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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Not Dropping of the Face of the Planet!!

Hey guys! I've been so good at making posts just about every day and then I had this cool 15 days of movies going on and then I lost my free time!

Just wanted to let you know I'm not disappearing.

Here's some stuff that's going on:

The local WOWfest and Winterfest were going on this past weekend.

My 90 day review for my job is coming up so I'm preping for that while also planning on doing some copy writing for another company in town.

I'm trying to find an apartment/condo in town right now so I'm researching all the fun stuff like cable/internet, good locations, calling realtors, seeing places, filling out applications, and what not.

Also, my cousins from Chicago are up until Wednesday so I am spending almost every waking minute with them that I am not at work!

So, lots of stuff, and mostly fun! :)

See you all soon!


  1. So your copywriting business has some work? Kudos. Good luck on finding a fly pad to crash in.

    1. Yes, although I didn't get the gig because of my advertising. I sent a resume to the company some time back and they remembered me. :)

    2. That's spectacular! Hopefully your business will flourish. If you do well on this, you might get recommendations.

    3. That's what I'm hoping for. It could possibly turn into another fulltime job too.


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