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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Storyteller Challenge #3: Autumn Phrase Prompt

I got home today and this is what was going on in my back yard! Unbelievable! I am so not ready for snow. Of course, none of it is really staying on the ground, but I know this is only the beginning!!!

It all worked out though because Shah over at Wordsinsync posted her new Storyteller Challenge Prompt this week and it's "Give Autumn a Chance." So, I combined inspiration from her phrase and this photo that I took of the snow falling in my backyard and came up with this poem. The rhyming is a little cheesy, but I think it's funny. Enjoy!

Give Autumn a Chance

Come on snow, give autumn a chance
It’s not your time to dance
They’re still leaves on the trees
And Thanksgiving feasts
And all you do is make me sneeze.

One day the afternoon is sunny
The next, my nose is running
I thought this was Fall
Not a winter squall
Now, all I want to do is bawl

Autumn is my favorite time of year
There’s pretty colors and pre-holiday cheer
But the snow is falling too soon
So, I’m singing a different tune
One about shivering before and after noon

Although the snow can be very pretty
And it may inspire a spontaneous ditty
It still makes driving really crappy
And mostly everyone is unhappy
Because the dim is kind of shabby

Yes, I like to make snow angels
And I don’t mind if my cheeks tingle
But can’t we all give autumn a chance?
Let’s take this one final stance
And not let the snow ruin our prance

Because autumn is my favorite season
Although there really is not reason


  1. That was cute and uplifting. Old Man Winter is lucky you're so nice.

  2. columbibueno...Thanks, I was nicer than I should have been. I am so not ready for the snow!

  3. Nor me, but I won't have to worry about that in Dubai. The winters here are gorgeous though windy, as appose to summer which is way too hot. Another sweet response here Aubrie :D X

  4. Shah...You're making me jealous!!! I was just bugging my parents about going SOMEWHERE again! We live in Michigan, work in Michigan, vacation in Michigan, and although I love it and it truely is a very VERY beautiful place, I'm getting a little sick of MICHIGAN!!! I wouldn't even mind skipping up to Canada for a few days, but Chicago or New York would be better, and Ireland, Scotland, Greece, New Zealand, or Germany would be even better!!!


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