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Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Are All My Pens Dying?

Someone is cursing all my pens and I ask that you please refrain from doing so. Okay, maybe no one has actually cursed my pens, but it is one of the many conclusions I have come to in the last few weeks. See, a good amount of my pens have died on me lately. At one point, I was writing and my pen died, and then literally the next 2 pens I picked up died within minutes of each other! In total, I think I have thrown away 7-10 pens in the last 3 weeks. It’s kind of creeping me out. Thus, I have concluded many different things…

1. Someone is cursing my pens.
2. These pens are all very old.
3. The pens have all banded together and gone on strike.
4. It is a sign from the gods that I should stop writing. (I certainly hope not.)
5. Computers are the pens of the future.
6. The weather is colder and the ink in my pens has thickened?
7. The atmosphere is dryer so the pens are just drying up faster.
8. There is a mass pen suicide going on that I have yet to hear about.
9. I am unconsciously using every pen I own at an equal rate, therefore, it stands to reason that they would also die at an equal rate.
10. They’re just really crappy pens.

So, tell me. Is the age of the pen coming to an end? Is this a portent of something to come?


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  2. AubrieAnne, that always happened to me, but now it's finished! Finally! But wait... I have been losing my pens! Someone call the cops, NOW! A robber has come and stolen my pens!!

  3. I vote for options 10 and 5, but definitely not 4!

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  4. Lol, great post. Love #3 and #8 ^^

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  5. You've been sleep-writing.
    It might be wise to invest in a quill pen and ink jar. Or just refill all those pens which you've tossed.

  6. Haha, great conclusions, my personal favorites are nr. 3 and 8 :-) It's quite scary when that stuff happens!! ANd what a genius picture!!! Did you take it yourself?? :-)


    The Creative Muslimah @ www.thecreativemuslimah.blogspot.com

  7. Haha, this was so funny! I could not agree more though. I find myself always loosing pens and in the end I find them all (or almost all of them) and I cannot understand why.

  8. LOL. I have the same problem. I'm now following from the Friday Blog Hop. I hope you'll come check me out too! http://cleanromancereviews.blogspot.com

  9. Silly! A new follower from Follow Me Friday.. See you.

  10. I can't live without pens. I actually have a pen fetish, collecting them in all shapes and sizes, containers filled with bright, yellow pencils (tips up, all in a row). I am constantly in a search for "the perfect" pen. You probably know what I mean: it has to "feel" just right when you put it to paper, the size of the line has to be just the right width, if it's a pencil it HAS to be sharp (even had to purchase and electric sharpener because of this.) Obsessive??? Who ME???

  11. Happy FF! Old follower hopping by! Hilarious post! Drop by and say hi if you get a chance!
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  12. I'm gonna say it's #9 because the same thing happened to me last month. Go figure!

    I try to use refillable ones because my husband bought me like 100 refills for Xmas last year. I'm down to about 85. ;)

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  14. HAHAHA! I love your sense of humor!

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  15. Your pens are too old...this is a job for office depot.

    Your poll is hilarious. I'm your newest follower.

  16. I have similar pen problems. I can never find one when I need one. I'd have to agree with #5.

    PS) I'm an old follower who reads faithfully. Happy weekend to you!

  17. LOL - A universal problem, AubrieAnne.
    "Be gone, dry, withered writing implements
    – for we are reunited with our trusty HBs.

  18. Happy belated FF!
    OK.. I think the answer is all of the above. Best if you switch over to pencils - easier to monitor the use of lead.
    Took your poll - Did you use widgetbox?
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

  19. I SAVE dried Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens hoping they come back to life.....

  20. I'd have to say that at least you have the satisfaction of knowing what has happened to them. My pens just up and disappear (around 9 in the past two weeks)... almost as if my home has been selected to by mischievous alien race as their new pen abduction site. Meddlesome little buggers... I want my pens back! :)

    Anyway, fun piece, thanks for sharing.

  21. Hey everyone! Thanks for the feedback! This crazy pan anomaly is still going on. I threw out another 3 pens. I actually lost one too! :( (and I was doing so well). Anyway, I broke down and bought a new pack of different pens. Hopefully they decide to stick around for a while. :):):):):) Wishing you all the best of luck with your writing, note taking, grocery lists, etc!


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