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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Mission Impossible (4): Ghost Protocol" Movie Review

Entertainment Weekly is calling it the best action movie of 2011! It's hard to recall all the action movies from 2011 at this time, but I wouldn't hesitate for very long to put it in the top 5 of my list for 2011.

Mission Impossible and I have had a pretty solid love hate relationship. I've seen the first one multiply times, but really can't tell you anything about it because it was that forgettable. I LOVED the second one and can tell you almost everything that happened in order! Number 3 was just another repeat experience of the first movie. I've only seen it once and had the common sense not to re-watch it. Now, onto 4, it rivals the 2nd one for sure!

In this edition to the franchise, Ethan Hunt's (Cruise) team is blamed for the bombing of the Russian Kremlin. The entire division is disavowed, and it is up to Hunt and his other agents to prove their innocence by finding the real bomber, all while playing in the dark with no way of contacting any of their inside connections

This film was full of impressive stunts that leave you hanging half off your seat and holding your breath, from scaling the tallest building in the world, to a high speed chase in the midst of a sand storm.

I will also note that this film was funnier than the others, a pleasant change in the franchise.

Go on and check out one of the best, if not the best, action films of 2011 and let me know what you think!

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