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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNoWriMo (Day 14 of 30) A Busted Day (??? words left)

Today was a productive day. I just didn't get to work on what I would have liked to have worked on. I did finally get the chance to turn my blog into an app (directions in the previous post or at the bottom of my blog, along with my QR Code), I completed yet another application for the screening process for a job I am trying to get, and I ALMOST finished all the contact entries I needed to add to the Chamber's website. I would have had all of them if for the last hour an wrror message didn't go up every three entries or so, forcing me to redo the entire entry. Eventually, the error message flashed every time so I'm waiting until the morning to complete the project. Anyway, with all that going on, plus the millions of times I was interrupted by my phone or a family member, I was unable to write ANYTHING today. I'm just not giving myself very many days off to work on it. I know I won't make my word count, but I do hope to keep writing every day, if possible. Never fear, I should have more tomorrow, although it could be late. Tomorrow is another HUGE day!


  1. I so hear you on being too busy to write. MY family coming to stay was fabulous but also left me feeling pretty rough (I am still not right re thyroid - add to that excess and too little sleep and bleh) and the last few days (since they left Monday morning) have been all about cleaning up after the mayhem and trying to get my head together. I finally started writing today (half hour ago - about 5pm) and it's all going too slowly. And tomorrow I'm at the consultants re thyroid (hoping for a more accurate treatment). I am out all day tomorrow.

    You really sound under pressure Lady! Wow. Good luck with the job too :D Hoe could they say no though really. And what was all that about an APP ? I'll take a look. I shouldn't - I should be writing - Bleh!

    My muse and enthusiasm along with it have deserted me ;(

    But I will struggle on. :D X

  2. Shah...We are so on the same page with that busy, crazy life! lol. Sorry to hear that your treatment with your thyroid isn't working out the best, but hopefully with this next checkup you can get it all straightened out. I think I mentioned that my mom has thyriod issues as well, although her issues were really only fatigue, but she is doing fantastic. I think this is all a relatively new discovery so don't be discouraged if it takes the doctors a while to find the right treatment for you. I think it must just be such a relief to finally get down to some of the root problems, as frustrating as dealing with the doctors still must be.

    Anyway, I wish you well, keep me updated, and Happy Writing!

  3. I ALWAYS write somewhere other than home becuase it's to easy to get up and make a sandwich or switch laundry :) And I am doing the monthly writing challenge too :) stopping in to follow you from the hop - hope you have time to visit and return the favor soon - oh, and read my shameless plug for my $0.99 book that is on sale :) www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com

  4. Shauna...That is true. I do do pretty good when I am not at home. At home, I do have the comfort of no deadline though. Although, that might not be pushing me much either. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I will come and check out your blog as well. I love meeting other people that are doing NaNo!


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