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Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part 1 (4)" Movie Review

Yes, I did end up seeing it in theaters. How could I resist after that shocking yet funny story my friend shannon told me the other week? (To read the FUNNIEST TWILIGHT STORY EVER, click here.) For some reason, a lot of my friends thought I had already seen it, but no. Yesterday was the first time.

Let me provide some backing for my feelings about Twilight. It all began on a road trip to Cedar point in Ohio one beautiful afternoon. Nine of my friends and myself were packed into two cars and we were stopped on the expressway behind a truck full of sheep (the animals, not the common idiot.) Some of us had hopped out of our cars and were roaming around, looking for something to entertain us while we waited for traffic to get moving once again, but two individuals (girls) were still crammed in the back of our car with their noses shoved in the pages of this black, white, and red hard covered book. Deciding to ignore them for the moment, I continued walking around, being entertained by the boys daring each other to do something funny in front of the other cars.

(I promise this comes to a point)

The weekend ends after getting lost in Ohio, sleeping in a KOA, spending the entire afternoon on rollarcoasters, spending the entire evening with friends and whisky, experiencing the entire next morning and ride home with a hang over, and then finally asking the girls, "What the hell are you reading?! You don't read?! What is this?!" Turns out it was Twilight and the books was shoved in my hands and I was told to read it now!

Suffice to say, I loved it! I called Borders the next day and told them to reserve me the first three books in hardcover (the fourth wasn't out yet) , and I would be in the next day with my $63 dollars to purchase them all!

To this day, the first book is my favorite, the second, my second favorite, and so on.

I was thrilled to hear a movie was being made, but upon going to the first midnight premiere, I was thoroughly disappointed. I began blaming everyone who worked on the movie, except for Carter Burwell, the music composer who I appreciate very much and was recently brought back for the last two movies!!! I did not enjoy Catherine Hardwick's artistic inputs and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were more awkard together than milk and lemon juice!

The second movie was a little better, especially since Taylor Lautner got more of a part, but I was still disappointed that the two main characters were not being portrayed accurately (in my personal opinion.) Eclipse was okay. I still liked the second one the best. When it came time for Breaking Dawn, I was NOT EXCITED AT ALL, only mildly curious if someone could make it remotely work.

Let me give a very general summary in bullet points:
-Bella and Edward get married
-Jacob is not happy
-Bella and Edward go on their honeymoon
-Bella gets pregnant
-Baby is killing her
-No one is happy
-EVERYONE wants to kill the baby except for Bella and Rosalie
-Baby is born
-Everyone is happy
-Bella = Newest Vampire

(Hopefully, this doesn't give anything away. It's pretty much layed out in the trailer. There are no surprises really.)

So, the big question...Did I like it? The quick answer...Yes. I was quite impressed that the story stayed true to the books with only a few scenes that were a bit indulgent. Like when Jake finally imprints and we travel back into his mind to when he first told Bella what it was like to imprint, and the person he is now in love with grows before his eyes and all that links him to her at the moment are her hazel colored eyes. He is so taken by the moment that he must fall to his knees, finally complete in his search for THE ONE! I tried not to laugh. My friend, Amanda, was bursting at the seams. Or, when we get to hear the werewolves voices for the first time while they are in wolf mode and Jacob has an "Inigo Montoya" moment as he declares himself independant from the leader of the pack.

Other than that, I was trilled with the outcome. Congrats to Bill Condon for getting it right on most scenes. Congrats to Carter Burwell for his return as the Music Composer. Congrats to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for FINALLY getting it together, not stammering, and realizing that they have got to be comfortable with each other by now (you're really dating for goodness sakes!). And congrats to everyone who did not faint this time around.

That's all I'm saying. lol.


  1. "Inigo Montoya" <-- ROFL i love it, best reference!

  2. So that's how you came to like Twilight. You had told me once that it was because it got kids to read and now I know the source.

  3. Okay -I know I said I wouldn't come see this just yet in case of spoilers, but I knew you'd do do a great review so I thought - Sod it! :D

    And you did a great review: informative and it made me giggle :) I just know the two 'cheesy' parts you mentioned will make me grown but I've heard such great things about this director and his approach to the movie that I'm dying to see. Next week :D I MAY review it - but it wouldn't top this so I may not bother :D Or I'll mention I saw it and link to this review - Yep. That sounds likely. Just wanted to say - I'll be away (see my calender page for dates) so I'll be visiting rarely if at all then (I usually try to pop in as and when the opportunity allows - but what with family and friends etc - that's not easy).

    Loving you have your etsy shop up on your blog. Hope it's doing well re Christmas sales. :D X
    Shah X

  4. I liked it. I can't NOT like the movies, because each one is an opportunity to spend more time with Edward and Bella, whom I love in print. My mom, an even bigger Twilight fan than I (she's a big Alice and Jasper fan), declared it her favorite.

    I just wonder how they got beautiful young Kristen Stewart to look so awful while the baby was killing Bella.

  5. Eschelle...Thanks. lol. It's realy the first thing that popped into my head while watching that scene.

    Matt...Yep, that's the main story.

    Shah...I had a feeling that you would be stopping by so I made sure to really not add any spoilers. I can't wait for you to see it so we can chat and thank you so much for linking back to my review.

    Erin...Awesome. I know the feeling, when you just want to see more of the characters, watch them grow, etc.
    Yeah, they definitely did a lot of computer work on her to make her look so dead.

  6. Nice review! I'm particularly partial to your Inigo Montoya comparison :) I also wrote a review for the movie which you can check out here: http://www.planetkibi.com/1/post/2011/11/movie-review-breaking-dawn-part-1.html

  7. abuckley23...Thanks. That comparison seemed to work for a lot of people. I'm looking forward to looking at your review!


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