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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NaNoWriMo (Day 9 of 30) "Strangers in the Dark" (47,126 words left)

It's my day off and it's raining! I guess it's better than snow. So, I've been lazing around, writing a bit, just enjoying my pajamas, blankets, and pillows. Here's what I have so far for NaNoWriMo today...

Strangers in the Dark (Chapter One continued)

The air filled with the roar of men, women, and children. An organized mob formed around us, people dressed almost entirely in black with a single red band tied around their right arm, yelling war cries of a new order. The moment froze as realization hit me. These were the Recruiters. They were not a gang. They were an army.
Then, the moment was over, and reality sunk in as the deafening sounds of expelled bullets hitting concrete consumed my senses. Everyone in line scattered as the Recruiters invaded, firing at the barricade. People just like us tugged on their loved ones by their finger tips, more concerned about each other than the bags they dragged behind them. They were running in every direction, some still trying to force their way through the barricade, bumping into the Recruiters, only to be shot, attacking the police, only to be pushed down by tall bulletproof shields. Frantic, I clasped onto my mom and dragged her behind some wooden fencing. Peering through the cracks, I tried to find Dad and Jensen. I found them running for cover on the opposite side of the highway. Dad had lifted Jensen over his shoulder. I worried, thinking he was hurt. Even at eleven years old he was still so small and fragile. Dad sat him down next to him when they situated themselves in an alleyway, behind a dumpster. Both appeared to be unscathed, and even in the slew of chaos, I relaxed, feeling like we were safe.
A kind of calm took place on the highway. The guns stopped firing and were replaced by the tinkling of pins and rings falling from the hands of the Recruiters then hitting the ground below. (287 words)

I'm close to finishing chapter one! I hope to get it done today!


  1. AA: Getting better every day.

  2. JJ...Thank you! I'm feeling the same way. I love the new direction and the detail I have been able to add, plus the added benefit of building more for the character right from the get go.


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