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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo (Day 1 of 30) "Strangers in the Dark" (49,981 words left)

The National Novel Writing Month is upon us!!! And I have finally decided to participate. YIKES!!! Shah, from Wordsinsync, is also participating, but I am not sure what her plans are for posting her work. Me, on the other hand, will be posting day after day here for all to see! I hope for all of your support and encouragement. They (random no-named people in the universe) say that you need lots of encouragement while trying to write an entire novel/ 50,000 words in a month.

My goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November, and hopefully, that equals an entire novel. What I plan on doing is starting my second novel, Unclaimed Darkness, over completely, under a new name, with no reference to the old manuscript, and in a completely different order! I got really stuck on the old manuscript and am now looking to start anew! For those of you who have read my old manuscript, some things will seem very familar, others not so much, or at all. The fun will be in rediscovering this story with new eyes and a positive attitude.

So, without further ado! I give you my NaNo novel!

Strangers in the Dark

Chapter One: The Apocalypse

January, 2012

     On the first night, the sky filled with color...

(19 words)

Well, that's all you get today! lol. Suffice to say, I got started a little late. :) More to come tomorrow...Hopefully! This is going to be a CHALLENGE!


  1. Lol - 15 words. Brilliant. The build up was good though ;D

    I posted this reply at my blog - pardon the duplication - I'm strapped for time ;D

    "Fabulous news Aubrie. I wrote over 7k yesterday, up to 11k so far today. Have to get as much done before visitors get here. MY imagination isn't on as top form as i was yesterday though.

    I'll not be posting mine anywhere, well except at the end at Nano site for the count. Its the second in a series so it'd be a huge spoiler to read it.

    I'm hoping writing this way (with a plan and without intense editing as I go) will crack me out of my slump with the first.

    So glad you're doing it too."

    Good luck with nano today. :D

    Shah. X

  2. Wow. I am in awe of any writer who posts their work as they go. To me, that is akin to going out in public directly upon getting out of bed. Yikes. My writing and I are not ready for prime time at that moment, and I would guess that the public is not prepared for us as well, especially since Halloween is over. :-)

    However, you do give me pause, and I wonder if perhaps NaNo is something I can do.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hello.... I have been writing a novel for some time now... but its stalled at 400 pages. I'm thinking I may need to turn it into 2 volumes.

    Peace & Inspiration to All

  4. Shah...Haha! Thank you. I added you as a buddy in on the website! I can't believe you are alreay at 14,000+ words! You're brilliant. That's over a 1/5 done. lol. Guess that's what it takes. Looking forward to tracking your progress.

    Kim...Yes, it is a little scary! I think this is a great platform for posting my work as I go though. Not as many picky-mongers looking to critique anything and everything you publish online. I've had other forums where I've posted my work and the comments about revision has more than overwhelmed me. This should be good though, plus, no revision until I am done. Revision just builds a block to new stuff for me.

    I think this is TOTALLY something you can do, or at least try! That's all I'm doing is trying. I might not make 50,000 words and, even more likely, I might not finish my novel, but I am going to try be at least writing every day. Let me know if you decide to try it!

    Sharonlee...That's what happened to me, except I was only at 125 pages or so, not 400. Nevertheless, I hope this challenge can help fix that :) Sounds like you will ahve to break up your novel into 2 parts which could be awesome. Lots of people are writing series/volumes now. Good Luck and Happy Writing!

  5. Kudos to you! I will make an effort to encourage you every day! This is the story with the orphans, yes? I am eager to see how you revamp it.
    Maybe I could retool Totem?

  6. Matt...Thanks, yes this is the one with the orphans.

    Megan...Thanks, I just hope I can meet it. We'll see lol. I have yet to write anything yet today. I haven't stopped to try yet though. I work better at night.

  7. I think I will definitely be going with Justify. It's a stronger story and I really want to finish it. I think it has a better chance of success.
    have you done any work on your Victorian novel?

  8. Matt...Nope! It's buried under my bead somewhere. I was thinking of pulling it out for this, but I think it needs another year under the bed. I's love to finish Unclaimed Darkness//Starngers in the Dark before going back to it.

  9. AA: Keep it going, and remember not to put extra pressure on yourself. It is great to be disciplined, and wonderful to be consistent. Just don't allow yourself to become pressured by your own goals. You write beautifully. Keep it going (reread The Hare and the Tortoise).

  10. Haha, letting is stew, eh? I think "Encounters" (;P) will be a nice Nano submission. But I will be excited to read your other novel, as well.

  11. JJ...Thanks for the advice because that's exactly what I do sometimes and I really don't need the pressure. I'm just going to enjoy writing. I am going to write every day, but even if I only get a sentence, I will feel good about it, hence last night. lol. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope you will stop by a couple times in the month and remind me. :)

    Matt...Yes, stew! By the time I finally decided to shove it under the bed, my frustrations were so misplaced. I felt like I forgot why I started writing it. I had a lot of feedback on and I tried way to hard to revise it and make it perfect, which was 500% the wrong thing to do. Eventually, I will do the same thing with it that I did with this story. Rewrite it from memory and hope everything works itself out.

  12. Ok. I am off to write now. Be back before midnight.


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