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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me!

Yes, today is my 23rd birthday! As always, I don't feel any older, but perhaps a little bit wiser. It just happens over night, like fairy dust is sprinkled over me while I sleep, and when I wake up...BAM! I'm just more clever and deep. That is a joke by the way.

No, I love birthdays, even ones that are as inconveniently placed as mine, right in the middle of all this holiday spirit and new years ruckus. Sometimes I think that June would be a great month to have a birthday. I mean, nothing happens in June, right? When I was younger, I used to have my birthday party in June. Yes, a full 6 months after my actual birthday! Nobody cared about that fact though. They just wanted cake and to go bowling! (I always had my birthday party at the bowling alley.)

Speaking of cake, my birthday cake usually looks nothing like the one above, although I do love all the colors. When I was younger, I used to decorate my own cake. I even made a Lion King cake once with a river, stones, grass, sparkles, and Simba and Nala toys on top. It was AWESOME. I wish I had pictures. Anyway, now my mom buys cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and it's the best. She tried to make me a cheesecake last year, but it didn't turn out so great so we're going back to The Cheesecake Factory.

Anyway, looking forward to it all. I don't think there is really anything special that happens when you turn 23. I mean, when you turn 16 you can drive; when you turn 18 you can buy cigarettes (I don't smoke) or rent porn (I don't do that either) or vote (everyone seems to forget this, but I do vote); when you turn 21 you can drink (yes, I do that, but in moderation), but when you turn 23...nothing! I guess that's okay though. Honestly, my favorite year was 17 because I could finally go and buy a rated R movie ticket without a parent! Then, when I turn 18, I could buy rated R tickets for small children (AKA: my friends who were still 16.) What a blast!

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy the day. I'll talk to all you lovely people later!


  1. I can attest to the fact that 23 signifies nothing more than another wonderful year to look forward to.

    I can also feel you on the "close-to-the-holidays" birthday. Mine is on the fourth of next month. It's just after all the holidays, but it's still rather close. Though I'm sure you're feeling it more effectively.

  2. HAPPY 23rd welcome to the purgatory before 25 lol!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! I think birthdays are the bomb and they are my favorite. Birthdays are next to Christmas as important. :) True there may be nothing special about 23 but hey it's one more fabulous year in this life. I hope you have fun celebrating this special day. Enjoy it! :)

  4. I felt the same way on my 23rd birthday as well as on my recent one, 24. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever really felt different on my birthday, not even my 16th (probably because I didn't get my license), my 18th (but I did vote, since it was a big election year), or my 21st (although to celebrate we did go to a casino and I did play the slots :)). So I know where you're coming from.

    Cheesecake Factory is the best! I always want a cake from the store or DQ or somewhere but my mom always insists on making it.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. A day before my mom's! Capricorn, huh?! Congrats and I do hope you're having a brilliant day. ;) XX

  6. Happy Birthday and enjoy your day....I remember being 23 I think! ;)

  7. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and enjoy being 23!

    I turned 30 this year, and I think it was the worst birthday ever, I don't know...it seems like I need to be grown up now:)

    Frugality Is Free

  8. happy happy happy birthday lovely lady! can't wait to hear all about your day. i agree with you...i didn't think my 23rd birthday was anything special...but it's another lovely year of life and celebration regardless!!


  9. Happy Birthday to you! Mine is Thursday! Hope you enjoy your day!

    Stop buy and say hello
    Jamie~your Innkeeper
    Applesauce Inn Bed & Breakfast Bellaire, MI

  10. Happy Birthday!!!! Wishing you the best of the best and that cake does look mighty de-lish! Considering I'm starving right about now:) mine never looks that good either! Enjoy the day!:) Have a blast!

  11. Lots of birthday wishes from Denmark :) I hope you'll be able to look back at the past year and say "Boy, that was a well spent year!"


    Lots of love,

    -The Creative Muslimah

  12. 23 is a prime number! So that's kind of cool ^.^ ( you won't have another prime number birthday for 6 years!)

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for dropping by for the book lover's blog hop ^.^ I haven't read any of the rest of that series yet because I have a few other books to get through before I can go back! Hopefully you'll get to borrow it from your friend soon.

