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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

NaNoWriMo (Day 22-24 of 30) So, Yeah...I'm throwing in the towel and participating in Black Friday! (??? words left)

My first year at Nano has not been the greatest. At least I was writing every day there for the first 16 days or so. lol. Now, I think it's just bad timing. So much has been going on with job hunting, building my Etsy store, now being hired, and the holidays. I have decided to throw in the towel with my 6,178 words. Of course, as I continue to get down my first draft of Strangers in the Dark, I will keep you updated and post some passages. Now, my focus is just in a different place. A good place, but sooooo different. I'll be working 40+ hours a week and my Etsy store will take up a lot of my free time. And I still want to blog all the time. :) Just wanted to let you know.

Well, I hope your bellys are full, your spirits are high, and you're ready to put on your running shoes for Black Friday!!! I'll be working at Express for the afternoon. I may stop into Target before I go, but not planning on trampling anyone for the second season of Vampire Diaries or the fourth season of Big Bang Theory that will both only be $12.99. What will be will be!


  1. Oh well - life has taken over this year. You are still SOOOO young, oyu have eons to finish that book in truth. I turn 40 next year however, so I feel an urgency you do not :D Plus I'm learning as I go - you have qualified and learned from professionals. You are already half way there :D

    Wish we had a BLACK FRIDAY/ We have January sales (well in YK they do). We'll be in New York January though - can't wait. ;D

    Good luck with your new job and all that goes with it. And of course with your new etsy shop. :D X

  2. Nano may not have worked out, but that certainly doesn't mean that you can't continue with the novel anyway!

  3. You made it more than halfway through Nano...and I'm a glass-half-full kind of person, so I think that's an admirable effort! And 6,000 words isn't anything to sneeze at!

  4. Shah...Yes, I know I have tons of time and that's why I feel comfortable chaning my priorities this month. Black Friday was totally fun. I found some great stuff at great prices, mostly movies :). New York should be sooooo exciting. I have been trying to talk my mom into that for years. It will happen one day.

    Matt...Yeah, I know, I'm definitely not going to stop working on the book, just completely on my own time.

    Natalie...Thank you. I like to think of it as an accomplishment as well. I really did get a great start down for my new first draft. I am pleased and look forward to adding more in the future.


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