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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Wonder: dtwilight

Make way for this cutie pie!!! She's the kind of person that you can make instant friends with!

General Questions…

Name: Danielle Emma 
Penname: dtwilight
A sentence or two about yourself: I am obsessed with cats! I love to read, write, draw, be with friends and family and I like to socialize
What my blog is about: My blog is about cats and other random stuff.

Book Lover Questions...

What is your favorite book and why? My favorite book is Fallen because there is a bit of romance, a bit of action it has everything that you could ever imagine!
Other favorites: Twilight Saga, Hush Hush, Mao's Last Dancer, Shiver, Pride and the Prejudice, and Tensy Farlow
Favorite genre of books: Romance
Where do you like to read? I like to read in my backyard
Do you prefer paper books or ebooks? Paper books
Do you prefer to buy or borrow? I like to buy books.
Do you stop reading when you are tired or when you hit chapter breaks? When I hit chapter breaks.
When you finish a book, do you usually keep it, throw it away, sell it or give it away? I keep it and I have a big bookshelf!
What helps you decide on a book? Suggested by friends
Do you prefer to read a book that stands on its own or is a part of a series? It depends, if it is part of a series and its good, then yes I will continue

So you want to be a writer questions...

A few sentences about your writing: I write poetry because it’s the key to expression and blog entries because I want to share my thoughts and keep in touch with the world.
Did you always know that you wanted to write? Yes, I did

Favorite Questions...

What's your favorite food? Cannelloni
Favorite color? Mauve
Favorite song? “In the End” by Linkin Park
Favorite movie? Twilight
Favorite TV show? Vampire Diaries

Random Questions... 

If you developed a superpower what would it be and why? Time travelling, so I could change the course of history
What did you want to be when you were little? Artist
What is the answer to life? Constant mystery and not knowing your fate.

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  1. I see you and Aubrie both like Pride & Prejudice. What would you change about history?

  2. At long last, I found a writer to follow! I'm your 249th follower, please follow back :) I like your subheading and I'm gonna commit it to memory.

  3. I just dropped in to say hello. Have a great weekend!

  4. Matt... Pride and the Predjudice is one of my favourite books Matt and I don't know what part of history I would change.

  5. Oh wow, such an interesting post!! :-) I like your idea of time-travelling, that'd be kind of fun actually :-) Imagine being able to see what your mum was like as a baby :P

  6. The Creative Muslimah... I'm happy that you found this post interesting - I would love to see my mum as a baby.

  7. Lovely! This girl has an awesome blog and she too is equally awesome. Way to go Dan!!!

  8. SJ...Hi! Yeah, I am very happy that you found me and I look forward to sharing more on writing with you! Welcome!

    JJ...You have a great weekend too!

    dtwilight...P&P is just fabulous! I think I would like to time travel as well, just as long as I didn't mess agything up :(. I think it would be so cool to live in a certain period of history for just a bit though.

  9. cats are very interesting topic for a blog! I should go on and check it out!

  10. Following from Relax and Surf.

  11. Mommies Playground...Thanks for stopping by and for following. Please join in on the conversations when you get a chance!

  12. Dawn... Thanks for commenting and thanks for being so kind to me throughout my blogging journey.
    Mira... I hope you do check out my blog Mira.
    AubrieAnne... I definitely knew you would love P&P - My favourite character is Mr Darcy. Time travel sounded fun, so I wrote it down, but now that you mention destroying stuff, I am sort of laying off that idea LOL

  13. I think popping in and out of different eras, to experience what once was, would be a fantastic power to have. Changing history would be good, only if the power of retrospect or ESP came with it. Creating a wonderful future is our job now. Funny, dtwilight, that we have so many things in common ;)

    Love my pagan angel

  14. dtwilight...I like Darcy too and I love how evil Caroline Bingley and her other sister are in the books. So much more than in any of the movies. Yes, messing up the past would be scary, but we would have to discover a way of merely popping in here and there and not disrupting too much, however tempting it may be at times. lol. I'd like to stop a few wars.

    Moana...I completely agree!


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