply to someone else's mail. I told her so, and since then I've had lots of people including her trying to get me to BE A SPAMMER and put links everywhere, for cash. So here, I would merge a link in this comment somewhere.

    I sent back saying I was utterly against such a practice because it means blog put up the annoying word verification thingy which I hate. I don;t, I get very few spammers on my blog to worry about it and Blogger is really good at weeding them out into their own little box, unseen! X

    1. Yeah, those are the worse. I can't believe some people even get paid for that, or worse yet, that people fall for it and actually start clicking on the links. Those things go instantly into my spam!

  2. lol I posted an ad for a roommate and got one reply from someone in China who was in some other country and wanted to send me their information. I told them that they had to be present to sign the lease and that I would let them know if no one else responded. Their response was simply "ok." I still haven't gotten anymore hits.

    1. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't get spammed, but that is strange that it was somone from China asking. They might have been fishing, seeing if you would send them personal information.

  3. This is why I've been skeptical about finding jobs on Craigslist. A couple years ago, when I was getting ready to move out of my apartment to student teach and graduate (whoops!), I posted a listing about the apartment there. While I did get some legit responses, most were spam that had absolutely nothing to do with wanting to see the apartment to take over the lease. Still, my aunt said that my uncle only finds people to hire through Craigslist. So I'm gonna give it a shot. Hopefully I'll be able to ID the spam posts (it'll probably be easy since I get many spam e-mails offering me employment. I have no doubt that similar content is on Craigslist).

    1. lol. I actually found the job that I have now on craigslist! I didn't get spammed when replying to other peoples' ads about jobs, but when I posted my own services for editing, I got slammed with it!!!

  4. Oh I love stuff like that, but you're oh so nice about it! I once told a spammer that I would be in touch after the full moon because I was in the middle of a twelfth level demon summoning and couldn't conduct business until I had my demon guide to lead the way.

    The best ones though are when I listen to my husband answer the phone when those salespeople call the house. Oddly I wasn't aware we owned a chinese restaurant that apparently does a great deal of takeout. :D

    1. That's hilarious!!! I once got a telemarketer to hang up on me once! I was so proud!


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