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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bookmark Break Challenge 2012 (1 Month Update!)

Ready for the 1 Month Update? Here we go!

This year is starting off better than ever, and we have way more competitors now to show for it! Welcome all you newbies! I am thrilled to have you!!! This is really turning into a great challenge that I am proud to continue it for another year!

REMEMBER: Anyone and everyone that would like to be a part of this year's Bookmark Break Challenge is more than welcome to still join! Just read more about it here, leave me a comment somewhere saying you would like to join, and create your booklist somewhere where I can keep track of your progress! :)

Now, let's see the break down of the challenge so far!

There are currently 22 competitors that have read a total of 94 books in January! Way to go!

Competitor's List:

Nice job everyone! Let me just say that I am more excited about this year than the last. nI feel like we've had more exposure, there are people participating for the second year in a row, definately a lot of enthusiasm going on! Also, I have stuck with my goal thus far, which is one book a week! I was so excited that I decided to update the list early about 2 weeks ago, thinking I was kicking butt! Then, I checked on Poe, Susan, Ruthie, Sierra, Julie, Corina, Kyria, and Shah! I must say I was knocked down a peg, but never discourage. You girls are rocking this competition so far. Keep it up!

Here's what I've been up to!

My Book List:
  1. Haiku for the Single Girl (Poetry/Comedy)
  2. The Web of Titan (YA/Sci-Fi/Space/Post-Apocalyptic)
  3. The Hunger Games (YA/Dystopian) (2nd Read) Getting ready for the movie! I can't wait!
  4. One for the Money (Fiction/Comedy) Also, getting ready for the movie! It came out last Friday!
  5. Catching Fire (YA/Dystopian) (2nd Read)
I noticed that A LOT of people have been reading or rereading The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins! I saw it on quite a few of your lists. The first two are on mine too! What was your reasoning. I'm getting ready for the movie! Plus, I let a friend borrow all of them and she was so into them and wanted to talk to be about them so I had to get all caught up again so we could chat away!

Currently Reading:
  • Outside In (YA/Dystopian) By one of my favorite authors right now! Her name is Maria V. Snyder!
On Deck:


  1. I see I need to up my game! ;)
    Or choose shorter books! hehe... I am currently reading "The first Law" book series by Joe Abercrombie. Very good books. I have around 5% left of the second book. Can't wait to start the third (and last) book later on!

    1. Don't worry. I know how you feel! Some of these ladies are amazing readers!!! I hope you are still having fun though. Sounds like you have a good series on your hands. :)

  2. Hey Aubrie. You're doing well - Am I reading my 5th or 6th? I update but can't recall off hand. Worried I don't deserve the 5 book stamp ? One of those may not have counted either as it was a graphic novel (mostly pictures and short)? I'll do better soon. Been ill and too stressed to settle and read, of late. I need to prioritise - to follow my own advise :) I've been reading a few things right now for review - not my usual stuff at all: Erotica! And flipping heck - totally not my thang (wowza). Almost finished the Initiate and started something else with a pretty racy cover! Why I agree to do these things? Honestly. This is definitely my quota of off-genre books :)

    You sound completely embedded in the fantasy genre and there is nothing wrong with that :)

    1. I checked up on the graphic novel and you are good to go! I totally accept graphic novels as long as they are 100 pages or more and yours was 104 so you're just fine.

      Glad you too a bit of a break to follow your own advice and consider your health. :)

      Wow, yeah, not up my alley either. I've read some student work that was erotica, lol, I really didn't know what to say, I just blushed and knew it wasn't my thing either. Good luck with ALL your reading.

  3. Thanks for keeping up with this! Poe Kitten and Susan are really kicking some tail! I need to get with the program!

    1. It's no problem. I love doing this!

      Yes, those two are knocking my socks off!

  4. Aubrie -

    Not sure if you need it, but....


    It's got its own page. =)

    I've read a whopping one book, and am about halfway through
    Don't Think Of an Elephant.

    Next up will be Last Child in the Woods,
    then Time and the Art of Living
    and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

    After that, I'll see.....lots of options, and lots of diversity, too!

    1. Sounds like a great plan! I have added your new page and add that you have read 1 book so far on the Bookmark Break 2012 page of my blog. I update that list a few times each month and then try to give an update in a post once a month!


  5. I'm actually at 16 books - the good reads bar isn't updated cuz I still need to enter some of them on there LOL

    Yay books!

    1. EXCELLENT! Good job. I'll update your count on the main list on my Bookmark Break Challenge 2012 page!

  6. Hello, I will add a list to my blog. Hopefully this week. I did not read as much as I had planned due to life turning upside down but I am going to try and do better this month. Last month was only 5 books for me. Boo but I will make up for it.

    1. SOunds great. Just let me know when it's up officially and leave me a link, or tell me which blog it is on and I will find it. :) Glad to hear you got some books checked off your list!

  7. Thanks for this update. unfortunately I am getting off to a slow reading start this year with a few family concerns - births, deaths and marriages!
    Hopefully will get back to my beloved reading and blog soon.

    1. No problem. Life does get pretty busy, but I hope you can get back into the swing of things :)


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