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Monday, February 7, 2011

WYE?’s Bookmark Break Challenge (1 Month Update)

Just over 1 month ago, I challenged you (and you and you and YOU!) to finish reading all the books you had started, freeing your bookmarks from their black and white prisons! Then, I asked you to read even more! As many as you can in the year 2011! So far, 10 of you have stepped up to the plate and are kicking my butt!!! (Keep it up and by the end of the year, I will be featuring your blog and posting your button on my main page for 1 whole year!)

And there is still time to join up (ahem! To everyone who has yet to accept the challenge!) Just check out this post here…WYE?'s Bookmark Break Challenge 2011!

It’s been just over one month and I cannot even describe how excited I have been, watching the book lists grow and grow and grow!!! Now, it is time to update everyone on your progress. Here are the standings as of RIGHT NOW…

Way to go!

Susan has been dominating the lead, but Rose, a recent entry (who will be posting her reading list once a month), may give her a run for her money! Selena has also been right up there as well. Poekitten and Natalie seem well matched. They both read tons right off the bat. I am floating quite happily in the middle, mostly going back and forth with the lovely Shah. And Alissa, The Creative Muslimah, Michele, and Patrick have been a good solid base. I imagine there may be some dark horse there. :)

All in all, we are having the best time! I am am just thrilled to be tracking everyone's progress. Let me note that if you click on any of the names above, they are direct links to their reading list so you can see what they have been reading. And, here's my list do you can see what I have been up to as well...
  1. The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle
  2. A Midsummer Night's Dream
  3. The Metamorphosis
  4. Frankenstein
  5. The Merchant of Venice
  6. Death in Venice
My list also provides a list of links to the amazon pages for each of there reads. (PS. Be lookiing out for book reviews soon. I got a little behind, but I'm working on writing them.)

Well, I look forward to more reading and more competitors signing up! Again, if you are curious, just check out this post...WYE?'s Bookmark Break Challenge 2011! This post fills you in on what I was thinking, how to sign up, and all the rules (PS. There's only 2 rules.) Honestly, the more the merrier and you have absolutely nothing to lose, but all the world to gain through reading.

Until next month!


  1. I have also entered with Moana. I have read to two books and she has read two as well - we have written our list in Bloggerholics Anonymous. I'm excited and I am so looking forward to reading more books!
    -p.s how do you create buttons and add codes? I have been trying, but I can't work it out.

  2. This is so great! I love to read and when I have started on a book I have to finish it. I'm studying English Literature so I'm actually reading quite a bit these days. Frankenstein is a great book =)


  3. Poor Aubrie, haha. I didn't know plays could count as books. I once read Cyrano de Bergerac. Skipped class to read it in the library.

  4. dtwilight...Perfect! I will add Moana too and set it up so that people will be able to find your lists on Bloggerholics!!! Also, when I get back from school tonihgt, I will shoot you an emial with the information on how to make a button and the coding. :)

    A woman's right to shoes...I'm in 3 literature classes right now! That's why all the books on my list are...strange. lol. You should consider joining the competition! I bet your reading list for school alone would help you!

    Matt...I'm fine! I'll catch up one of these days. When I am in school, I never read enough. In the rules for the copetition I noted that you can read books, ebooks, audio books, a collection of short stories or poetry, plays, novellas, really anything but magazines, as long as they are 100 pages or more. I know people read a lot of different things so I want to make it extensive.

  5. I love to read and so does my daughter. I am happy I found this blog.
    I'm a new follower from the Monday hop

  6. I'm such a show off - I read five books this weekend - my neighbour had lent them to me a few weeks ago and I felt so bad that I still had them that I shut myself away and read them all. Love reading anyway so it was hardly a hardship.
    I came by to say many thanks for dropping by my blog the other day - sorry I've only just come to visit (you probably now know why I haven't been online much).
    I'm off to catch up on some of your posts now that I've missed.
    Love your reading list - they are teaching Frankenstein as an 'A' level text in schools here at the moment.

  7. Thank you AubrieAnne! I will definitely look in my email!

  8. ok, I may be a little bit slow tonight but I don't get how this book list thing works. :(
    Maybe I should come back tomorrow and read the entire post one more time. :)

  9. Hi! I'm following from the blog hop! I'd love if you'd return the follow favor and maybe join in on my blog hop next Sunday.

  10. Hi Aubrie! You know how much I adore you? Alot! I consider you one of my very first blog friends I made here along with Donna. You both hold a special place in my heart. I have an award for you :) YOu don't have to do it but just know how much you mean to me and inspire me!


  11. Mommymoon...Welcome! I'm glad to hear that you love to read. If you ever want to join the reading challenge, just let me know!

    Facing50...Don't you just love a weekend like that!!! It doesn't happen very often, but I LOVE those kinds of weekends. Absolutely nothing to bother you, just a few good books. :)You should consider joining the challenge. Those 5 books alone almost puts you ahead of me!

    dtwilight...I'm preparing it right now!

    Mira...Did you got to the original post. It explains everything where this post is just an update. Here's the link again if one of the above doesn't work...http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/2011/01/wyes-bookmark-break-challenge-2011.html

    Giveaways 4 mommy...Thanks for finding me and for following. i will have to come and check out your blog soon!

    Katie...You are adorable and I love you very much as well and all the love you spread with your blog. I too consider you one of teh first blogging friends!!! and I am so happy for that. Thank you for the award. I accept it kindly and will have a post up for it next week!

  12. Hi again.
    I would really like to join the competition. How do I do that? =)

  13. A woman's right to shoes...Well, the first step is to tell me you want to join. So, put a big check in that box! Now, the only other thing you have to do is build a list somewhere on yous blog (like on the sidebar or on a seperate page), entitle it "Bookmark Break Book List 2011" (or something very similar), and place on it all the books (fiction or nonfiction), plays, novellas, and collection of poems or short stories (note that all of these should be at least 100 pages), and you are all set. Just keep your list updated and I will track your progress throughout the year!

    PS> Let me know when you have your list up, then I can link it to your name on the competitor's list which is always located here...http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/p/bookmark-break-challenge_18.html

    I can't wait to see the books you have read so far!

  14. This is a FANTASTIC idea!! I have too many bookmarks that I need to free to list them all! LOL I just need to invest in a Kindle... :) You've definitely inspired me to get back to my books that are half finished! So glad that I found you at the hop!


  15. Brea...Thank you. I am happy that you like the idea. Would you like to join the challenge? I'd love to have you!

  16. Woot! I actually have 20 books now. I don't know whether to feel proud of myself or embarrassed by my extreme nerdiness :)

  17. Susan...Excellent job! I'll be updating the list again in a few days and then another monthly update in about two weeks!


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