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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project 231

Recently, a local photographer, by the name of Sarah Armstrong, started Project 231. It's a photographic collection of 231 women in the 231 area code here in Michigan. My mom found the project through Facebook where Sarah was asking for volunteers to get their picture taken. Mom and I were immediately interested, and by the time we were all set up, we were already numbers 170 and 171.

The popularity of the project astounded me and it's still creating quite the buzz. Sarah was on the news last night, announcing that the project will be turned into a book that will be available to order before Christmas!

Here are the shots that were chosen of both me and my mom for Project 231!

For more information, please check out Sarah's facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/#!/Project231), or search "Project 231" on Facebook.


  1. Very interesting. You have a lovely mother, btw, and that is a very nice photo of you.

  2. How exciting. I expect that you both will be buying the book? Why didn't we think of this A? I want a bit of inspiration for a great idea like this to come out of the sky and just land in my brain. Maybe if I think on it hard enough it will be...like "if you build it they will come".

  3. I love the pictures! Your hair is so pretty in your pic! :)

  4. You and your mother both look beautiful! :) Very interesting project, checking it out!! :)

  5. Matt...Thak you twice.

    Teri...Yes, we will both be buying to book. Definitely a Risky Business scenario! Boy are those effective! lol. That was exactly my thought "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!!??" I think this is certainly something she could do every couple of years too, gather a few volumes. I would have loved to have added a bit of a story for each or have three standard questions that every woman had to answer and then publish those along with it. That would have been awesome! I totally would have done it for her too! lol

    Natalie...Thank you. I told her that my hair was my favorite feature, along with my vinatge leather jacket that I decided to ear that day!

    Dawn...Thank you! Glad you are going and checking it out and thanks for friending me on facebook!

  6. Fun! We know couple of wonderful women that took part!

  7. The Four of Us...That's too cool! It's one thing I have really enjoyed about it is that people are learning more and more about it and know at least one person that participated. I think it could be an annual thing if Sarah felt like putting in the work.


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