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Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Review #12: "Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin

Let me first say that this book has a fabulous concept. The summary on the back of the book is thrilling and entangling! Sadly, that's really where the fun ended for me.
Sorry guys, but not so into it. The only character I remotely liked at the end was Jon and Martin really didn't give him much to do. I used to love Renly until I realized absolutely nothing was going to be done with his character…what a complete shame. Tyrion was funny, but not one I can easily relate to. I already knew Eddard's fate so I tried not to get attached. All the girls are flipping annoying, except for Arya, but again, nothing done with her storyline. Every time her plot got interesting, Martin dropped her to move onto other more boring characters and forgot about her until ten chapters later, and, by then, it feels like he just forgot to write something in her point of view in such a long time that he might as well stick something in there so his audience doesn’t completely forget about her existence.
I’m not even going to get started with the sex scenes. If it isn’t rape or incest, I don’t know what to call it.
My greatest pet peeves are really these two things though. 1) Are these characters forbidden to talk to each other? The book is written in several points of view. 8, I think. And, I know these characters are technically scattered across this country, but for the sake of the story, can’t they cross paths once in a long while. I wanted them to interact and talk with one another, but apparently that may never happen. 2) Isn’t this categorized as fantasy? Besides the idea of the Direwolves, some little dragons in the last few lines, and some supposed array of beasts that live beyond the wall, I’m not seeing much.
Strongly considering not touching the second book. It’s feeling more like torture than entertainment at this point.

I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. Also, I know there are several out there who probably feel the complete opposite. Tell me about it!

I have also seen some of the HBO series and do intend to continue watching here and there, if not for the sake of seeing how it differs from the book. I've had a lot of luck lately with books I didn't like turning into shows I love. Anyway, feel free to chat with me about the show too.


  1. Never read the books but I did intend to at some point because I ADORE the show! I eagerly await each episode - well, my hubs and I do. We both love it. Shame you disliked the book so much. The sex in the series is never a loving kind though either if memory serves. The second series seems less littered with such scenes thankfully. I can so tell a man wrote it though - the women are are stereotypically either virgins or whores, mutants, witches or evil queens. There's little delicacy of character with them. The little girl (Sharks' daughter - the runaway whose name I cannot recall) is the only one I truly like. But I love everything else. I'm on series two now and I don't want them to stop. :)

    1. Hey lady! I just remembered that you and your hubby love the show. I like the show so far too. I like that the characters seem to interact more. Arya would be Stark's runaway daughter and her and Jon have always been some of my favorites! Glad to hear others like one or both of them as well. :)

      I'm looking forward to getting into the second series as well. I still have quite a bit of the first to go, but I hear the second is doing well!

  2. The show is great! Even though there're some differences between the show and the book, I would prefer to watch the show though. Anyway, great to see your critical review here :)


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