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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mothers and Daughters

This was a recent guest post for Shah @ Wordsinsync and it got some really great feedback so I would like to share it here on WYE? These two poems were made in succession and are meant to be read together. I’ll have you read them now and then we will discuss the content a bit…

The Raisin and the Rose

She brushes my locks out every night,
Long tresses are pulled and shined.
Her own withered curls fall out of place,
A mane overtaken by the color of salt.
My posture young, weightless and steady,
Her own hunched, crippled by stress.
Why is it we are moving away from each other?
Both growing, but one taller and the other older.
I seek the life outside, unfamiliar experiences at my fingertips.
She finds solace inside, safety in common comforts.
As I am ready to emerge, choosing a life, a profession, a lover.
She decides scrambled or boiled, wash or dry, Wal-Mart or K-Mart.
She’s shrivels, like a raisin forgotten on the vine.
And I, a rose, spotted from a distance, ready to be picked.
She’s a queen, not quite jealous of her daughter’s youth and beauty,
But never forgetting, never overlooking,
That someday this girl will take the throne.
She will be replaced.


My daughter’s reflection in the mirror
Contradicts everything about me.
Her young and sturdy shoulders,
Not yet burdened by the weight of the world,
Whereas I cripple at the sight of the cooled morning air.
Her gleaming hair reflects rays of sunshine,
While mine, limped curls that absorb the dry air and crinkle at its roots.
My lines, deep and hallow,
As hers become smoothed and defined.
She’s in a prime I surpassed years ago.
I'm a barren wasteland that has been emptied
Month by month, no longer able to create.
And her, supple and full, able to give way to pleasure
Without a sense of uselessness.
She’s a sweet rose that only need be picked.
And I, whose petals have already been plucked one by one,
Left to rot on the floor.
Why is it she is of my own making
And yet she’s taken a place I once held so dear;
One of youth and adventure.
I’ve been replaced.

Out of all the poems I have written, these have brought about the most controversy. Now, I think controversy can be a bit of fun, but, unlike some people who are keen on assumptions think, I am not condemning my own mother for aging here. Age is something no one can defy.

Instead, this poem speaks on two topics:

The first is a note on how our modern day American society thinks of our elders. Some cultures revere their old, take care of them without a sense of burden or selfishness. However, many Americans do not share the same views. Instead, the old are in the way, they should be replaced in the workplace, in the home. They should die and leave their place or money to others who are more vivacious, more apt to make the most out of it. Sound harsh?

The second is a note on many mother/ daughter relationships. I like to think I have a wonderful relationship with my mother. We talk often, get along, spend whole days together, laugh and cry together. However, not every relationship is like that. These poems are meant to shed light on the absurdities some mothers and daughters hold against one another things none of them can fight, such as, youth, “beauty,” fertility, and desire. Let it go. Realize that you are angry at nature and not one another. Love your mothers and daughters. No bond should be stronger.


  1. These poems were fantastic! They touch upon some important topics that we can easily forget in the society we live in. It is imporant to remember that a relationship with your mother is important. She will always be there for you because you are her daughter. Of course we all have been through our teens where our parents were the most stupid people on this planet, but the relationship I have with my parents is the best. And I'm so glad to hear that you have a great relationship with your mother too.

  2. I think I may have seen photos of your mother. You're both very lovely. Were these poems inspired because you witnessed second-hand these elements or firsthand?

  3. a woman's right to shoes...Thank you. And, yes, there are always a couple roough spots in any relationship, but I am very lucky to have a glowing relationship with my mother. I too have a great one with my dad. I feel he gets lost in the mix sometimes, but only because we have a different relationship. When something is wrong, I go to mom. When I need a good laugh, I go to dad. It works well.

    Matt...Mostly secondhand. Like I mentioned, my mom and I have a great, unconditional love relationship. It's more of what I heard from roommstes, those that don't want to go home because they don't get along with either or their parents. They are so happy to move out, etc, etc. I was the complete opposites. At times, I couldn't wait to go home. lol.

  4. My mother is too overbearing and I'm a bit resentful of her (she's also a bit judgemental and prefers things her way). My father's not very reliable, himself.
    I'm glad that you have a great relationship with your folks.

  5. My mum is really kind and beautiful! The relationship between me and her is unconditional. I don't know how we could ever be apart : )

  6. Matt...I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully it gets better as you get older and give them more of a chance to realize that you are your own person and they don't need to control you.

    dtwilight...That's wonderful. I can tell that she's just a lovely lady!

  7. Beautifully written! I LOVE my mom and I look just like her!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @

  8. Amy...Isn't that cool? When you look a lot like one parent or the other. People always used to say that I looked just like my dad when I was younger and then as I grew up, they started saying that i looked more like my mom. I personally think I look more like one of my cousins on my dad's side. lol.

  9. Your poems are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them on NOBH! My relationship with my own mom is not as close as I would like and I am working on trying to find ways to be closer than we are! It's a struggle!

  10. Tracey...Thank you! I really wish you all the luck in the world. I know many people are not close to their parents, but I think we should try to be. They are our blood and I think that means a lot.

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