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Monday, November 21, 2011

"Immortals" Movie Review

I got the chance to see this movie in the theaters with my cousin, Michael. (The same cousin that saw In Time with me last week.) It certainly looked like a movie I would enjoy and since it had the same producer as 300 (Mark Canton) I figured I really couldn't go wrong as far as it being entertaining.

In summary, a slave is caught in the middle of a war between men, gods, and titans. Secretly trained by Zeus himself, and the unofficial body guard of the virgin oracle, he's the best warrior to save man.

The storyline on paper sounds fantastic, but it really didn't take the spotlight. Instead, it was overwhelmed with the multiple beheadings and virtual buckets of computerized blood. Don't get me wrong, the fight scenes were choreographed beautifully. It was just very hard to see with so much splattering going on. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The cinematography was beautiful, though. As were the costumes, makeup, and abdominal muscles. lol.


  1. That is a shame, indeed. The storyline and the producer could have combined to create a classic. Sometimes, it's all about the target audience, and the target was obviously not literary buffs.

  2. I feel like this is another movie like Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia that's pretty to look at, but doesn't offer much else.

  3. JJ...Correct. I really had hopes, but it fell short. Just didn't have everything it could have had.

    Matt...I'm going to disagree. I LOVED Prince of Persia! I thought it was one of the best adventure films I've seen. At first, I didn't expect much. I knew it was based off of a video game, but not much else. It ended up being one of my favorite movies of the year. Of course, it wasn't historically accurate or anything, but after playing the game, it stayed true and I really liked the cast. Clash of the Titans is a slightly different story. I did enjoy it, more than Immortals, but it wasn't as pretty, big, exciting, or complete as Prince of Persia.

    I must stop now. I will go on a rant.

    Plus, they didn't pay millions on fake blood.

    I'm done.

  4. Lol, glad to have incited a rant from you. I watched a bit of "Prince" and was bored out of my gourd. But I wasn't expecting much as I wasn't impressed by the trailers. I guess cg effects just don't excite me.
    I had watched the original Clash of the Titans just prior to seeing the re-imaging and I have to say that the original has a lot more depth and worth to it.

  5. Following you via GFC through lets get social blog hop! Would love a follow back! :) Cheers!


  6. Matt...Yeah, definitely not going to enjoy it if you don't enjoy CGI, but then how can you really enjoy any movie now? CGI seems pretty standard.

    Breanna...Thanks for stopping by and following. Join in on the conversation when you get a chance. Lots of good stuff going on here.

  7. I expected something in between Clash of the Titans (good action scenes, story that was lacking) and 300 (a good story & great action scenes). This movie was much more clash of the Titans and didn't have a 1/10th of the story of 300. There was no character development and no story. The acting was pretty poor as well.

  8. Danmark...Really couldn't agree more.


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