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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poll #5 Results: What is (are) your primary reason(s) for reading?

Poll #5 has ended. So, what are we to do? Oh, yeah! Let’s break it down and chat a bit about it! This poll’s questions was, “What is (are) your primary reason(s) for reading?” Lots and lots of people read these days. (Crazy, I know! Didn’t we just discuss how this is a waste of time? Click here to get the humor in this.) However, why are they reading? Curious minds wished to know and now we all do…

I whopping 48% of the votes (one of mine being included) claimed to read for pleasure!!! No way! Your life is most certainly full of adventure!

19% of the votes say some of you read for research. Good on you for actually picking up a book or finding articles and journals to do so! You’re not doing the good old pop a question into Google and then eat up the first bullet point that comes up.

13% are reading for other reasons. Please do share what those other reasons were! I couldn’t think of anymore.

12% said you read for school. ME TOO! In fact, I feel like I have only been reading for school. I completed 4 books this week alone for school. I guess that’s what I get for becoming an English major though, and for taking 3 literature classes this semester. Whew! At least the stuff I am reading is good. What are you reading for school?

I good old 4% of dedicated followers and enthusiastic readers are reading to get the news! I honestly do commend you for holding onto that dying art. I like a good newspaper, but I don’t read it. I probably should, but I don’t. I did however get The Onion app for my iphone the other day. I hope to stay a little more up on the news and I figure The Onion will deliver it in a very entertaining way.

Finally, 2% of the literate world are using their skills for gossip and work! I mean, who doesn’t love some good gossip!? Also, I would love to have a job that makes me read (Wait! I do! It’s called COLLEGE!) However, maybe those of you who chose this option are an editor, a teacher, a professional blogger, advertising copy writer, etc. Whatever you do, you’re lucky because you get to read at work! I liked to read at work, of course I was waitressing so it wasn’t quite my job and some days I was so enthralled that I wasn’t even sure why my employer was still paying me to be there. (FYI: I only read when the restaurant was as dead as a graveyard. I’m a good employee.) Anyway, hopefully what you have to read for work is interesting.

Okay, NOW POLL TIME! My favorite part! The next poll is all about you and your creative side, and there are lots of options to choose from. Go check it out at the bottom of this page.

You should know where to go by now. :)


  1. I knew pleasure would have definietly been the highest - I voted that! I'm very surprised by the amount of votes for research.

  2. I don't think I've ever said, but I think you are delightful! I enjoy reading all of your commentary and posts very much :)
    Pleasure and School are my top two reasons for reading, definitely.

  3. it's not that I want it to be that way but I read mostly for school and what I read is no where close to English-major readings. I read geeky IT and project managing stuff. So I would say I read 75% school stuff, 15% for pleasure and good 10% blog readings. I cannot help it, I like reading blogs. So that would be for run? LOL

  4. Good to see people still read for the pure pleasure of it. If you listen to the news it is a lost art. i read mostly for pleasure but also for research and school. I teach my kids so I need to read all the time. Thankfully my children are developing a love of reading:)

  5. I love love love to read, always have and probably always read. I love to be able to get completely lost in a book and the world it is showing me. You can go anywhere and do anything, it's amazing! But of course now that I study I have to read for school so there isn't enough time to read for pleasure, but as soon as April is finished I can read what I want again. I seriously cannot wait!

  6. How lucky can one guy be? I read for all those reasons!

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  8. dtwilight...Yes, I am happy to see that was the highest too. I also had no idea research would be so high.

    Lilly Bear...Thank you. That's what I chose too!

    Mira...I don't know if I could do that! You have a lot of patience.

    The Adventurer...I was very pleased with the results. See, that's one thing that makes reading so interesting. You can read and learn so many wonderful things to teach your children. it's fantastic!


    a woman's right to shoes...I am so in the same boat, sister! I always want to pick up one of my "fun" books instead of something for school, but then I am reminded of that essay I could be writing, or those short stoies I need done in a week. It sucks sometimes.

    JJ...I would consider you to be very lucky indeed!

    Ashley...Welcome. Thanks for finding me and for following. Please, join in on the conversations when you get a chance.


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