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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3)" Movie Review

I did see this movie when it came out in theaters. In fact, I am pretty sure that I saw it twice. Once with my friend Amanda who always manages to be able to see movies with me the day that they come out. And once with my friends Sarah and Morgan that decide to go see it randomly a week or two later.

I enjoyed it both times, but it certainly was more over the top than the first or second. More about the huge effects than the actual storyline.

In short, and as always, without giving too much away, the Decepticons are at it again, trying to take over Earth, but this time they are looking to bring their home planet here and enslave all the humans as a workforce of 6 billion and growing! Of course, Sam, his new obnoxious girlfriend, and the Autobots are there to stop them.

Speaking of Sam's obnoxious new girlfriend. I didn't like her. Yes, she was pretty, like Megan Fox, but blonde. And yes, the writers tried to make her a strong female lead, as in she was the one with the good job, bringing home the bacon, while Sam moped about his glory days. But she screamed A LOT! And her miraculous hair transformed from curly, to flat, and back to curly more times in the action scenes than was humanly possible. Plus, I guess no one thought we would notice how she changed shoes several times from 4 inch black stilettos to black flats while also running for her life (all while still screaming her head off.) I thought for a while there that maybe she just broke her heals off (reasonable and probably more practical) but NO! In the final scene, as she stood on a car, with the wind blowing through her newly curled hair, her heels were back! Thank goodness!

Did I mention that the city of Chicago must no longer exist because it was completely decimated by an alien race and half the army blowing shit up. Anyone been there lately? Does it still look like an atom bomb went off?

All in all, you're going to enjoy the movie if you love the big effects and watching buildings crumble under the strength of a giant robotic sea serpent/worm/snake/whatever that thing was.


  1. I saw the movie and I though it was good specially because the effects. I thought the girl was seriously pretty, in fact too pretty! How on earth would a guy like that, not saying he's not handsome, get a girl like her (or like the previous girl)? It seems like the director was like: "Here Megan Fox you didn't want to make part of this film so we found a girl that is even more beautiful than you. In your face..." And I also noticed her hair I thought it was too much. But in the end an enjoyable movie. ;)

  2. Rita...lol. I love it. I think you must have read their minds when it came to finding a replacement for Megan Fox! Excellent commentary.

  3. "[E]nslave all the humans as a workforce of 6 billion and growing!" I hate movies about modern politics.

  4. There is something about the Transformer movies that pull me in. When the first one came out, I didn't think I would really like it. Now I look forward to all the new ones.

    Thank you for stopping by and participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. I am following you.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Victoria's Voice...Yes, definitely that kind of franchise that I haven't gotten tired of yet. Although I will be surprised if they make another. idk.


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