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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am a Wedding Winning Fool!!!

As some of you may know, I have been attending bridal expos, shows, stores, and fittings like crazy with my best friend Morgan because she is getting married next summer and I am her maid of honor. So far we have signed up for over a hundred gift certificate drawings and a few different honeymoon giveaways. We've bought the bridesmaids dresses and the bridal gown. Her and her fiance have booked the reception place and got the license for hosting their ceremony in the park.

Now, we are onto caters, DJs, and table settings. Whew!

But, in the process of all of this, we have been hearing back from some of the drawings. A few have simply used our information to advertise more, but I have also won a $200 gift certificate for a facial and $200 off a DJ service. Isn't that exciting??? I've never won so much in my life! lol. Plus, it's even better that it helps Morgan!
Looking for more wedding fun soon! I'll keep you guys updated periodically.

Anyone else been a bridesmaid or maid or honor? I could use some tips lol. I have been a bridesmaid once before for my cousin, but I was only 16 or so and really not involved in much, but tying some bows and touching up hair dos. (Nevertheless, it is still one of my favorite memories.)


  1. How exciting! And this would prepare you for your own wedding experiences! :P I can't wait for next year's blog on the wedding.

  2. Wow I always wanted to be a Maid of Honor for someone wedding! :D Maybe yours? ;) Haha! Have fun girlie! <3

  3. Oh well done to you! I so rarely win anything it always makes my tummy leap! :D

    I've been a bridesmaid around nine times, but never a maid of honour. I had a maid of honour at my own wedding and all I required her to do for me was love the dress, and do a reading for us. She looked gorgeous and read beautifully.

    Traditionally I think you're meant to organise her HEN do and write a speech? Ensure she turns up looking yummy and relatively stress free and preferably sober :D Other that, your job is to dance with the best man preferably without tonsil tennis and act with decorum throughout :D I don't see you having any problems there :D
    P.S: You can win a KINDLE and up to 50 book for oyu and the troops! http://wordsinsync.blogspot.com/2011/11/weekend-

  4. Matt...I will admit that looking for everything for Morgan's wedding, sometimes I do get off track and start looking for stuff I would like myself.

    Dawn...I bet you'll get the chance one of these days. You're still young. Just wait until your friends start getting married. It's exciting and strange all at the same time. Especially when/if you are so not ready. It always feel weird to me because I am not in the same palce as a lot of my friends. About half of them now are married or engaged. Where the other half and myself are no where close to getting engaged. Just our priorities are very different. I am focused on getting a job!

    Shah...WOW! 9 times!?!?! Wow. I at least know I am going to be in 3 of my other friends weddings (that is, when they get married), and in one of those I am pretty sure I will be the maid of honor, at least she said I would be. lol. So, hopefully, I will have lots of practice. So far, I LOVE her dress and ours and I have been staying organized for her, always have the dress style numbers she wants to try on or phone numbers/business cards for the people she considers hiring. I will probably do the hair. All of us are planning the bachelorette party together, and therefore I assume we are all planning the shower as well. I will be writing a speech (that freaks me out the most. Not knowing if it should be funny, cheesy, sentimental, etc.) and walking with the best man (who will actually be the grooms father. I love him, but a part of me really wishes the groom had a hott best friend. lol.) All in all, I'm just freakishly excited and loving every bit of it! I'd do it professionally if there was such a profession!!!


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