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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNoWriMo (Day 15 of 30) "Strangers in the Dark" (44,621 words left)

Today was a good day.  I got two checks today--one for my jewelry that I have been selling on consignment and one for a project I did for the Chamber a few weeks ago! I got two calls about interviews for possible full time jobs!!! I got an email about a temp job for 3 months next year if nothing else pans out! I finished my paperwork for working at Express for Black Friday! I bought the final Harry Potter movie! AND I was able to write for NaNoWriMo! All in all, good times.

Strangers in the Dark
(Chapter Two Continued)
      It wasn’t the night that had me ready to jump out of my own skin, but the day. It was the longest day I have ever had to bare in my eighteen years of life. I wanted it to be over so badly. I wanted the sun to go down and release me from this lit prison. My fingers throbbed as I continued to tap them against the arm of the chair I had been sitting in for the last six hours.
“Can’t sit still for one minute, can you?” I looked over at Kale. I didn’t know how long he had been standing there, looking over me as I allowed all my nervous energy to consume me.
“You’re teasing me, right?” I knew what it was like to have a sibling. All they did was mock you in the most loving way possible.
“Yes. I know this is not the most appropriate time to lighten the mood, but it looked like you needed it.”
I laughed a bit. “Thanks.”
“No problem. Will it help to go over your plan with me? I’ve been told I am an excellent strategist.”
“Only when we are playing Monopoly, Kale,” Nora teased.
“I am the king of hotels.”
“I appreciate all of your help, but I don’t think there is anything else you could do. I know I’m not prepared for this. I don’t think anyone would be.”
Kale and Nora seemed to agree, but there was a strange look on both of their faces. They looked at one another, and in a moment, I could tell an entire conversation had occurred between them. My mom and dad used to have the same kinds of conversations. It just showed how much they knew about each other, how close they were. Kale and Nora had the same vibe. “We may have one thing that could prepare you a bit more,” Kale finally announced. “But it also may be a bit scary for you. However, we feel it may be entirely necessary for your safety, especially after what happened last night.”
     “Okay, what is it?” I asked, more curious than nervous.
Kale once again retreated from the room, this time to return with a small black case about the size of a lunch box, except there wasn’t a thermos and sandwich in this lunch box. “This is a semi-automatic handgun. I’ve owned a gun almost all my life and I’ve taught Nora how to shoot properly and effectively in the last year or so. I guess you’ll just have to get the quick lesson.”
“Whoa, hold on a minute! Who said anything about me shooting a gun? I’ve never…”
“I figured, but you’re going to have to learn if you’re planning on going up against even one Recruiter. Last night, almost every single one of those people had a gun or some lethal weapon on them. As much as they want to recruit new people, they really aren’t very concerned about sparing lives.” Kale was becoming heated, but he took a breath and looked me straight in the eye. “Just because you own a gun, does not mean you will ever have to use it. And even if you do have to use it, does not mean you have to kill the person you are using it on. Self-defense is the only reason to ever use it—when it comes down to your life or the life of someone you love.”
I paused, thinking about how unreal my life suddenly seemed. At the time, I was more likely to believe I was having a nightmare, or was stuck in a video game or teen novel. But the truth was that it was all real, and Kale was right. I was going up against people who didn’t care one lick about my life. “Teach me.” (639 words)


  1. Wow - this all so much better than first draft stuff! I said slow and steady would win the race, and us Nano speedsters(although I'm not quite that anymore) will be still editing our first draft horror stories long after yours is done and dusted. Its really going great - I'm more intt it each post :D X

  2. Don't remind me of Monopoly, Aubrie. I remember how devious you are.

  3. Shah...Thanks, I hope I won't have to do a whole lot of revision, but that's just wishful thinking! I'm sure I'll still have lots to do, but hopefully the spelling/typos thing will be pretty well settled.

    Matt...I'd be lying if I didn't use myself for inspiration while writing that scene. I love monopoly!


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