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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Curious? How is my blog loading these days?

Who's Your Editor? has grown a lot in the last few months and I feel like now it's not loading as fast as it should. At first, I blamed my computer (it is ever so old), then I blamed my newest upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 (or whatever update we are on), but now, I am thinking that perhaps my blog has too much on the first page. My biggest problem has been that the scrolling is not smooth. Then again, this isn't just happening on my blog, but on other pages as well, like my Etsy store.

So, I turn to you. What do you think? Is the page loading for you? Any suggestions?

Thanks for all you help!!!


  1. Everything seems dandy to me. I typically drag the scroll bar with the mouse when I want to move faster, anyway.

  2. It loads fine for me on Google Chrome and a new laptop. Might be the browser you're using; that can affect the speed.

  3. There's no problem my end - and I have a lap top barely working right now (although being replaced with a MAC as we speak :D - Thanks to my hubs)

    Shah. X


  4. No problems here.

  5. Matt...I do the same thing, but it was still acting wonking. My troubles just have got to be how old my laptop is and my sucky browser (although it has not failed me until recently. Bad update or something!)

    Sarah the Writer...I do have Google Chrome. Maybe I shoulkd start using it more.

    Shah...That's encouraging. Sounds like you have a great hubby! Although, I'm not converted to Macs by any means, I am enjoying my iphone4.

    columbibueno...Thanks for the update. Must be my computer.

  6. Well, I am trying to sell my old laptop as I desperately need the money, if you are interested.

  7. Matt...Thank you, but I have a desktop that I really should start using. It's fabulous with 8GB of memory and 1TB of hard drive. I just get lazy about using it because the laptop has been easier and I can sit in bed with it.

  8. Yes, I agree with that. Laptop > desktop for comfort.

  9. My computer is an old desktop and your page is loading pretty quickly for me. I moved from IE to Firefox some time ago because of issues. Although I tried Chrome first, I found Firefox worked much better for me. Did you know that some features and widgets on don't work on properly on IE? You will be amazed at how some blogs look in another browser.

  10. Matt...Cool.

    Lynda...I guess I never really knew there was a difference. Now I will have to experiment.

  11. All is well on Safari with my happy iMac ;)

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