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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Review #11: "One for the Money" by Janet Evanovich! Movie Review Coming Tomorrow!

Title: One for the Money
Author: Janet Evanovich
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Edition: Movie Tie-In Edition: November 22, 2011
Welcome to Trenton, New Jersey, home to wiseguys, average Joes, and Stephanie Plum, who sports a big attitude and even bigger money problems (since losing her job as a lingerie buyer for a department store). Stephanie needs cash—fast—but times are tough, and soon she’s forced to turn to the last resort of the truly desperate: family...

Stephanie lands a gig at her sleazy cousin Vinnie’s bail bonding company. She’s got no experience. But that doesn’t matter. Neither does the fact that the bail jumper in question is local vice cop Joe Morelli. From the time he first looked up her dress to the time he first got into her pants, to the time Steph hit him with her father’s Buick, M-o-r-e-l-l-i has spelled t-r-o-u-b-l-e. And now the hot guy is in hot water—wanted for murder...

Abject poverty is a great motivator for learning new skills, but being trained in the school of hard knocks by people like psycho prizefighter Benito Ramirez isn’t. Still, if Stephanie can nab Morelli in a week, she’ll make a cool ten grand. All she has to do is become an expert bounty hunter overnight—and keep herself from getting killed before she gets her man.


By the time I got my hands on this book, one of my best friend's had already read ALL 18 of the Stephanie Plum novels and a movie based on the novel was about to come out! But I got it, read it, and then was able to see the movie the very next week!
High Notes: As many of you must already know, I am not the type of person to pick a piece of contemporary fiction. I just think reading about every day life can be a bit boring or depressing. I enjoy the escape from it so I usually turn towards historical fiction or sci-fi/fantasy. However, One for the Money was so very, very funny! And, at the same time, very serious! A great mix. I enjoyed the main character's, Stephanie Plumb's, sardonic reasoning. "Well, I was fired and am going to lose my car and my apartment so I might as well become a bounty hunter so I can bring in that hotty that I had a one-night-stand with in high school and ran over a few years back because he never called!" LOVE IT! Completely ridiculous, but Evanovich just sweeps you away with her fast-paced dramedy.

But it's not all guns and roses. The novel tackles some serious issues like rape and abuse. Stephanie is constantly just getting away from trouble with the help of the quiet, but buff, fellow bounty hunter, Ranger, and the guy she's trying to bring in, Morelli. She is a strong personality that doesn't stop until she achieves her goals and puts the real bad guys behind bars.
Low Notes: This is a tough one for me. I tend to like just about everything I read, because if I don't like it, I won't read it! So, most of the times, you guys only get the good reviews. :). But, I will say, for some of you, the book could be a bit offensive. There is quite a bit of swearing, including the F-word. None of the violence or sex is really described, but it is talked about and implied. And shooting people is taken pretty lightly, but just because most of the people in the book accept is as "life" in certain parts of town.
I'd suggest that you be at least 16 years-old to read the book.
As a final note, ladies, I must ask! Morelli or Ranger? I'm personally leaning towards Morelli!
Character Development: 5/5
Dialogue: 5/5
Prose: 5/5
Believability: 4/5
Style and Grammar: 4/5 At times there are accents built into the dialogue. Not, necessarily a bad thing, but I know some people find that hard to read.
Entertainment Value: 5/5 This book is pure entertainment!
Overall Rating: 93% A quick and entertaining read!

Look for my "One for the Money" movie review coming tomorrow!


  1. For your reasons I don't do CF either, but then I don't normally read erotica and have read three this month already (two were for review though (I must learn to say no more and to actually read what the book's about !!) - and one was Demon's Slave, the second in the series (although in my defence, the first was more vamp action and humour than anything else). Can't say I'm be rushing back to this genre any time soon. But it has made me think I should read out of genre more anyway. I want to fit a few classics in this year too, if I can. This book sounds pretty good; reminds me of the Bridget Jones Diaries style I loved so much. Great review :)

    1. "No" is a hard word when it comes to books. lol. I am the kind of person that once I start a book, or even just buy it, I HAVE to read it. A bit of a compulsion. And sometimes I HATE the book, but I torture myself to read it. I am getting much better at saying no though and putting down a book that SUCKED! I have now dropped 3 books in the middle of reading them. :) I am very proud of myself!


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