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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Storyteller Challenge #2: The Pearls Sentence

Shah over at Wordsinsync is at it again for the second Storyteller Challenge. This time, she presented us storytellers with a phrase that we had to use to begin our piece and then we could take it anywhere from there. And, as an added twist for Halloween, we also had to give it a scary/creepy/eerie edge. I decided to write another poem, I don't get to do that very often, and I find that poems work really well for these kind of challenges, especially when you have to knocked them out once a week. :) So, with out further ado, here is my entry...

Tinted Pearls Match Perfectly 
 "I found a string of pearls wrapped around my rose bush..." 
A peculiar thing to find any day of the week.
So, I picked them up to keep them safe.
That’s when I saw the blood and my knees went weak.

At first I thought the pearls were pink.
What a lovely sight to behold.
But, in fact, the pearls were stained in red.
It was a sticky mess to unfold.

The thought of screaming came to mind.
I could have alerted everyone in town.
But surely everyone would still be asleep.
I’d hate to see them all frown.

I could hide the lovely pearls for now,
As gruesome as they are.
I’ll alert the public when they're ready.
The right time can’t be too far.

As for the crime that caused this mess,
I’ll muddle it over myself.
Later the police can be involved,
Or perhaps this will all settle itself.

I laid the pearls out on my counter,
Such lustrous and beautiful things.
I wondered what it would feel like to wear them,
Jewels of emperors, queens, and kings.

What a foolish thing to think at the time.
My hands were sticky and needed to be cleaned.
But if I cleaned the pearls, just the same,
I could wear them around like a fiend.

Before I knew it, the water flowed.
I washed my hands and the necklace too.
Everything was dried with my good towels.
And with steady hands the clasp closed true.

Brilliant beads glittered against my skin.
A glowing smile crept across my face.
I knew the tinted pearls would match my dress perfectly,
And the evidence was gone without a trace.


  1. You the bad! And the crime was never solved = but hey. You got some great pearls, right?! :) Thanks for linking up Aubrie - esp with the whole nano thing. :D Hope its going well? Shah.

  2. Shah...You hit the nail on the head. The hardest part was those last few lines, someway to make that evident without blatantly blurting it out. Yeah! :)


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