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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let the Answers Be Given Part 2

Donna's final question took a littler more thought and I wanted to make sure my decision was perfect (for me at least). So, here's my final answer...

4. Put together the perfect man using male celebs, and tell us why each man was chosen and for what (intelligence, sensitivity, eyes, hair, but, etc.) Girl, I do want body parts here too!

Ethan Peck: Voice. (He inherited it from his grandfather, Gregory Peck.) From the second I heard this boy open his mouth, I melted. He has the deepest, more alluring voice I have ever heard. After the cancellation of ABC Family's 10 Things I Hate About You (I'm still angry about that ABC Fam!!!) he landed a small role in Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I had no idea he was in the movie when I initially started watching the film, but right in the middle, when my brain was shutting down, I heard him speak his one line and knew instantly who it was. I then spent the rest of the movie wishing he would reappear. Don't get me wrong, the movie was cute, but Ethan Peck is better.
Ian Somerhalder: Eyes. Never in my entire life did I imagine someone's eyes could be this color! They're like crystals. I've always liked that dark chocolate brown color, so deep that they're almost black, but Ian's eyes have converted me.
Paul Walker: Smile. I really like Paul Walker as an actor. I like the roles he plays. I like the way his face moves when he smiles and he's just been on my mental list for too long to not mention in here.
Hugh Jackman: Infectious Personality. Hugh always feels genuine in his interviews. He radiates joy and love especially when he talks about his work and his wife.
Keifer Sutherland: Hair ( in The Three Musketeers). I like it when a guy has hair! (There are very few guys I can tolerate with a buzz cut i.e. Wentworth Miller. That's it.) I also like when it's a little longer, kind of tousled.
Chris Hemsworth: Arms and Hands. All I can say is forget Liam Hemsworth and check out his brother!
Jake Gyllenhaal: Chest ( in Prince of Persia). Nothing speaks to me like a good ole Action/Adventure Blockbuster and a man who can actually grow some chest hair. I know some girls don't like that, but I'm not talking about the creepy soul patch. I'm talking about something a little more real.
Ryan Reynolds: Abs (in Blade Trinity). Can I say much more. This is what the rewind and pause button is for. Honestly, this lighting doesn't do him justice. His abs are ridiculous!
Channing Tatum: Height and General Build. I don't know if this is the same for most women, but I like a guy to be taller than me. Really!? Is it too much to ask for? I'm 5'9" on a good day. When I was in high school I was the tallest girl in my class and the second tallest person in my whole grade. Thankfully, that changed a bit by Senior year. Then, there were at least 5 or 6 guys who were taller than me. It's a sad fate! I'm really not that tall, am I?!
Clive Owen: That Tall, Dark, and Handsome Vibe! (Anyone else noticing a trend???) Yeah? I noticed it! Loving the dark!

Well, I hope Donna is satisfied with my answer. I had to think about this one for just a moment and then everything just fell into place. These are my guys!

If you get the chance, fellow followers, let me know your answer to Donna's question or any of the other questions from "Let the Answers Be Given Part 1." I like hearing from you just as much as I like writing to you.

PS. Keep those questions coming! This is just too much fun.


  1. WHAT? No butts? LE GASP!

    Seriously you're amazing. You nailed a couple of them on the head. Of course my enduring love for Hugh Jackman, but Clive Owen has that yummy factor that's all his own too! Paul Walker's smile could melt the polar ice caps too! I hadn't paid the least bit of attention to Jake Gyllenhaal until Prince of Persia and oh boy did I enjoy that movie! :P

    Ian's eyes are to die for, but honey? Have you checked out the arms and hands on Chris Evans? Be STILL my heart! And Michael Pitt has the most incredible lips! And ummm, I'm stopping now before I have to go take a cold shower!

    I l.o.v.e.d. all your answers! So glad you had fun with it, it was awesome reading all your answers too!

    Much lovies!
    <3 Donna

  2. I thought of so many people! It was hard to cut down. lol. Chris Evans did cross my mind. I love him when he's playing that funny egocentric part, but I also loved him in Push. I haven't see Michael Pitt in much since Finding Forrester so he's dropped off my radar. :(

    There was also Joshua Jackson who I haven't stopped adoring since I officially declared that Dawson's Creek be called Pacey's Creek. David Boreanaz I loved in Buffy and continued to watch in Angel and Bones, but when I found out he was cheating on his wife it irritates me. I also thing Jensen ackles is to die for when he's all brooding and a smart-alec. I like his voice as well. The list just goes on and on. lol. I hardly knew where to stop!

    Loving that you loved my answers though. this has been a blast!

  3. Well, at least I'm taller than you, haha. Have you seen Scott Pilgrim Versus the World? It's one of the few Chris Evans roles that I like.

    So, by reposing this question to us, you wouldn't mind if I made a combination of females? Though I don't really look at specific features; I tend to like specific women as a whole.

  4. No, I haven't seen that movie. I've heard good reviews though.

    Yes, you may compile your perfect person with "females" if you must. lol

  5. I think I'll just list women I like and explain why. I don't know if I can post pictures in comments, so I'll paste the urls.

    Susan Sarandon

    An absolutely lovely older woman. I think she looks much better now than she did when she was younger.

    Nicole Kidman

    Who doesn't love this woman? She's gorgeous.

    Carla Gugino

    Super lovely woman, her eyes are phenomenal.

    Amy Adams

    I often confuse her with that girl from The Office. Incidentally, she and Carla appeared in the Night at the Museum series, each portraying Stiller's love interests. Julie and Julia was also a fun movie.

    Yuma Asami

    A Japanese idol/model (I would advise against Googling her). I honestly really love her personality above all: she's friendly, patient, tolerant, non-judgemental, helpful, has an infectious laugh, and is always smiling.

