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Friday, November 4, 2011

Bookmark Break Challenge! (10 Month Update!)

It's been 11 months! And you all know what that means! There are only two more months to:
A. Read as many books as you possibly can.
B. Join in the challenge if you still haven't done so (you only have to know how many books you have read this year and build a list of them somewhere/anywhere on your blog.)
C. Scream and cry because you're never going to beat me.
D. Scream with joy because you are so far aheadof me that there is no way I will ever catch up.
E. Some combination of the above.
Either way, I hope you are enjoying all the books you have been finishing and I wish you luck in these final months!
This button is up for grabs:


Thank you! and remember...SAVE THE BOOKMARKS!

PS. Due to NaNoWriMo, I am not going to do my usual run down of the list. I must be writing my novel! But here is the updated list as of last week. See you all next month with another new list.


  1. Is it too late to join? I have a record of some of the books I have read on my site which I only started this year. What do I have to do to join. Love your ideas to get people connected. thanks

  2. Lesley...Nope, you can join any time before the end of the year, but the sooner the better. The only thing you need to do to join is start a list of all the books you have read somewhere/anywhere on your blog. Then shoot me a comment anywhere on my blog that your list is up and give me the link to it.

    Then, I will add your name to the competitor's list along with an update of how many books you have read thus far.

    And, just keep adding to your list as you finish books and I will check your list periodically and update my master list.

    Easy Peasy!


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