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Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Introduction to Poetry Week (Starting Tomorrow!)

Well, I want you all to know that I like to take something and devote a week to it. Hence, the art week a few weeks ago and now the poetry week I will be starting tomorrow.

Now, while art week was merely a chance to show my passion for art and the many aspects of art that I have explored (and show of some of my amazing artistic talent. Ahem!), I am hoping that poetry week will be about a bit more. Yes, I will explore several different types of poetry and show off a bit of my own work, but I also would like you guys to join in. As we venture into poetry week, PLEASE write with me and SHARE your work! Show us your new stuff, old stuff, or stuff you’re still working on. Either copy and paste it into a comment, or post it on your own blog (if you post it on your own blog, please copy and paste a link in the comments so that people may come and take a look and/or link your blog back to mine so others can follow along.)

Each day, I will feature a different type of writing, such as (and in no particular order)…

Freeverse Poems
Rhyming Poems
Ironic Poems
Haikus and Tankas
Enjambment and Endstop Poems
Epic Poems

On each day, I will give you an example of the kind of poetry we are covering from my own work or from a famous piece (or both.) Each day, I will also encourage you to share your work in that style (or really any style. The point is just to write some poetry, but tell us what kind of poetry you are writing or enjoy the most).

Hopefully, it will be a poetry week to remember!!! I’m looking forward to it!



  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, I can't wait! Have a feeling I'm gonna be schooled this coming week! I'm so not a technical writer, so I'm sure to learn something, or lots of somethings new! Yay!

  2. I've not heard of "tankas" before. If I ever have to write a poem, it's typically a haiku.

  3. I've never heard of tankas either. I'm looking forward to this. But with Christmas coming up I might not have time to write a poem "on the spot" each day. I'll probably just share the links to the poems I posted from the poetry writing class I took last winter, when I started the blog. Can't wait!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. I am following you back!

  5. Sounds like fun, let the verses begin!

  6. Shah...Yeah! I know you write a lot of poetry so hopefully this will be fun.

    Donna...Yes, there will be lots of technical stuff, but only on certain days. Like when we are working on formed poetry, such as teh sonnets, haikus, and tankas. Other days, I will be "gentler." lol.

    Matt...Then you need to know what a Tanka is if you write Haikus, because Tankas are very closly related to Haikus. They're the oldest form of Japanese poetry and at one point were direct responses to Haikus. It's fascintating stuff!

    Sarah...Cool. I'm totally cool with people sharing older poetry. Poetry is timeless! Plus, most of the poems I've had published were at least 2-4 years old. AND you are the second person I need to teach Tankas to!

    Krystal...Sweet! Thanks for following back. I'll be around.

    Patrick...That's the spirit! I hope you can write a bit this week or share some of your older stuff as well. I've really enjoyed the poems you have posted on your blog thus far.

    PS TO EVERYONE! I'm experiencing a cliche "blonde" moment right now! (BTW, I'm not blonde.) But I didn't even think of Christmas falling under this week. So, if you can't write new poems that coincide with the poem being covered that day, that's fine. It was my dumb mistake! I am considering breaking up the week now, so that Chistmas Eve and Christmas can just been random Christmas posts instead of the poetry stuff, but I'll let you know.


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