    Mariya Poroshina and Galina Tyunina


    Two lovely ladies from the Russian films Night Watch and Day Watch. If you haven't seen them, I HIGHLY recommend. They are a blend of thriller and fantasy in a modern setting with vampires, witches, animal morphers, and others. There's a hilarious scene in Day Watch where the male lead is forced to switch bodies with Galina's character and the actress does a fantastic job acting as a man.

  6. It always tells me that a post is too large to process, but it still posts.

  7. I do adore Nicole Kidman. She is lovely and walks so tall. I also like Amy Adams. Did you know she was on Buffy for a bit?

  8. I did not. I've never seen the movie or the tv series. Incidentally, a scene from that show appears on a television in Night Watch: Buffy meets Dracula for the first time.

  9. lol. Too bad that was one of the corniest episodes. It had to be done though.

  10. It was added during the localization of the movie, so that Americans could relate it to some other "vampire medium." In the original Russian version, it's some Russian tv show. One of the best parts of those movies are the subtitles, which are mixed into the choreography and respond to certain actions. For instance, a character gets a bloody nose underwater and the text turns red and dissipates through the water.

  11. I like it when movies do that. It's a neat effect.

  12. Again, I HIGHLY recommend those movies (and even the novels!). I won't say that you -should- see (or read) them, of course. :) They are the most expensive films that Russia has ever made.

  13. Cool. I'm pretty sure I have see the novels before. I remember the title names. I bet I almost picked them up. lol.

  14. I forgot to mention, I also like Dannii Minogue, though I prefer Kylie's music.

  15. I didn't know she had a sister. That's cool.

  16. You didn't know that Dannii had a sister or that Kylie had a sister? Kylie Minogue is actually a hugely popular popstar in Europe and Australia. She's been around since the '80s and has only recently been making waves in the US. I am a huge fan of her music.

  17. I didn't know that Kylie had a sister. I know who Kylie is. She's not hard to miss with all the fame she had a few years ago. Especially after staring as the green fairy in Moulin Rouge.

  18. She was also in Biodome, but that's a point she'd like to forget. A lot of people in the States don't know her, despite her recent popularity, so I couldn't make that presumption. So yes, Kylie has a sister who apparently co-hosted The X Factor, along with Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne.

  19. Cool. I have never watched the X-factor so I wouldn't have seen her. Is that the same as our "America's got Talent?" That show annoys me. The one time I sat down to seriously watch it the audience booed a seven year-old adorable little girl off the stage. I was so appalled!!! I haven't watched it since.

  20. I don't watch any of those shows, but I believe you are correct that it is the British version of America's Got Talent. I haven't watched "Idol" since the first season. I watched one episode of Dancing with the Stars, the season pilot featuring Steve-o, David Alan Grier, Jewel, and so on.

    I agree that that would have been appalling. I hate reality television.

  21. I enjoy some reality tv. I LOVE "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Project Runway/The Fashion Show." Also, some of the cookie competitions are so much fun to watch. Although, they'd probably be more educational if i actually cooked. It's a limited selection in my mind.

  22. One of my roommates seems to love cooking shows. Another loves to watch UFC (as he is, himself, a cagefighter). One of the winners of So You Think You Can Dance went on to be a dance instructor on Dancing with the Stars.

  23. I only know of Lacey, but she wasn't a winnner. She was in the finals. I think second or third place. She was one of my favorites on So You Think you can Dance so I was happy to be able to see her on Dancing with the Stars.

    My friend Mike Martinez is a cage fighter. I actually went to one of his fights in Traverse City. He had the fight of the night, but he looked really beat up afterwards.

  24. Aw, that seems pretty cool. I haven't seen any of my roommate's fights. He doesn't focus on direct hitting, he mostly goes for grabs and submissions, which I might find to be boring.

  25. Yeah, those kinds of fights ended very fast. lol. Mikey isn't like that. He has more of the punch and kick approach which makes the fight last longer, probably more entertaining, but it's bloody and brutal. It's actually very hard to watch.

    Anway, one thing these fight coordinators were good at was matching the fighters. If you were trained to grab and choke someone out them you were paired off against someone with the same technique. Same goes for if you kick or punch.

  26. I can see how that makes sense, but where's the challenge? It's called "MMA" for a reason. I'd like to see all styles combat with each other.

  27. Well, they all know the different styles, but use the one they are most comfortable with. It's all in the amatuer division anyway.

  28. I asked my roommate about it. He says that what he does and what UFC does is all randomly decided. Your friend may have been in something different.

  29. Who knows! Boys and their hobbies. lol.

  30. You and I have the same hobby in writing, so what does that say? :p

  31. Excellent. I am everything you don't want in a guy, minus the height 6'4 and maybe the writing aspect as well.

  32. Ah, darn! lol. You have to admit that this is entirely unrealistic though. It was just too much fun. What chance do you get to actually group a ton of men (or women in about half the populations case) and just choose what you LOVE about them?

  33. Wow! Great pics, I stumbled your post. Stop by from Simply Stacy

  34. Self Sagacity...Thanks for stumbling upon it I will come and stuble across yours as well :)

  35. Hi there! Stumbling upon your page via Stumble Tumble Tuesday!! Stop by and say hi!!

    Baby's Breath Handmade

  36. Joyce...Thanks for stumbling by. What did you think? I would like to hear a little more from you and know that you read my post.

  37. Nicely played! I'm stopping by from Stumble Tumble! It would take me forever to come up with my list!! Btw, I know it's cliche, but Matthew McConaughey looks heavenly shirtless. *sigh*

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  38. Keenly Kristin...Thanks for stumbling by! It did take me quite a while to build up this list and matthew mcconaughey did cross my mind. lol.


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