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books

  13. Okay, now I just wanna smack you. Seriously, not, well....maybe :)

    I remember 23, like a vague distant memory, like albums and leg warmers and Andy Gibb. Or maybe dirt. Or dinosaurs. Ionno, seriously though I hope you have a fantastic day! Do all the fun things you'd never normally do and if you get in trouble, I'll help you hide the body!

    Much loves, and wishes for a wonderful year for you! Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy birthday! Your blog reveals a lot of maturity.


    I'll share a quick update...
    -Mom and I went into town
    -We shopped at Meijer, Sams, Best Buy, and Target.
    -I got a new cellphone cover with neon green zebra stripes, Resident Evil 4, and Glee: The Complete First Season.
    -Mom and I picked up tons of Chrostmas stuff for half off. (The entire Christmas tree for next year is planned!)
    -Got two mini cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory with fresh raspberries on one and chocolate covered strawberries on the second!
    -Drove home
    -Went to best friend's house for PRESENTS! I got a new shirt and CANDY! Yum!
    -went back home for dinner (crab cakes, asparagus, and salad! My choice!)
    -Now, prepping possibly for sledding on the dunes and video games!
    -Watching Resident Evil 4 later!

    PS. Birthday celebrations continue on Saturday for a birthday dinner and movie with friends!

    Again, thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm having a fabulous day!

  16. Oh, you meant the 4th Resident Evil movie, not the game, haha. Also, you spelled "Chrostmas," ahaha. Does the new shirt have any text on it?

  17. Yeah, I meant the movie. I already have the game. It's my FAVORITE! I've beaten it so many times and then I got the infinate rocket launcher and now I can beat the entire game in a DAY if I really wanted to! So. Much. Fun!

    Yeah, I wish we could edit our comments sometimes. I just get typing too fast. The keyboard can't keep up!

    No, the shirt has no text. It's just a really preety blue and pink plaid.

  18. RE4 is definitely one of the better games. Do you have the PS2 version, which features an additional mode that shows the events of the game from Ada's POV? Have you also played RE5?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the movies. They just seem sub-par, not just in comparison to the games, but to other zombie films and action/horror in general.

  19. Hope you had a lovely birthday xxx

  20. Happy Birthday! I hope your day was filled with lots of laughter and joy! :)

  21. Happy (one day late) birthday!! I hope you had a fantabulous day.

  22. Matt...Yes, I have the PS2 version and am working on Ada's point of view now. There just hasn't been a lot of time to play and I really got back into the Lara Croft games and the Prince of Persia games.

    I haven't played any of the other Resident Evil games except for Code Veronica (which I played for all of 10 mins before deciding it pissed me off with teh old controls and one camera angle.) I heard none of the other ones even compared to 4. That might have been before 5 came out though.

    I love the movies just for the action and the fact that they have maintained the same characters throughout the movies. (Except for Valentine who mysteriously disappeared after the snd film. I honestly don't know what happened there.)

    Rumtruffle, Sophia, and Proudmom...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I had a fabulous day with my parents and best friend!

  23. Honestly, there are better guns than the rocket launcher. There's a laser that kills ganados without releasing the plagas and there's a Tommy gun which you can upgrade to infinite ammo. There's also a .50 caliber magnum. I'm sure you might have seen one of these already.

    Jill makes an appearance in the 4th movie during a post-credits scene. The movie on a whole draws from the fifth game.

  24. Yeah, but the rocket launcher is more fun! I didn't know about the laser. How do you get that?

    I also didn't know that there was a sting in the fourth movie!!! I just watched it! It's really hard to tell that's Valentine though, what with her being blonde. I might not have caught that one my own.

    Is the 5th game only for PS3? Was it any good?

  25. The rocket launcher may be fun, but it's hella slow. I don't think I've ever used it. To get the laser, you have to finish the game on hard mode. There may be some other requirements.

    In the 5th game, she's blonde. I never really noticed that it wasn't true to her original appearances. She probably dyed it during the interim between games.

