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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Wonder: Patrick Tocci

General Questions…
Name: Patrick Tocci
Penname: Padraic
A sentence or two about yourself: I’m something of a poet, but lacking the steady manic-depressive, chemically altered or delusional state that makes most poets prolific. I enjoy writing and playing music, cruising on my motorcycle, taking an odd part or two in theatre productions, and journaling my thoughts and experiences.
Link to blog: http://thedivergentlife.blogspot.com/
A sentence or two on what your blog is about: The Divergent Life is a symposium where all the personae which my imagination conspire together in artistic self-sabotage! Mostly poetry, some prose, and odd personal posts or pseudo-philosophical ramblings find their way in, from time to time.

Book Lover Questions…
What is your favorite book and why? "Walden Pond" by Henry David Thoreau. He wrote there, "A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting." Walden Pond has ever had that effect upon me.
Other favorites? The Silmarillion, Les Miserables, Ivanhoe, Men of Iron, The Scarlett Pimpernel, Jane Eyre, Stalky and Co, War and Peace, The Lord of the Rings.
What’s your favorite genre to read? Historical fiction. I am slowly and cautiously working my way through works of many great 19th-20th century Scottish, Russian, French, and British novelists. I'm not overly fond of American literature, which as a majority I've found to be overwhelmingly dark and soulless; neither am I a fan of the modern novel. So few authors write truly well these days, and I'd rather not read whatever everyone else in the world is currently indiscriminately devouring at the time.
Where do you like to read? I can read anywhere, really. Growing up with five brothers has made me quite inured to chaos, and being a bachelor for several years has made quite accustomed to solitude.
Do you prefer paper books or ebooks? Each has their merits, but in my current transient bacheluxurious lifestyle ebooks have proven especially handy.
Do you prefer to buy or borrow books? I like to buy books and borrow ideas. I also steal epiphanies.
Do you stop reading when you are tired or when you hit chapter breaks? I usually read until I fall asleep or I am unavoidably interrupted. I rarely put down a good book of my own free will.
When you finish a book do you usually keep it, throw it away, sell it, or give it away? Keep it and sometimes I'll loan it to friends - which is often the same as giving it away, and understandably so.
What helps you decide on a book? The title, then the first three chapters. If I'm not hooked by then, it's pretty much hopeless.
Do you prefer to read a book that stands on its own or is a part of a series? I prefer a stand-alone book, but I do enjoy occasional series that don’t necessarily railroad me into reading the next installment just because of a cliffhanger. Plot is essential, but developing characters and caring about the quality of your writing is much more important.

So You Want to be a Writer questions…
A few sentences about your writing: What do you write (blog entries, novels, poetry, etc)? Why do you write? I write poetry, prose, lyrics, essays, and I'm working an assortment of novels in various stages. My poetry usually turns into lyrics once it meets my musical, and my lyrics sometimes turn into poetry when they meet my blogger side. As far my novels go, one is Tolkien-esque fantasy novel that I’ve restarted five times so far. Then a couple of others are being written under a pseudonym, and feature blatant exploitation of humanity's weakness for pulp fiction and romance. Just kidding... or am I? Writing is a crucial weapon in an artistic gauntlet I have run through to keep myself sane. Writing poetry came naturally to me, it's most rudimental form (four lines that somewhat rhyme.) Seeking to exercise ever less restricting forms of the discipline has been an interesting, but often tortuously and unconfidently pursued journey.
Did you always know that you wanted to write? Definitely not. I have only just become self-aware in the past eight years. I didn't even realize what my reflection was up until then.

Favorite Questions…
What’s your favorite food? Irish Oatmeal.
Favorite color? Royal Blue.
Favorite song
? Bon Iver - “The Wolves (Act I & II)”
Favorite movie? Fiddler on the Roof.
Favorite TV show? Dexter

Random Questions…

If you developed a superpower what would it be and why? To separate myself into several different people: i.e. a bohemian poet, a soundtrack composer, a jaded, yet sometimes inspirational philosopher, an unfettered adventurer, an industrious novelist, and a hard-living war-fighter. I would tell each to focus on just one thing and I’d be so very productive and only the last alter-ego would have bad knees and back-pain. Then, at an appointed time, we could all get back together and argue about whose work was more important and I, the blogger, would make the final decision.
What did you want to be when you were little? A cowboy.
What is the answer to life? Don't get hung up on the details. Or something like that.


  1. Mmm - interesting answers which tend to lend an air of the intellectual or philosophical. Some rather deep reads there - putting my book shelf to shame. I'm so running over to see this blog. Shah .X

  2. Thanks for the feature Aubrie! I like the cowboy pic :-)

  3. Patrick...Thanks, I liked it too!


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