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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poll #8 Results: If you could be a part of a fantasy race, which one would you be?

I know it took me forever to finish this up, but I am pleased with the amount of votes we got! Here's what the chart ended up looking like...
YEAH! I went for the multi-colored this time around.

So, kind of an odd question, but I thought it was appropriate with all this love going around for the supernatural and what not. I looked up a few different lists online. I wanted a good variety but not too many things that people would not know.

Anyway, here were the results. (Sorry, I didn't add all the little labels to the pie chart like a usally do, and some of the names got cut off because I was in a rush,) but here's them all layed out...
Werewolf...1 (I was surprised by this. I thought more people would have voted.)
Vampire...7 (No surprise there! Lots of people like Vampires!)
Elf...3 (YEAH Legolas!
Goblin...0 (No one wants to be so ucky!)
Dwarf...0 (Kind of figured on this one as well. Although, I love Willow, and the short professor from Harry Potter. That might even be the same actor for both. I know he had a couple roles in Harry Potter.)
Demon...1 (This was pretty general, but I thought I would enter it anyway. I mean, I think some would consider a Vampire to be a demon, maybe even a Banshee or Goblin.)
Ghost...5 (This surprised me. If I were a ghost, I don't think I'd like it. I don't think ghosts can really do much but freak people out, maybe, if they are talented anough, they can send cryptic messages. That could be cool, but frustrating if the people you are sending it to don't get it!)
Brownie...1 (This was one that I don't think many people knew what they were. If you've ever seen the movie Willow, they are the very little people that cause a lot of mischeif. I think I would really like to be one in another life! lol. They're hilarious!)
Fairy...7 (I would also like to be a fairy, but a normal sized one that could hide her wings. They're also very beautiful usually.)
Banshee...1 (This is an older race, I think. Perhaps Irish or Norse (someone can jump in here. I don't have my old fact sheet near me.) I just know they scream!)
Centaur...1 (I think centaurs are totally cool. I don't know if I would want to be one, but they are very very cool.)
Minotaur...0 (I wouldn't choose this fate either.)
Zombie...1 (In reality, I wouldn't really want to be one, but I think they are the most interesting  characters. It's like an instant plot handed to you on a silver platter.)
Other...0 (Yeah, I couldn't think of any others either, so this works.)

So, there you have it! This poll is finally over with. I will think of a really good one for next time. Perhaps one that goes along with a lively discussion!


  1. I don't remember what I selected, if anything. I probably didn't like any of the choices. Anything that's immortal, I suppose, so long as it isn't a blood-sucking vampire.

  2. Matt...I'm not 100% positive, but an argument could be made that all of the above are Immortal. I think Werewolves are thought to have delayed aging at least. Ghosts are dead, but exist for decades. Zombies are "alive" as long as their bodies hold up. I don't think Centaurs or Minotaurs were immortal, but lived longer than humans. Wow, the gook is coming out!

  3. I think I'd prefer to be average human and still immortal. Not undead or fantastical/supernatural. As with most people, I just want immunity to death. What was your selection?

  4. Matt...That's understandable. Whoa! I totally blanked on saying what I picked. I think it was a fairy or I could be the one vote for Brownie! I like both.

  5. I wouldn't want to be a werewolf because of the pain of changing - ew! A fairy or vampire for me plea :D

  6. Shah...Yeah, the changes would not be fun, and the loss of control.


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