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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Books to add to the Dusty Shelf!

More, more, more, and more books! My favorite thing on the planet and the one thing I really don't need right now. Alas, I can't stop myself from thumbing through the bookstore! I know every time I walk in, it's impossible to just walk out! But does that mean I will stop going? Of course NOT!!!

Author_____ Title
Maria V. Snyder- Touch of Power
Eva Ebbotson- A Coutness Below Stairs
Bram Stoker- Dracula
Janet Evanovich- Two for the Dough

Speaking of new books, Maria V. Snyder's book is relatively new. It only cam out last November and it already has 3 covers!!! I have the cover at the top left. Can anyone explain to me why so many covers so soon? I suppose if she were trying to appeal to many different audiences. The bottom left reads YA to me all the way, and the right makes me think more sophisticated, perhaps even for someone that does not usually pick up a fantasy novel, and the top left that I got reads pure fantasy all the way. Let me know what you think!

Now, it is also your time to share! What books have you bought recently to add to the shelves? Read any of the books I got? What do you think? Remember to try and not spoil anythign for me. I have yet to read any of the above!

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