    RE5 is equally as fun as RE4. They borrow similar enemies and even scenarios (such as a cabin being sieged). One of the perks is having a partner throughout who can actually aid in combat. There are also a lot of downloadable features including new scenarios and outfits. They even wear the new outfits in all of the cutscenes (which was something that the GameCube version of RE4 also featured). To understand what's going on, however, you'd have to be familiar with the previous installments, going all the way back to the first one and especially Code: Veronica. Although the plague in the game is derived from las plagas and not the T-virus (actually, it might be a blend of the two).

  26. Happy birthday Aubrie! I think 23 is the age where you start saying, "Wait, I'm (insert age)? When the hell did that happen?"

  27. Matt...Sounds cool. Is it only PS3 though? Also, who are the main characters in it?

    Patrick...lol. I did that the other day. Someone asked me how old I was and it took a full 4-5 seconds to remember! I'm losing it!

  28. Yeah, it's PS3 exclusive, sorry. Chris Redfield is the main protagonist, Albert Wesker is the antagonist. A new character named Sheva Alomar is Chris's partner. Jill appears late in the game.

    And I meant to say that you need to finish professional mode for the laser, sorry.

  29. Ok, thanks. Eventually, I am sure I will get a PS3, but only when there are more games I want to play on it, and when they get a little cheaper or there are more refurbs to choose from. I got my PS2 as a refurb. I only paid $82. :) Best buy EVER!

  30. What current games on the PS3 do you have your eyes on? My PS3 was a used 60-gig, backwards-compatible model for less than $300.

  31. Well, I accidently subscribed to Game Informer the last time I was at GameStop, so I just see games like the new Lara Croft, Assasin's Creed, Final Fantasy XIV, Uncharted, red dead redemption, and I know when the third kingdom hearts comes out (IF EVER) it will be on PS3. So many games that I can't even try.

  32. Yes, I've fallen for GameStop's subscription ploy before. Are you a fan of Kingdom Hearts? I was so amped for the second one. Ultimately, I was disappointed with it. The game just didn't recreate the same "magic" as the first one.

  33. Really? I like the second one better because I could beat it without a book. The command keys were very helpful. I jut kept getting stuck in the first one and it was very discouraging. I guess I don't really remember too much about it though. I only played it once where I have played the 2nd one tons of times.

  34. The first focused more on adventure and exploration. "Oh, wow! A new world! Let's explore!" You could go back to Wonderland and find something new every time. They even made you go back to find more things with each new Trinity skill obtained.

    With KHII, there was more focus on battles and action. All of the worlds were made to be very linear and straightforward with little to do in the way of exploration. Sure, you had to go back to each world for a second time, but it wasn't to find anything new, but to fight another boss. It was more about being a cinematic and telling a complex story than about going out and having fun.

  35. Yeah, you're right about that. I enjoy the storyline though and always having a goal to work towards. It's motivating.

  36. I can respect that. I just really dislike Twilight Town. You spend way too much time there.

  37. Agreed! You are there for a long time.

  38. I've discovered that if you were to skip every cutscene, you'd only be there for about 20 minutes.

  39. Sounds about right. Actually, the last time I played KH2, I completed Twilight Town and then saved it in a seperate slot so that the next time I play it, I can skip Twilight Town all together.

    That's another great thing about KH2, you can skip the cut scenes!

  40. Yes. Every game ever made should have that feature.

  41. You are young and intelligent and have a whole lifetime to look forward to and make the most of. That is what you get when you are 23. Cheers. Jana

  42. Jana...That is an excellent way of thinking of it. Thank you for the great advice :)

  43. Happy 23rd birthday AudrieAnne! I'm a Capricorn and my birthday is on the 28th of December - we have the same birthday!
    Well, happy birthday to the both of us! - no wonder we are so brilliant.

  44. dtwilight...NO WAY!!! I know about 3 other peple with the same birthday, but never anyone from blogging! That's too cool! Well, happy belated birthday to you!!!

    PS. We are brilliant ;)

  45. Are you paying more than $5 per pack of cigs? I buy my cigarettes from Duty Free Depot and this saves me over 60%.


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